A Very Important Summer Camp Update
Skinny Ike

Two Days, By The Numbers

Hours spent in Philadelphia, total: 27, ish

Hours spent on trains: Three

Hours spent waiting for trains that were late: One

Hours spent in meetings: 12

Hours spent in meetings thinking about when we get food: Nine

Hours spent in meetings resisting urge to slide dramatically off chair and under the table every time someone said, "hold up let's revisit that last slide for a sec": At least four

Number of times I felt irrationally important and grown-up like because I was wearing an ID badge I had to swipe to go to the bathroom: 11


Number of nostalgic favorite snacks from my Pennsylvania childhood consumed and frankly disappointed by: One

Number of cheesesteaks consumed with tremendous enthusiasm: Two

Number of salad portions politely accepted on plate: Three

Number of salad portions discreetly hidden under a napkin and thrown away: Two Point Seven Five


Number of inexplicably tiny hotel room hair dryers used: One

Number of times I ordered business cards to bring to meetings: Two

Number of typos I made on the first order: One

Number of actual business cards distributed: Zero

Number of work things to do as result of meetings: 4,20583u70q303q55uj7

Number of children who greeted me enthusiastically with a hug when I returned: One

Number of children who at least looked up from a screen to acknowledge me: One

Number of children who said "Mom! You're back!" at the dinner table, four hours later: One


Number of dogs who freaked the fuck out and cried and jumped and climbed into my lap before I'd even sat down: Two

Number of cats who also seemed super happy to see me: One

Number of cats we found out on the back deck this morning waiting to get let back inside because whoops: One 



I really wish you had done the dramatic slide off the chair and under the table. And that there was video.


I'm with Vicky! And the urge to dramatically slide under the table under such circumstances is well known to me too. So please add the video if possible, thank you.


*Vicki (sorry for that!)


The kid noticing you at the dinner table was my favorite. I've got one of those kids at home, too. (Luckily the other is more of the "greet-me-at-the-door-with-a-hug" type.)


So did you do the pat's vs. Geno's cheesesteak thing?


Given that I'm 'in charge' in many of those types of meetings, I am totally doing that dramatic slide off the chair. I can get away with it, I'm sure. We will start a trend.

Amy X

FWIW, I always felt super important and adult-like when I had to swipe a badge for access in my office building. Then I got stuck in an elevator one day because I forgot that you needed to swipe your badge for access on the weekends. That sort of ended the love affair with badges for me.

Fraulein N

Yeah, Tastykake has gotten ... disappointing lately. I can't get a fresh Krimpet to save my life.

Katie OConnor

Don't bother with Tastykakes...they got reworked about 7 years ago and they're awful now. We used to go through boxes and boxes a week at work. Now we don't even order them because they go bad and get tossed every time. Sad, they used to be amazing!

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