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Of Cats & General Chaos

Happy Monday! Today I am best visually represented by this photo:


Which is to say fat, cozy and in no mood to extricate myself from this couch groove. 

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Mostly because of this, which Jason made on Friday night. (I helped! I made rice and prepped stuff and also kept his drink glass filled.) Homemade saag paneer and rotis. Enough to feed an army, or at least all of us throughout the entire weekend and again for me, for lunch today. (We made the cheese using this super easy DIY kit, the saag is a bit of a mash-up of these two recipes, and this is the bread.)

Saturday morning I went to the YMCA to work out, then promptly came home and shoved another bowl of it in my face. Goals!


We also took the kids out for some local exploring.


Our poor little downtown continues to steadily recover from the flood, and the boys' favorite vintage toy store has finally reopened. (You might remember the owner as the hero dude from this video.) 


(The sidewalks aren't as pretty as they used to be, but I'll take this over GIANT GAPING DOOM CHASMS.) 


The kids were SUPER excited to see this...whatever...and pose with it. I have since Googled it and uh, no, they've never played that game, I wouldn't let them play that game, I don't know how they know about that game and so this is just some A+++ parenting all around. 


This, on the other hand... Come on. 

So I have just discovered one cat has spent the morning rolling around in some leftover bread flour and ghee we neglected to wipe off the counters and probably needs a bath. And his claws trimmed. Probably not in that order. I will try to document the process with photos, which hopefully won't turn out too bloody. 

I also discovered the OTHER cat has taken to sleeping in my gym bag, and that's why she smells funny and could also use a bit of a freshening up. 


Self-grooming creatures my ass. 



So, Five Nights at Freddy's (or FNAF if you're cool) is suddenly a big deal with the elementary kid set. My kids don't play it, but they know all about it, which seems to be common. We even went to a 10 y.o. birthday party where the theme was FNAF - including the cake and party favors. None of the moms knew what the heck it was, and the bday kid's mom told me she had to have her older kids figure out what to do for the party. So don't feel bad about not being up on this latest kid thing, we're all right there with you.

Dori P

We don't allow our kids to play or watch any videos about Five Nights at Freddy's either BUT the 6YO somehow knows alll about it from school. Apparently this is not the same parenting choice that other's have made.

Tina B

I used to work at a groomers and when we had to wash cats we would put a grate in the tub for them to hold on to. Something like a cooling rack would probably work (an oven grate is probably too widely spaced.) It gives their claws something to do instead of mauling you and I think that it makes them feel a bit better to hang on to something.


We also do not let our kids play FNAF (they are 9 and 6) but they are obsessed with talking about it from school. They even want to get the FNAF blind bags (blind bags being another obsession I had to Google) for something that they don't play! It is so bizarre. I have officially reached the parenting moment when I have to look up sh!t that my kids are talking about because I am no longer hip.


At least I have a small heads up for when my almost five year-old comes home from school talking about Five Nights at Freddy's. I can't get over the stuff he picks up there. Last week, from out of nowhere, he started chanting "Oh my God, Becky, look at her butt" in perfect Mix-a-lot cadence. I'm not even sure what the right parental response should be. Horror? Laughter?

Meredith Brim

Sooo... can you Febreze a cat? Asking for a friend.


I blame the neighbor kids and YouTube for my soon to be 8yo daughter learning about FNAF last year.


My nephew never has played the game, but he ADORED watching YouTube videos of others playing the game. He would bring them up to me and make me watch them. I ended up buying him a FNAF tee shirt from Redbubble for Christmas year before last, and telling him to talk to his Dad and Stepmom to get them to let him actually play it. Then I told them not to let him. Then I got to go home. The luxuries of being an aunt!!


I let my son play FNaF; he's 11 now and started when he was... 9, I think? These comments are really making me side-eye my own decisions. Good thing there's wine for that! (He loved it passionately for about a year and then stopped caring, if that helps anyone else make a decision, and it is not as spooky-scary-oooooooh as its promotional materials lead you to believe.)


Oh! Saag Paneer. Drool.


We bathe both our cats regularly. In a shower with actual doors. I pour water over them, so we're never actually trying to put them in water. They can't go anywhere, but they cry, oh my, they cry, and look at me like, "why are you doing this? Aren't I a good cat? Don't you love me?" But they've never scratched. And they always smell much better afterwards.


Add my 7 year old to the "Loves and knows all about FNAF even though she isn't allowed to play/watch YouTube videos about it" club. I blame the schools.


My 8 and 5-year old boys are obsessed with Five Nights at Freddies but have never seen or played it. When my son told me that his friend was talking about it, and described it, I assumed that this kid was making it up because no way would his parents let him play a game like that. Nope. Actual thing.


My boys both play FNAF (they're 6 and 9 - and I am aware that I'm probably the worst mom) and I'm certain that I wouldn't have let my older son play that damn game when he was 5/6, but it's impossible to keep my younger son away from everything that his brother plays. So... we play it together. They know it's not real, that the jump scares are the scariest part. We also talk about how dumb the guy is to work at this place when he knows the animatronics come alive at night. And honestly, they can't be paying him *that* much.

I love all the cat stories in the comments. We have two cats. The day after Christmas, I dropped and broke a bottle of Soy Vay teriyaki sauce and it went all over my giant boy cat. We bathed him the next day (after tufts of black and white fur were ALL OVER), using this obscenely expensive pet boutique shampoo. That cat is STILL softer than heaven and smells like newborn babies/chocolate chip cookies/whatever else olfactory bliss you can think of! Totally worth the howling, hissing, crying, and scratches.

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