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This was last Thursday:

20170309_211032060_iOS 20170309_211042402_iOS


Outside in t-shirts, flush from playing basketball, waiting for Jason to arrive for back-to-back-to-back parent/teacher conferences. The weather was warm, the sun was shining, the most perfect sibling shot only slightly marred by some aggressively unfortunate pencil placement.


This is today:

20170314_135949715_iOS 20170314_140027445_iOS

(No, we didn't lose Noah. He's playing outside now too, but just wasn't in a picture-taking mood today or Thursday. My camera roll is chock-full of him posing next to a whole bunch of Very Important Lego builds, though.)

We didn't get nearly as much as predicted, at least, and after last year's mega-blizzard this is a fairly tame-ass storm. But it's March. Marrrrrrch. So close and yet so far/cold/damp.


Beau is not a fan, as evidenced by the muddy/slushy LET ME BACK IN THE WORLD IS BROKEN OUT HERE footprints all over the door. He later worked up the nerve to frolic outside with the boys and their sleds, then came back in and made a soggy beeline for my pillow. The cats spent part of the morning looking out the window while whimpering in wide-eyed panic but seem to have calmed down since. 

Definitely ready for spring to get sprung, tho. 




Does Ezra's shirt say "I'm a general, wheee!"? Did you get it at the official Hamilton shop or somewhere else? That's my seven year old's favorite line.


I love that you refer to it as your "camera roll" as if you still had a roll of film to rewind before dropping it off at Walgreens! I long for those days, because I do NOTHING with all of these digital photos I seem to collect, and a physical stack to flip through would be kind of nice.


I second Siobhan's question, and wonder if there was a similar shirt in Women's Small... He has good taste!


Hello! Long time fan :) just taking the time to pass on something cool related to legos that I thought your boys may love! It's lego tape! Pardon the bad word in the following link. I also promise I'm not trying to get you to buy anything. Just sharing.


Never mind. I have failed you. Looks like that lego tape is too good to be true and people are saying it's probably only usable on a table - then what's the point. Sorry for the spam. :( now I'm rather sad.

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