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Birthday Non-Blowout

As someone born two days after Christmas, I always thought Ike had it made with his June birthday. Unfortunately, I've realized that although he's not competing with a major holiday, his birthday does tend to get a bit lost in a flurry of end-of-school-year and sibling activities. 

On his actual birthday, we had to rush through presents and his birthday dinner in order to get Noah to his band concert on time. 


(Ezra wrapped up a semi-deflated ball that Ike likes to steal from his room, along with a handmade card. Noah stuck around to confirm a lack of Minecraft/FNAF-related presents and then kinda wandered off.)


Thanks to a Woody costume and an ice cream sundae (complete with a candle and singing waitstaff), he didn't seem to mind the day's crowded schedule that much. 


(Also a bulk package of composition notebooks helped. They fill these up by the dozens.)

Saturday was pretty booked up too, with music lessons and an end-of-year picnic at school, which they were all clearly thrilled about attending. 


But hey! Pizza for the MILLIONTH MEAL IN A ROW.


(Ezra's Hobbes is literally disintegrating, guys, and I fear his days are numbered. If anyone sees a similar toy in a claw machine near you I will reimburse you for however many tokens it requires to procure a back-up!)

On Sunday, though, we finally found time to do the birthday outing of Ike's choice. He chose the Captain Underpants movie with a couple friends, and also his new red Power Ranger costume, because he now has a different costume for every occasion.


(Noah's like, ugh, children. Meanwhile the movie cracked Jason and I the fuck UP because we are 10. It's...actually really funny.)

This was an easy ask from him, and yet we (JASON) still managed to almost screw it up. He bought the tickets the day before, only to arrive at the theater with five kids in tow and discover that he'd somehow accidentally bought tickets for Pirates of the Caribbean: Why Are We Still Making These instead of Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie Before We Also Ruin Things. And guess what movie was completely sold out?

We were about 30 seconds away from multiple children bursting into simultaneous tears when Jason found another showing at another theater that was NOT sold out, and one we could probably get to in time if everybody RUNS RUNS RUNS BACK TO THE CAR THIS MINUTE.


We made it, although the outing probably ended up costing just as much as a big actual party somewhere. But everybody loved it, especially Ike. He's very, very happy to be six.


(Then yesterday his class went to the fucking zoo! All the way in D.C.! And I did not chaperone! Because gaaaahhhhhh it's the fucking zoo!) 


Sue W

It's a shame that all three of your boys have such short legs! ZOMG! With the limbs already!
I feel Noah's and your angst. Being a day after Christmas baby and having a mother who was too terribly busy to do anything for mine, I got lumped in with my almost Halloween baby sister and HER friends for costume parties. I could never have even one friend, so yeah, grown ass woman here and it still stings. And stinks.
Happy Six Baby Kid Almost Teen Ike! You rock!


Happy birthday to Ike!


Happy Birthday, Ike! I picked up this exact Sweet Sprouts tiger that looks JUST like Hobbes from Target a couple years ago for about 10 dollars. It's on amazon right now but for 50 dollars (yikes!). You might look around on ebay and see if you can find it cheaper but it may be worth it if he is really attached.


Happy Birthday Ike!

Re: Hobbes, my friend recently sent her son's beloved stuffed elephant to this woman who repaired him completely, made him look like new. She said it was worth the money.


All the pics of Ike in his various costumes are ROFL. (Hey, I haven't used ROFL in over a decade!) Happy birthday, Ike! Those are some killer Woody boots!


I've commented this about elventy billion times, but you and I have the same birthday, and it BLOWS. I thought my June 18 kiddo was lucky, and it turns out his birthday is somehow Father's Day weekend EVERY year. Plus the last week of school, etc. My Sept. 29 kiddo has had a hard time because preschool, pre-k, K, every year a new group of friends and a party right at the beginning of the school year has been complicated. When IS a good time to have a birthday!?


Chris, my July 26th birthday was pretty perfect. That way your big present days (Christmas and b-day) are pretty spread out. Plus, pool parties. My only complaint is that it is usually the hottest time of the year, but that is only a small problem.


A second thumbs up for the Captain Underpants movie. My husband and I were very entertained. Between the actual movie and my son's laughter, it was a hysterical giglefest.

Sara M

My baby girl was born a few short hours after Ike (I was stalking and still in labor when you posted the news, I was so jelly). After years of the traditional kindergarten field trip to the zoo, of which I lost a kid when my older daughter went, decided to stay closer to home. I had made up my mind not to chaperone again, except, you know, mah babeh, goin' to the big city. Anyway, we went to a nice, local nature sanctuary and I bet the kids didn't really know the difference.


Six. Six. Oh, baby Ike.


What headphones do you use for Noah? My daughter has autism, and I am looking for an option she can wear and still hear movies.

I've been reading your blog for years! Long before my daughter was born :).


It's nice, though, that the school took him to the zoo so that you don't have to.


@Danielle - I'm not sure your how old your daughter is, but if you have a BuyBuyBaby near you they're selling those over-the-ear headphones right now. Also, any kind of sporting good store should have them (geared toward loud sports like hunting/car racing/etc.). you'd prob have good luck with bigger kid sizes at a sporting goods store, or toddler sizes at BBB. My daughter doesn't have autism but she finds the movie theaters incredibly, intolerably loud, and I've been lucky enough to have the front desk at our local theater chain have a pair to lend when asked. You could ask ahead!

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