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The Loop, Part 2



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I've mentioned once or 100 times that I'm not a big fan of clothes shopping. I'm very impatient and get discouraged too easily -- I don't like the first thing I tried on! These dressing room lights are killing my self-esteem! This is boring and my feet hurt! -- and I also don't have that awesome "shopper's eye" that translate how something looks on the hanger with how it will look on my actual body. Obviously I love online shopping but I still get really indecisive and unsure about clothing. I am an e-commerce cart-abandoning nightmare. 

Jason, on the other hand, totally has the shopper's eye. He also finds shopping fun, and even relaxing, both online and in person. I know. He's either a gem or an insane person. 

As a result, I'd say he easily buys about 80% of my wardrobe these days. Which is admittedly awesome and convenient. So...shine on, you crazy diamond, I guess! 

So when thredUP expressed interest in a second sponsored post (along with a tempting $150 shopping credit), I knew I wanted to outsource the grunt work this time around, and I set Jason loose on the site with my login, just to see what he'd choose. (If you haven't checked thredUp out yet: it's a HUGE online thrift store, full of name-brand and designer items for up to 90% off retail price. Filter and search by category, size, brand, color, whatever. It's awesome.)


(Please note how nicely the packaging coordinates with my children's chalk scribbles.)


Hi new clothes! And floofy dog!


After the unboxing -- almost three full outfit's worth of awesome. Good job, husband!

First up, from top left, a J.Crew sequined tee ($16.99, retail price $50), paired with a Citizens of Humanity denim miniskirt ($41.99, retails for $188). 


It's um...very mini indeed. Only Jason gets to see the uncropped version of this photo. He likes my legs even more than he likes shopping, I guess. I love this outfit and have worn it multiple times already -- I add my own black leather moto and knee boots for maximum kickassery. The red ankle boots (Franco Sarto, $26.99, retail price $95) work well too, when it's a bit warmer. And props to Jason for remembering that I'd mentioned wanted a red shoe/boot option to have as an alternative to my (many many) black versions. 


My cat would NEVER remember a tiny detail like that. 


On the dressier side is this really beautiful silk and sequined dress by Trina Turk. This was the most pricey of the items ($60.99), but considering it retails for $268....uh, not an issue. This is a PERFECT summer wedding kind of dress, but I also dressed it down over Mother's Day weekend with wedges and a denim jacket, then cinched the waist with the burgundy belt (Banana Republic, $14.99, retail price $50). 


And finally, in a shocking turn of practicality, I added a pair of work-appropriate black pants for $9.99 just before submitting the order. They aren't really exciting to model or anything, but 1) $9.99, 2) retail for $30 and 3) ha, I just noticed thredUP's packaging ALSO matches our back-up bedspread. 

(Back-up because an animal barfed on it, so I better fold those pants and put them away.)

Total cost of my order: $171.94

Total full-price retail cost: $681.00!!!!

Jason seemed like he had a lot of fun at thredUP, especially since he could go nuts with high-priced brands and find lots of coordinating basics. I actually removed another designer dress from our cart since we were way over the $150 credit, and when he realized I did that he was practically INCENSED because it was such a good buy. (I didn't know! I am bad at this!) He went back to buy it but it was gone, alas. But you never know what will be there tomorrow, so get shopping!

Thanks to thredUP for sponsoring this post! The first 100 people to use my code AMALAH will get an extra 40% off their first order! (Applies to new US customers only. Discount up to $50)




That's so awesome he picks out clothes for you. Like your own personal stylist and you are rocking that mini!


I do love buying from ThredUp, but I don't recommend sending your old stuff in to them to be consigned. I did, and it was a waste, and I'm pissed. I sent in a 15lb bag of beautiful, office-appropriate (but my office is casual, so I no longer needed them) sheath dresses in fantastic condition, most of which were bought at Nordstrom previously, in addition to some other random things from my closet. It took over 2 months for them to process the bag, then they only took 3 things (none of which were the dresses), and gave me less than $4. I then found the items they'd accepted on the website, where they were being sold for over $20 each. If I'd know they'd only be giving me freakin' pennies for the clothes I sent in, I would've just donated them locally. It wasn't even worth my time to put them in the bag to send in at that rate. There is an option to have them send back the stuff they don't accept, which I should've selected, but I didn't think they'd reject really nice, classic dresses in favor of an Adidas zip-up, a tank top from Target and a little sun dress from American Eagle. Weird.


wow where can i get me a Jason?


Waaahh. Can Jason do my shopping for me?

Rolling Sky

Sometimes shopping make you feel relax and happier. Maybe this your hobby.

Kim DeLauro

I also like buying from ThredUp, but I agree--don't sell them anything. This is a sponsored post, so I'll spare the details, but just don't. The story involves my $11.95 credit, which they then deducted $9 for shipping, leaving me with a little over $2 for the clothes (and nowhere on their site do they mention this when you order a "clean out bag"). I threw a fit and they credited my account, but I filled that bag with really nice things, so I still felt $11.95 was pretty lame. I would have gotten a far greater amount had I just done a tax write-off.

But I like buying the clothes. That part is good.

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