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Well, hi! Look at me, typing and working. I am now allowed to take my arm splint off for UP TO 20 MINUTES A DAY for typing and work. Do you know how much I'm going to accomplish in that precious 20 minutes? Probably not very much! 

There is so much going on and so much to talk about and write about (omg Texas r u ok luv u plz have some money so v sorry), but today I'm just going keep things as myopic as possible and point out that Noah, my Noah, your Noah,  OG Blog Baby Noah, is officially a middle schooler. 


Congratulations, we are all ancient now. Be careful out there today. Don't break a hip. 

(Affiliate link plug here but like, I'm being "authentic" and shit: We got him one of those Gizmo Gadget GPS watches last month and it is an excellent little doohickey. If you've got a kid on the Spectrum or any kid, really, who wants/needs more independence and freedom but isn't ready for a full-featured phone with data and games and distractions and all that, I highly recommend it. Noah loves it.)

(Mentioning it mostly because 1) he's obviously wearing it, and 2) yesterday we went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival [no, I don't really know why either, but hey, I got lots of pics for high-quality website content later this week] and at least half a dozen parents came up to ask us about it and whether it was worth getting. I said yes, and also learned that nobody recognizes the "two thumbs up, fine holiday fun" quote from Clueless anymore and that is a damn tragedy. Do better, renfaire nerds!)

I'm sure we would've gotten a call from him this morning if we hadn't accompanied him to the bus stop, as the middle school bus showed up four minutes early and blew right past us without stopping. Um. Okay. Not off to a great start. Jason drove him instead.

No issues with our regular ol' elementary school bus, thank goodness, except that I didn't look at the (traditionally terrible) first-day photos I took of the other two (third grade and first grade, oh my hell's lands in heaven) until after it left. And that's when I realized I'd spent all morning fussing over Ike's hair and making sure his combover was properly in place... and completely didn't notice he'd buttoned his shirt all wrong. 


(Poppy Photobomb! Lookit dat good girl.)


I am so, so good at this. I should start a blog or something.




It was the skater dude that said that line in Clueless, right?


I still hear Travis saying that in my head ALL THE DAMN TIME perhaps a sign that we are both the same level of "old" or maybe just that we both watched that movie WAY too many times and not everyone did? What is wrong with people?! And because it makes me feel better to know that I'm not the only parent that does dunder-headed things like sending my kid to school wearing dirty shorts because I was too busy recovering from Labor Day beach weekend/hangover to do laundry (true story. this very morning!) then I hope it make you feel better to know it, too. And Ike looks cute anyway and my Cohen did, too:).

Sue W

I'm gonna be over in the corner in my rocker with an Afghan covering my legs trying to recover from the O.L.D.
We also need an update on The Beach. Because some of us Oldsters enjoy living vicariously thru you.


I also have an official middle schooler. Old mom unite. Bonus, let the 3 year old dress himself today. Showed up at preschool and only then remembered it was picture day on the cute little pony they bring around yearly. This year's photo will feature only the best random gym shorts and a "keep it weird" tee shirt. Eh, 4th kid.


I literally spit all over my keyboard with my burst of laughter at that first photo of Baby Ike. That...hairz. That shirt. That smile. Oh my lands. :,-)


I, too, laughed! At least he buttoned his own shirt!


I love Clueless and would have recognized that quote. Also, my boy has that same Minecraft shirt, though he wore his Splatoon shirt for his first day of school today.


I REMEMBER THAT LINE FROM CLUELESS. But that's because I'm old and Noah is in middle school and doesn't that just kick ya in the butt? Sunrise, sunset!


I love that you acknowledged that Noah is in some small part "ours" as well. And while that is not my go-to Clueless quote, I would have recognized it and two-thumbs-upped you back.


I would have caught the reference and remarked that there are probably lots of virgins who can't drive at a Renaissance fair.


I forgot to take a first day back at school photo and took it when my daughter came home, instead. I only have one kid and hadn't started working yet (school started for us a month ago). I have no excuse.

I also found out there isn't a school bus for our middle school and kids have to get a ride or take the city bus. Omg.


Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.


Looking good, y'all! And today I realized that Noah is the same age as the 6th graders in my middle school. That's some crazy.


Yup. Middle schooler mom here too. He and I are both having a bit of trouble coming to terms with that.


Way harsh that people don't remember a good Clueless quote!


Hey, I read your blog! I'm not Nobody! My three boys are almost exactly your three boys' ages, so it's nice knowing someone somewhere else is going through the same stuff I am over here. Thanks for keeping us posted! Ha! Get it?


I had prof pictures done of my kids and the youngest of 3 had his shoes on backward and of course they took pics including his feet. It was years and and multi distributed before I noticed. Oh well.


I love the first day pictures. My kids were posing like Steve from Minecraft. You make me feel less alone.

"Dionne and I were both named after famous singers of the past, who now do infomercials."

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