Atypically Awesome
Some Update-y Odds & Ends

Stuff Poppy Ate


1) One screen door

2) Half of a patio furniture cover

3) One and a half pairs of sandals

4) One pair of my underwear, GROSS

5) So much cat poop,* GROSSER

    *problem finally solved with this weird doohickey

6) All The Squeaky Toys

7) Most Of The Throw Pillows

8) Dozens upon dozens of bully sticks, rawhide rolls, deer antlers, pig ears, cow ears, buffalo tendons, christ dog maybe try a salad or something

9) Her bed

10) Her new bed

11) Half loaf of stale bread + plastic packaging

12) One yogurt cup (cup included)

13) Half bag of dried egg noodles

14) Crayons, so many crayons

15) Part of a welcome mat


16) And like, at least half of a tree

17) The really delicious Indian food leftovers I'd just finished making for lunch :(

18) Ike's dinner that he left "unattended" "by accident" surrrrrre

19) Literally Noah's math homework








Oh, good grief. It sounds like you have my dog. The only toys she has left are benebones and Kongs. Our poor rescue puppy just hasn't had a chance to learn about toys because we have none. And bully sticks/tendons/ears/whatever last no time at all. We have a power chewer and there's really nothing to be done.

Sue W

Hers a growin' girl, momma! And hers eating a variety of things!


Luckily when we got our rescue dog (chocolate lab named Cocoa) she was past the puppy chewing phase. She loves ropes and deer antler to chew. Occasionally she will get into the trash but we can always tell because she has that tail between the legs/avoid eye contact look to her. She is my sweet big baby who thinks she is a lap dog but weighs 70 pounds ;-) Enjoy!


Yikes! We have been wanting a dog for a while but can't quite decide. This post scares me!!


My Henry as a young pup once spent an unsupervised 90 minutes retrieving items from my daughters room and bringing them to mine to chew to bits. Included in the astonishing list were one dozen roses, a large package of colored pencils, a bottle of decongestant medication (didn't get to the pills) and 90 days of birth control.


Sunblock bleaches couch fabric- ask me how I know? Never leave your closet door open- the puppy will eat 1 of every pair of shoes you own (I cried that day). Keep Xbox controllers higher than you think they need to be when not in use.

Uncolored rope toys will be your best friend. Colored ones can stain your carpet. So will Kong toys when she figures out how to take those apart.

She'll grow out of it eventually. Crating when not at home helps. I stopped feeling bad about the crate when I calculated the $$ to replace what was eaten vs a crate and my sanity.


We have a chewer too - she's 11 months old and a lab mix. Marrow bones keep her busy for a while. She loves things she can grip in her paws and gnaw away, like the Nylabone Durachew Barbell and Nylabone Dura Chew Bacon Flavored Double Action Bone Dog Chew Toy. When we have to leave the house, I fill a Kong with peanut butter and treats and freeze it before giving it to her. It takes longer to get through the frozen peanut butter. Good luck.


hubby and i have a chewer too. while not crated during the day she has learned what she can chew and not get in trouble. only exception the bed. we still have to baby gate our bedroom or she destroys the blanket , sheets, the pillowcase and pillows. best item we bought that she is still chewing 2 years later a large elk antler. best money ever spent. crating while we were at work until we could trust her not to destroy the couch helped set a boundary too.


We did this thing with our cat's litter box that is pretty dang awesome. We built a crate big enough for said litter box in the garage. Cut a hole in the wall between the garage and house and installed a cat door. So, the litter box is in the garage and kids/dog can't get to it. A door on the crate allows us to clean the litter box in the garage, but keeps the cat out of the garage. And the best part is watching visitors freak out when the cat walks out of the wall :)


Awww, you can't even try to be mad at that face. My Mom's dog would chew up USED feminine hygiene products that were in the trash as well as dirty underpants and cat poop. Dogs are gross but they are so sweet.

Katie H.

She is SUCH A DOLL! I love the last pic of her and Beau. Welcome to puppydom. Did Beau eat up anything - can't remember! Anyway, our "puppy" (TWO years old but still has to be in a crate when we aren't there because... well, BECAUSE) has eaten MANY PAIRS of flip flops, actual shoes, the blanket we put over her crate to keep her from barking, the other blanket we tried for the same dumb reason, the soft comfy bed we put in her crate, the soft comfy CAT bed that wasn't even hers (SELFISH), a BLACK pen on the tan carpet in our daughter's bedroom (Yep, that's never coming out), A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G the cats knock onto the floor (I think they are in cahoots), entire branches of trees in the back yard, our comforter, our daughter's comforter and the blanket we decided to use this summer instead of a new comforter for our daughter's bed. And yes, she is still a VERY GOOD GIRL and best doggo ever. (As a side note, I'd be careful about giving too many rawhide-type things, they can get all gummed up in their gut and can be a choking hazard. The antlers and good tho! Not that I've tried them...). :)


I definitely second the Nylabones. Our American Bulldog chews and chews and chews on them and leaves other stuff alone. Before we have her Nylabones, I lost track of the stuff she chewed up!


OMG, that dog! She is a handful, no?

We lost many shoes, my Jewel CD, and the windowsill, among other things I have blocked from my memory, probably...and then she grew up, and then she got old and now I still miss her years later.

ANYWAYS! There are a lot of good ideas here - I LOVE the doorway to the garage/crate idea, and that strap doohickey. And I need another dog now. And maybe a cat JUST so I can put a hole in my wall that leads to a magical land of litterbox.

That last picture is wonderful.

Rebecca Cooper

Kong bones. We have two labs who are BIG chewers, especially the youngest one who got the name Chewie for a reason, and those bones last long enough we don't lose our heads. The red ones are preferred, but the black ones are strongest.


Louie is fond of electronics - an expensive pair of headphones, the cable to the replacement headphones, the vacuum cleaner cord, two phone chargers, a lamp cord, and two electric blanket controller cords. Plus the leg to our new patio couch, multiple shoe laces, and various sundries. Lately, he has started jumping up onto the dining room table while we are out and chewing on whatever is up there. Gah! Good thing he is cute.


Beware of the deer antlers! We gave them to our dogs and had two of them break their teeth, which of course required expensive surgery to extract what was left of the tooth. :( Our vet mention that we were not the first to encounter the issue.

Jolly Ball makes dog toys. They are the company that makes hanging balls for horses that are damn near indestructible (my horse stood on his, and there isn't even a mark). My dogs can't break them (and they are Bulldogs, their powerjaws bust apart everything), my friend's English bulldog can't either, and he's been known to finish off the average ball/chew toy in under 8 seconds.


I have Huskies and Huskies are *notorious* chewers when they're young, so I can highly recommend spraying things you would like to keep intact with bitter apple. Works great, tastes unbelievably awful!


I'm right there with you. He's also chewed my original 80 year old window sills and the corner of my grandmother's buffet. I hear they grow out of it....around 2. I'm not sure my house will survive.

Tara S

Two words: pet. Insurance. Because trust me, one day in the not too distant future you're going to have a $3000 bill from the surgery to remove SOMETHING from her stomach. For us it was: bark mulch, rocks, a headband, and pantyhose. The pet insurance will at least cover some of that $3k bill.


When our pit mix was a puppy she chewed up a full 2 liter bottle of Coke, a bottle of Tide (just the handle, she didn't eat any detergent) the wooden arm on a sofa, multiple remotes, a broom and her favorite thing in the world scrub brushes... We got to the point where we'd buy her a scrub brush instead of a toy. Thankfully puppyhood ends... eventually.


They really do outgrow OT and I know one day as they age I will see that chewed chair as a sweet memory. Ceaser still likes a good toilet paper roll over any toy. Love them!


Outgrow it


The chewing thing is tough on your stuff! Luckily my now 15 month old lab mix has never been a chewer. BUT he requires 1 hour of off leash time every day. Not just walks (which he also gets), but I have to drag my introverted self up to a dog park full of talkative dog owners every day. Good thing we love them so much.


Kongs. The black one. Get multiples in a larger size than you think you need & freeze them. With Greek yogurt & treats. Or all natural peanut butter & banana. Or carrot chunks. Or low salt broth. Any mix of crunchy and liquid. Will entertain for a good while and wear out their brains a touch. Plus you can play fetch with Kongs. Dog shelters swear by them.

Mary Casey

If the doohickey link was an affiliate one, you are going to be earning some $$ because I just ordered three of them.

My new dog has systematically destroyed my original dog's "babies" (every toy that had a squeaker in it).

Amy A

The large Nylabones proved to be a wonderful alternative to a wall, which was chewed through to the brick exterior of our house. What goes on in their adorable, deranged minds?!

Laura in Michigan

We went through FOUR COUCHES with my two puppies. I was too kind hearted to crate them during the day. It was a long year.


We got a 2.5 yr pit mix a few years back. I think we spent between $50-100 a month for nearly a year on elk antlers to keep her from chewing on furniture and door trim. She slowed down as she settled into our household completely.

She's still a bit of a garbage disposal and regularly gives herself tummy problems or awful gas. Usually stolen food or mystery items from the yard.


Definitely have to second pet insurance - our shepherd is a doofus who eats All The Gross Things (cat poop, diapers, used tissues, etc.) as well as counter surfs and even snags the occasional kid's toy when he feels he's not getting enough attention. We just had to bring him to the vet because I swear I thought he had perforated his intestines or had a blockage or some other horrible thing from getting into the playroom. Almost a grand later, after X-rays, blood work, medication and fluids, etc. it turned out to be a GI infection from one of the grosser things he'd eaten (probably the cat poop - or maybe other random animal poop from outside? Who knows!).
So yea, pet insurance. It's only a matter of time.


My lab also ate screen door slider as well as the corner of the house. Not even kidding-he chewed a 12" x 5" hole down through the Tyvek wrapping. Cost $700 to get it fixed.

Anything by Jolley ball is good. We've also had good luck with those absolutely enormous balls they make out of rope. Petco usually will have them - they're about the size of a basketball. But the number one thing that we use to keep him from being Destructo puppy are the retriever rolls they sell at Costco. They are about 12 inches long, so we cut them in half, and he goes through about one a day-half in the morning and the other half at night. It is an expensive habit, but cheaper than the house. Good luck!


My dog loves the Himalayan yak chews they sell on Amazon. They're not smelly and it takes her a long time to chew one up. I hope this stage passes fast!

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