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When It Flows It Pours

Plot twist: Jason has uveitis, not pinkeye. Because clearly regular ol' pinkeye is far too pedestrian for our tastes around here. We prefer the rarer, more obscure forms of eyeball discomfort. The more underground diagnoses, if you will. Epidemic Keratoconjunctitis? You've probably never heard of it. Now pass me the artisanal steroid eye drops. 

Uveitis is not contagious, although that didn't stop me from getting soap in my eye in the shower yesterday and spending the next hour or so convinced I was dying of pinkeye.

(Spoiler alert: I'm fine, just dumb.)


Also feeling a touch overwhelmed on the work front.

I've been solidly in the "ebb" stage of the freelancing flow for the last few months, popping in occasionally with clients like "need anything? no? not yet? how about now?" while networking my ass off in hopes of landing something new. Which I did! And it's a big one! Like with a fancy badge and a giant laptop and lots of cool shit to do. And then LITERALLY on my FIRST DAY of the gig, I came home to a flurry of emails from three other clients all HELP HELP WE NEED YOU TO WRITE ALL THE THINGS HERE TAKE SOME MONEY.

On the one hand, yay. This is a good problem to have. Get off your butt and make hay while the sun shines, and all that. 

On the other hand....gulp. Also a bit of eep. 

But while we're on the subject of hands, here is a picture of my cats holding paws while Beau snuggles with Rey. 


Yes, let's just focus on that for a minute. 




Thanks for giving me something to read while I ignore the open tab with my Romans paper lingering, unfinished, due in a few days...


Please never stop blogging. You are my favorite. <3


I get uveitis too! Let's bond! First thing the eye doc asks when I tell them, is do you have an autoimmune disease? Why, yes, yes, I do. I like to call it Angry Eyeball. Much more "fun" than uveitis.


It's so great when it's raining (green grass, flowers, metaphorical etcs) but MAN. If only it were a steady drizzle rather than periods of drought punctuated by periods of monsoon.

Also, hooray for non-contagious eye stuff?


Wow, congrats on all the projects!!! Go get Dat Money, girl. We love to see your posts and are cheering you on!




It IS a great problem to have, but I completely empathize. I think it's one of the hardest things about combining freelance/self-employment and parenting! Or just life in general!!

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