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This post is sponsored by PURA D'OR and 2MinuteClub.

After my last sponsored post on 2MinuteClub's skin products (which I am still using, still loving, BTW), a wholllllllle bunch of people asked me if I'd tried their best-selling Facebook-famous shampoo and conditioner. I said that I had not, but really wanted to, and...well. Mayyyyyyyybe if they were happy with the skincare post they'd let me try the hair care line next. 



First, here's what I'm dealing with: Super duper fine hair. I have a ton of it growing out from my oily-as-anything scalp, but thanks to the aforementioned fineness, plus coloring and heat styling, it gets increasingly dry and brittle as it grows out. Which means lots of breakage and fly-aways and split ends that require regular trims. Which also means I have been trying to grow my hair out to my Goal Length (of just below boob level) for approximately 700 years. I'm still several inches short, since I eventually end up having to cut back most (if not all) of the growth progress thanks to the dryness and breakage. 

Now I know I could stop 1) coloring and 2) heat styling, but y'all. Come on. Frizzy, flat dishwater blonde is not a good look for me. Am (fake) fiery redhead with not-natural beachy curls and artificial blown-out volume! Do not take away my illusion!

And so I have easily tried several dozen different shampoos and conditioner combos. Just off the top of my head I've gone through: Pureology, Paul Mitchell, Alterna, Keratase, Wella, TIGI, Garnier, Loreal, Dove, Bumble & Bumble, LUSH, Not Your Mother's, various homebrew concoctions, and every hotel room mini-shampoo and conditioner I've ever encountered, all in hopes of finding a miracle product. 

And it's always the same: A shampoo gives me great volume but wrecks my color. Or it gives great moisture to the ends but weighs everything down. Another one is great for preserving the color but causes my scalp to freak out and over-produce oil. A shampoo I might love at my in-law's house reacts completely differently with our water and refuses to rinse out. Or it's actually a perfectly nice shampoo that mostly does what it promises but is so obscenely expensive I simply can't bring myself to use it regularly.

(Especially since I have to wash my hair everyday. Oh, I know, I KNOW the secret to a non-oily scalp is to simply to wash your hair less! If I would just wash it less I would solve that problem! HA HAHAHAHAHA HAHA HA YEAH RIGHT, says my scalp. I've tried waiting two days, three days, four...up to waiting two weeks and guess what: My hair looks great right after I wash it, then goes right back to oily crap when I wake up the next day, and continues to get progressively worse until I cave and wash it again. Rinse and repeat, literally.)

ANYWAY, OH MY GOD SO MANY WORDS ABOUT HAIR. Let's get to the products:


I received PURA D'OR's Advanced Therapy System about a month ago and have been dutifully using both daily ever since. I love how they smell and definitely love the lack of harsh chemical ingredients, especially since I already torture my hair with enough of those via coloring. They lather nicely and rinse out cleanly and easily (a rarity for our terrible water) and I feel like I've barely made a dent in the bottles, since one half-pump is all that I need from each, even for my long hair.

On Friday, I got my color touched up, and...





My stylist took a look at my ends and was like, "Yeah, I think we can skip the trim this time."

Now, I walked into that salon with thoroughly wrecked color. Not from the shampoo or anything -- I'd simply waited a ridiculously long time to make the appointment. I'm really hard on my hair in the summer, and need to get the ends touched up (I only use semi-perm on them) more frequently due to swimming and the sun and basically sweating the color off under my bike helmet. So I was...really overdue. And logically, equally overdue for a trim. 

Nope! While my hair still has its fair share of fly-aways from breakage, those fly-aways are...longer than they used to be? And not all split at the ends and double-breaking as they (attempt) to grow back out? 

Anyway, skipping the haircut  + less breakage = FINALLY MAKING SOME PROGRESS HERE. 

Also! Too! The texture of my hair feels really great. It's definitely thicker at my roots and is even managing to have some actual, natural volume, all by itself! My ends feel so much softer and healthier.

In the photos for this post (taken about three days after coloring, with no fading), I used the shampoo all over, followed with the conditioner on everything but the roots, and then towel-dried it. I used Bumble & Bumble's Don't Blow It for fine hair and let it air dry, occasionally giving the ends a scrunch. 

And's that's literally it. That's all I did. My hair was done and styled for the day. 

I am telling you, I could NEVER get this kind of volume and lift at the roots without a blow dryer and a round brush and like three different styling products. 


And I could NEVER get waves like this without at least some kind of assistance from a curling iron, plus anti-frizz and sea salt spray. 


Oh sure, I still blow dry and curl it up occasionally, but geez. It's really nice to also have the option of letting my hair BE how it JUST IS. I don't think I've had that option since like, elementary school. Yay hairz!

Thanks to PURA D'OR for sponsoring this post. The first 100 readers will receive $20 Off + Free Delivery off your first order of shampoo and conditioner. Click here and enter in the code amalahpd. Offer valid only on the shampoo/conditioner sets. (This is a subscription service, but you can pause, modify or cancel your shipments online.) 



Looks fab!! Have you tried deva curl products for days you want to go curly? Amazing stuff.


Verrrrrrrrrry interesting... I want my hair to do the awesome thing without a lot of effort. It currently does NOT do that. Does this also make the hairs that are suddenly turning gray go back to the original turd brown which I realize now is much more acceptable than the weird, thin gray ones that are sprouting?


My issue since having my last and final baby is super itchy and dandruff prone scalp. Oh and split ends and breakage. If they have something that will help that I will be their slave forever as I have tried about a gazillion different shampoo/conditioners and home treatments.

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