The Specklemutt as a Young Girl

The Ike's Speech

On the very same day we got a new dog, Jason found a wee little frog in the garden.


The kids (who just got a new dog) asked if we could keep it as a pet.


I said no, we just got a new dog. Like literally an hour ago. 


The kids (who just got a new dog), said awwww, that's mean. That frog was our best friend.

We had the world's shortest IEP meeting yesterday for Ike's lisping issue. Surprise surprise, he does indeed officially qualify as having a moderate speech impairment and will be getting 30 minutes a week of individual or small group speech therapy, combined with additional support in the general education classroom. He has exactly ONE PAGE of goals (basically all the sounds he can't produce correctly divided into four groups), which -- as mah fellow IEP peeps can testify to -- is goddamn ADORABLE. It's the cutest, tiniest IEP in the world.

(And yet the entire thing is still 25+ pages long printed out. I feel like maybe this is the real education scandal Betsy DeVos should look into: America's freeloading special education students are destroying America's trees!!1!)

The meeting lasted barely 15 minutes. Jason and I ended up grabbing a beer to kill time before summer camp pick-up because we didn't know what else to do with all the extra time. 


Anyway, I am pleased with the recommendations and know Ike's gonna be just fine. 

(And now I have to wrap this up because I foolishly paid money to have an elderly-yet-ripped-as-fuck former Marine kick my ass at the Y every Wednesday. Why? Why did I do that? Especially when I have a perfectly pleasant little boy right there who would happily spoon-feed me chocolate ice cream instead? I am so inexplicably stupid sometimes.)



You totally kept it, right?


I would like to see pics of this elderly marine...;)


So what type of tank is the frog in?


That frog would be my own personal volcano. I live in FL and have my whole life. You would think, I would have gotten over my (I know) completely irrational terror of something so common and (to people) harmless, but No, I have not. The cat sends me running from the room in a panic attack at least once a month. Why, why must he bring them in the house?!

Sheri Bheri

Am I the only one who thinks it looks like a toad? Also, did Jason already HAVE the gloves ON? Or did he put them on to handle the toad?



Sue W.

We have this invasive frog that is killing dogs in Florida. Please make sure the new "pet frog" is not a Buffa frog.


Its a regular old garden variety Bufo americanus.....American Toad. If the dogs come across him and get him anywhere near their mouths, they will vomit and gag and dry heave for an obnoxiously long period of time. And then do the same thing next time they see it. Toads secrete a nasty toxin when threatened.

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