Hamsterdog-Colored Memories, One Year Later
Come On People Now

Salad Days Ahead

This weekend we started work on Big Serious-Ass Vegetable Garden 2.0...


By setting up the world's lamest grow operation ever in the basement. 


We're planning once again on two jam-packed raised beds and about a half-dozen containers. It's a lot.

Please note my use of the word "we," which is a lie. I helped clear out some boxes and assorted junk and Jason did everything else. I went back upstairs, poured a glass of wine and took pictures of my pets. 



Weekend productivity: NAILED IT.

Last year none of our seedlings grew and we ended up buying plants instead. We started them too late, I think, and didn't account for colder temperatures in this basement vs. our old one. So in addition to the starter trays and grow lighta heat mat and digital thermostat have joined the setup. 


We're going with SLIGHTLY fewer tomato plants this year, but probably still too many. Summertime visitors to Yellow House should once again expect to have large bags of tomatoes hurled politely handed to you, no really, I insist, come on, you're not leaving until you take some, Jason, block the door, they're trying to escape without taking any tomatoes, etc. 



I usually hate small dogs but Beau is just..so..cute???? The floppy ears and the scruff? WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ME


I hope there are not really people who will try to ESCAPE home-grown tomatoes!? Blasphemy!!!


I've had good luck and terrible luck starting veggies...
I do recommend a fan, though, so they don't moldy, and so that they get nice, strong stems.
And I would take your tomatoes!


I started your post, and then made a trip to Home Depot for seeds before I finished. I stuck with herbs and flowers. Going to let my husband take on the veggies, as he seems more gung-ho about it than I am. I'm going all-in on zinnias, cone flowers, lupines, and a few other cutting-friendly varieties. I basically hope to have fresh flowers on every surface all summer long. I:Flowers::You:Tomatoes

Carla Hinkle

Welcome to gardening! AKA "Paying-way-more-for-seeds-and-supplies-than-it-would-cost-to-buy-veggies-let's-not-figure-out-the-price-per-tomato-they're-delicious"! I have been there many times. :-)


What Sarahd said. I will take your tomatoes. All of them.

Sue W.

I will send you my address and you can send me all. the. tomatoes! I shall make salsa and spaghetti sauce and mater soup and..... I will even pay for postage!


Listen, if you have extra homegrown tomatoes, I will swing by your house to pick some up. By way of Pittsburgh, PA. It's no trouble, really!

There is no food more amazing than a real tomato!


I used to do a garden at our house- tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, cantaloupe, peppers- but once our dog died, we had no protection from Howard County's most determined groundhogs (no lie, I tried everything- they scaled the fences and were immune to the red pepper and the deer urine and every other pest-repellent I could find word of). I might try a Tower Garden this year on our deck, but I totally give up if that falls through.


You may consider donating your surplus tomatoes to a shelter or food bank. They can use fresh food sometimes. :)


Seconding the food pantry idea. Definitely call them - my town has a fixed produce supplier and won't take donations - but I know other places welcome your tomatoes and zucchini. We always have way too much zucchini.

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