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What's In The Box

This morning Ike walked into the living room and placed a small box on the coffee table.

"Don't move that," he told me. "It's what I'm taking to college."


I'll admit it; I was a little scared to open the box.


But turns out...


It's just Sandwich the Cat, better known around here as Alive Max.  

Okay then! At least he's prepared?



Has he been watching Toy Story 3? That would make any kid paranoid about what happens to their important shit when it's time to move away!


This is giving me the uncontrollable giggles right now. So serious those little minds! I have a 3 year old boy and lately I've been thinking a lot about the "Bearius Care" situation you wrote about a (long) while back. He tells me things but the subject of story is slightly garbled in three-year-old enunciation and I wind up asking my husband later, "If I say the word HOUT to you, what does that sound like?" And we repeat it back and forth Mad Gab style until we come up with what it is...or not and just scratch our heads and shrug.


OMG, he's so precious!! :) <3

Fraulein N

Schrodinger's Back to School Checklist.

Sue W.

It's good to be prepared!

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