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A Girl's Night In (+$300 Giveaway!)

This post is sponsored by Weekly Tasting.

If anyone were to ask Jason and I what the secrets are to our long and happy marriage -- hypothetically, anyway, as absolutely zero people have actually asked us that question -- we'd probably list the following:

1) Regular date nights

2) A similar sense of humor

3) A mutual ability/willingness to apologize for being an idiot sometimes

And personally, I'd probably add:

4) The occasional night away from each other

5) Wine

Amazingly, for this post, I got to experience both #4 and #5 at the same time.

So a couple times a month, Jason and I give the other person the night "off." Jason goes out to attend a sportsball exhibition of some kind, then the next week it's my turn to hang out with friends, see a movie, or just LEAVE THE DANG HOUSE for a change. 

Although as nice as it is to get out and socialize with other humans on a more regular basis, I kinda have to admit that I almost enjoy the nights in alone just as much. I make something fun/easy for the kids' dinner, then order take-out, assume total control of the TV remote, take a bubble bath, read a book, catch up on podcasts, finally get around to fixing my chipped toenail polish -- you know, REALLY WILD STUFF. 

This week it was Jason's turn to make plans with a friend, and lo, I was prepared to do My Own Self's Night In right:



Weekly Tasting was nice enough to send me a box of four different wines to try, hand-selected by one of the only 32 female Master Sommeliers in the world, Laura Maniec. (Other weeks feature wines chosen by Elizabeth Schneider, a Sommelier and host of the excellent Wine for Normal People podcast.) The boxes cost $69.99 for four full-size bottles and free shipping.


Each wine comes with a detailed information card about the wine and pairing recommendations, including an original recipe on the back.


The theme for this box was "Wines To Go With Takeout Food:"

Well that's conveeeeeeenient:


Jason was nice enough to bring me a big fat takeout order from our favorite Indian restaurant. Now I just needed to pick a wine and my night was pretty much set.


In addition to the cards, Weekly Tasting provides a detailed, 10-minute tasting video on the wines. Since none of the cars explicitly mentioned Indian food, I watched the video to dive a little deeper on the flavors and ingredients that I should look at when choosing a wine.

Since my food was on the spicy, cheesy, tomato-y side,  winner was this delicious little number, a Italian red blend from Tuscany:


I shared a glass and some of my paneer pakora with Jason before he left and we both agreed the wine went really, really well with both the spicy coating/sauces, and also brought out the more mild flavor of the cheese inside. 

Dinner itself was paneer mahkni, daal, bread, rice...and of course more wine. I stopped sharing at this point. 


(So now you know what my ultimate Treat Yo' Self meal looks like: Cheese and More Cheese with Carbs and Other Carbs. HEAVEN.)

You know you've paired a wine well when the second sip after taking a bite is a completely different experience than your initial pre-food one. And this was still a very drinkable wine after I was full and my waistband was protesting.


(Cheers-ing to myself.)

I re-watched some Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and tried a new face mask and then curled up in bed with a book and too many pets. It was the perfect night in. Plus now I have a ton of leftovers for lunch.

(No leftover wine, sadly.)

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So maybe I look forward to those solo nights in also, and I sing a song that goes "DATE NIGHT WITH MY-SEL-LF" a la Billy Idol. And I watch Don't Trust the B, but I'll look into Crazy Ex Girlfriend.


That sounds like the best treat yourself meal ever. Cheese with more cheese and carbs with other carbs. Yep sounds like heaven to me!


Awww... Good luck, ladies... Stupid Illinois.


My husband bowls on Thursday nights. Last night the teenager was with Grandpa so i had the house to myself. I treated myself to Chipotle and started 13 reasons why. A heavenly night.


My husband and son are going away for a week in August. A whole week! It is wrong how excited I am about my alone time.


You just normalized one of my secrets. : ) Sounds like such a fun night alone.


This is making it very obvious I need to find a good Indian take-out place by me. Also that I need wine.


While I'm not a hard-core wine gal, I am appreciated this post and am stupidly excited that your favorite Indian place is also my favorite Indian place. Royal Taj FTW! (And I did indeed zoom in on your receipt photo to confirm.). Still hoping to someday randomly see you at Wegman's.


*I appreciated your post, was not appreciated by it. As far as I know.


Sounds like a fantastic night.


Darn you Texas. That sounds like a really nice night actually.

Elena Vo

"Cheese and More Cheese with Carbs and Other Carbs" --- I love the way you think!
Ahhh I can only imagine the heavenly aroma of all that wonderful Indian food and how good the wine was. I'll have to schedule a girls night in sometime soon!


My husband is starting a new job that entails him working a couple of nights a week and I'm so excited about the alone time (and that he has his dream job, obviously ...).


My husband is a police officer who works 3pm to 3am on a rotation. Some weeks I get 5 nights to myself and some I get 2. I love when he's home to do all the married people stuff, but boy do I look forward to watching my shows and eating my food after my little guy goes to bed. No wine for the time being as I'm incubating a tiny human, but definitely interested in this wine tasting stuff!

michelle b

I can't believe how excited I am that PA recently changes it's stupid liquor laws so I can enter.


Just discovered Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It's magical!

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