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Tropical Storm Amalah

Checking Out

Misting fans? Check.

Cooling towels? Check. 

Passport wallets? Check and check.

Cute new bathing suit? Hellzyeah check. 

400 dozen bottles of sunblock? Check check checkity check.



Next week is our 19th wedding anniversary. And while we originally planned to "save" a big special vacation for our 20th next year, we ended up changing our minds. After all, 2017 marks 20 years together, which should also count for something. 

Also, both of us really, really need a vacation. A real one, sans kids, without a work meeting or two squeezed into the agenda to justify the expense, or a trip sponsor/brand to satisfy with a quota of blog posts and regular properly hashtagged social media check-ins. A vacation where BOTH of us leave our computers at home and go completely off the grid, un-damn-reachable, do not bother me, I do not care if your website is on fire. 

So that's what we're doing. We're going to Mexico. I am going to see some pyramids. I am going to lose my ever-loving archaeological-tastic mind. 

What I won't be doing? Blogging. Checking social media. Reading the goddamn news. I've turned off my breaking news alerts (aka my Outrage Attack Dailies) and I haven't even checked if our hotel offers free WiFi.

Maybe I'll Instagram a pyramid. Maybe I won't. 

(The boys are spending the week being spoiled rotten by their grandparents, and are the only humans allowed to call us.)

(Well, also the petsitters. Who have been instructed to send us a steady stream of pet photos because that's a habit we just can't quit.)


So. Um. Bye, for a little bit! I'll be back in a week-ish. At which point I will probably trick you into a dinner party and then inundate you with a million near-identical photos slides of pyramids and out-of-focus selfies with a visible thumb in the frame. Like we did in the good ol' days. 



Happy Anniversary! I can't tell you how much I would love to soak in the sun on a beach right now. Adulting has become a thing I cannot abide lately.

I can't wait to hear about the wonderful time you had!


OMG...have so much fun!!


happy anniversary lovebirds. have allllllll the fun!


You'll have a great time! Everyone needs a chance to have a real vacation without their kids.


Happy Anniversary and have fun!

Sue W

Happy Anniversary! You kids have a grand time in Mexico.


Congratulations!!! Have a wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL time. And OMG that bikini - HOT!


Have fun, but be aware!


Happy anniversary!!! Have a terrific time!


Good for you!!!! have a blast!


That sounds amazing. Having family that can watch your kids must be the most amazing thing ever. Looking forward to a kid free vacation in about 20 years. Happy anniversary!


Good for you for taking care of your selves! The husband and I could desperately use some time away from life, but it is not in the cards. Hope you have a wonderful, recharging, exhilarating time!

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