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Dance of the Ladybugs



Most of the ladybugs that got taken outside are dead now. I don't know how the ones in the container are faring, as I stuck it on top of the fridge and refuse to go near it again. 

Please don't tell my children (who thankfully don't read this blog, because thankfully nobody reads blogs). They were the main reason I didn't just grab the vacuum, as they were all shrieking DON'T KILL THE LADYBUGS MOM! THE LADYBUGS ARE GOOD GUYS!! at me while I stood there, frozen and contemplating the scurrying horror. 


There are a few lucky survivors. 


And a couple VERY GETTIN' LUCKAYYYYYYY ones, boom chicka bow wow.  Look at you, repopulating that species mere inches away from several dozen corpses that you were most likely related to, awwwww yeah. 

In summary, bugs are gross. 



Let's hope they are at least second cousins... twice removed...


My husband despises ladybugs with the fiery passion of a thousand suns and would have been all too happy to vacuum them in to oblivion. I would have lost my crap if the mantis container had spilled.


Is is usual practice to leave ladybugs in the container for several days rather than putting them in the garden right away? I didn't know they were the type of creature that doesn't need food for long periods.


Yes, as Olivia asked: more on holding the ladybugs inside for several days...... AND WHY IN THE KITCHEN NOT GARAGE or ..... I mean.... What was your husband's idea behind putting them in the kitchen????? Especially with 3 kids, 3 animals including two who can get on cabinets, and your known accident prone inclinations..... Was this a set up? Or just no thinking behind his actions at all. PS: In your area how much do ladybugs by the cup cost?


I legit don't understand when people actually say that they're going to vacuum up LIVE BUGS, like spiders and their babies, roaches, ladybugs, etc. Like, you DO realize they're then living all up inside your actual vacuum, in your home, procreating and crawling right back out, like an army, but one billion more than went in, right?! ERGGH!

Kath the Cook

As I learned previously, in a misbegotten effort to control aphids, when you do eventually put the ladybugs out - just lay the container they are in open in wherever you intend them to go - don't just shake them out. They don't like that - as clearly illustrated by the many dead (and obviously traumatized) ladybugs. joking.

stuff happens and you didn't mean to kill all the ladybugs. A little story about my own ladybug adventure... Turns out that ants farm aphids - who knew??!! (Google it) The ants groove on the aphid secretions and farm them. Ants and Ladybugs are mortal enemies. The night I turned the ladybugs loose an apparent epic battle ensued - ANND the next morning almost all the ladybugs were GONE! Win for the Ants! I live in Florida - don't fuck with the ants. end of story

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