*Please note that in today's performance of DIY, the role of "Yourself" will be played by "Your Husband" because Yourself has had bronchitis for over a week now and feels like shit, but really, You know Yourself would've come up with some other excuse anyway. 

So when we last left off with the Saga of the Bathroom That Absolutely No One Cares About Except Me, Deeply, this was the state of things:



(A reminder that all this chaos was self-inflicted fallout from a simple leak in the shower door. We were completely fine with this basic-ass, late-90s bathroom until a new shower door turned into a new shower and ZOMG, the new shower is so nice! And now everything else in the room looks like hot garbage! Like me, in every group photo ever. I feel you, basic-ass bathroom.)


We forgot to take any official "before" photos, so here is a suspiciously elongated one from our house's real estate listing:


(Oh yeah, sure, you literally keep nothing on your sink counter except a jar of decorative seashells and I totally didn't unplug our toothbrushes and dump them in the next room along with the half-empty handsoap and my hairspray for these photos either.)


Jason built frames for the medicine cabinets and mirror, installed a new light, faucets, and all new hardware for the cabinets, towels, outlet covers, you name it.


The only silver doodad left is that timer switch for a bathroom Thing? I'm not sure what it's called. You set the time and hot air blasts out of a vent underneath the vanity cabinet. We were borderline confused/terrified of it when we bought the house in August [it seemed old and fire-starter-y?] but then mostly forgot about it until winter, at which point I discovered the wonderful joy that is stepping out of the shower sopping wet and being shielded from frigid reality for another 20-40 warming minutes.

What did I do, you may ask? Good but stupid question. I put a couple coats of polyurethane on the cabinet. I also helped come up with this brilliant solution when we were trying to get a slightly warped stretch of wood to adhere flat on the mirror:


Go ahead an add "Step 37: Use two sink faucet boxes (w/faucets), a stepladder and one 25-pound free weight to hold wood in place until the glue sets" to your own DIY How To Add A Wooden Frame To Your Basic-Ass Mirror tutorial. You are welcome!

Next up (and hopefully last, until we cave and replace the floor and sinks) are some wall shelves for around the tub, which I will also not be involved in the construction of because nobody needs to watch me lose a few fingers. I AM actively involved in a side project to create a bathmat out of wine corks, and by "involved" I of course mean I am drinking wine and collecting the corks in decorative jars. I am so good at doing things!!!






You are hilarious and charming.

It looks great, and I am seriously jealous...but extremely broke and lazy af, so, you know...I'll just care deeply about your bathroom overhaul with you and dream about the day I might achieve bathroom dreams of my own.

Sue W

There is a job first everyone, and you have found yours. Cheers!


I can't tell you how delighted I am to read this post! You crack me up to no end. I hope the bronchitis is better! Thank you for making ma laugh on an otherwise horrid day.


So I've been saving corks thinking that I would make a corkboard, but that's as likely to happen as the GOP Congress finding its spine. I've got at least a hundred, can I send them to you?


Oil rubbed bronze spray paint is totally a thing. It will take care of that last bit of silver in a jiffy.

Katie H.

LOVE it! I seriously look at my bathroom every day and just sigh. Then I see the ugly walls in the bedroom and... sigh. And the yard... oh my, the yard. :)


It is soooo nice and I am super jealous! Go Jason!


We are doing some DIY ourselves and I have spent weeks researching the best trim and door paint! Is there a particular type of Benjamin Moore you use? We are petrified of ruining brand new 6 panel wood doors by doing a crappy job!

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