Holy Smokes

Super Serious School Stuff

Judges: Good morning, and welcome to this session of Simulated Congressional Hearings. You have been brought here as constitutional expert witnesses to answer the question "Why did we go to war?" in regards to the American Revolution. Before we begin, please introduce yourselves, and tell us what you hope to be when you grow up and why.

The Rest of the Group: Veterinarian, teacher, doctor, etc. Because they love animals/school/helping people, etc. 

Noah: I want to be a time traveler because I love the movie Back to the Future


The presentation begins.

Kid #1: BOOM.

Kid #2: KAPOW!

Noah: What's that?

Kid #4: That's the SOUND of WAR.

Judges: Dammmmn that's good. 



Judges, during follow-up questions: So Noah, you mentioned really liking Back to the Future. What do you think it would be like to take the Delorean back in time to the Boston Tea Party?

Noah: That would be pretty cool. I'd join and help the patriots. Of course if any British soldiers started firing at us I'd be wearing a bullet-proof vest from modern times. To, you know, avoid death.

Judges: Probably a good idea. We appreciated your obvious passion about your subject matter today. 

Noah: Yeah, I'm awesome at social studies. 


(He did great! Also let be known on the record when the judges asked for a round of applause for everyone's parents he stood up and gave Jason and I a standing ovation. Also he let us hug him in public.)



Wow, pubic hug in 5th. I can't get one of those. GO NOAH!


Why does such a simple post have me tearing up joyfully for your family. Congrats to Noah for finding something he loves, and sharing it with everyone ;)

Heather D.

Do you let him was DC Legends? Lots of time travel, I am sure he would love it!


Yah- I'm awesome at Social Studies.... ~mic drop~
now the people at work think I am (more) insane for the maniacal laughter that ensued after reading that! YAY Noah (and seated standing ovation for his kicka$$ parents)

Sue W

:::catches a tear trying to escape from my little eye::: Yay, Noah! You are so gonna rock middle school!


So much love. Love love love. Go Noah!


I'm all verklempt. SO AWESOME!!! YAY NOAH!!!


Huge smile over here. Huge. Thanks for being such a big part of my special-needs-parents support team, even if I don't know IRL.

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