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Large, Larger, Largest

It's the last day of school! You're mere hours away from summer vacation! Now line up outside so I can take one of a photo and do that "look how  you've grown/changed" comparison thing. Look excited, or something. 


Wow. Tough crowd.

(According to MY compare/contrast thing, Ike's hair is longer and he's wearing shoes he outgrew in January, Ezra's legs have grown approximately 25 inches, and Noah's been wearing the same dang shirt since August. Sounds about right.)


Sue W

The excitement is palpable!
I commented on another post about how sorry I was that all three of your boys had such short legs. I am doubling down on that comment!

Happy Summer Storch Fam!


I tried the same thing this morning. The results were ludicrous. Allie is making a face that looks like someone is pinching that sensitive spot on the upper back of her arm, that spot where grandmas like to grab when you're mouthing off in church...and Max has two different shoes on. Fuuuuuck.


I love these kind of pics the best. You can bust this out when the graduate some day for laughs! Happy last-day-of-school!

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