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Poppy the Big Good Dog

The Dog Ate My Fall Wardrobe


This post is sponsored by thredUP.

Stuff Poppy Ate, an Addendum:


21) Amy's favorite jacket. RIP, favorite jacket. 

This jacket was a Target find -- one of those great "I want something exactly like this but do not want to put any effort whatsoever into shopping for something like this" items you randomly spot on a rack on your way to pick up some paper towels. It was perfect. I wore it constantly in the fall and last spring, dressed up, dressed down, you name it. I LOVED this jacket.


(Good thing I also really, really love that dog.)

My first instinct when seeing the dog-shredded sleeve was to check and see if Target still sold it. And indeed, they do. For $40. I did not remember paying $40. And I did not particularly feel like paying $40 all over, again. Spending another $40 would mean that technically, I spent $80 on a faux leather moto jacket from Target. 

(Don't try to argue with my brain logic here. It has very specific views about how money works.)

Thankfully, thredUP to the rescue.


(thredUP, in case you haven't checked it out yet, is the largest online resale shop where you can find just about everything from every brand for up to 90% off. )

I figured it still might be a longshot to find a similar jacket, but I was also in desperate need of some new jeans and other fall/winter staples. (I lost several favorite sweaters and scarves to cat claws; am sensing theme here.)

Here's my haul:


TWO pairs of Adriano Goldschmied jeans. One bootcut for $37.99 ($167 retail) and one skinny for $27.99 ($125 retail). One pair of black J Brand legging jeans for $37.99 ($189 retail). An embellished v-neck sweater by Miss Me for $20.99 ($71 retail) and cozy infinity scarf by 14th & Union for just $7.99 ($15 retail), and...

A faux leather moto jacket by Big Chill Vintage for...




All told, I got $621 worth of clothes for $151.94. AND I didn't need to leave my house or deal with a store or a dressing room or like, other people. 

(Dear Cat, please step away from the brand-new scarf.)


(Dear Internet, one cat for sale, slightly used with tags.)

Thanks to thredUP for the clothes AND for sponsoring this post AND for providing a handy-dandy discount code so Amalah readers can save even more monies. We are a fan of that, I'd say. The first 100 people to use AMALAH40 will get an extra 40% off their first order. (Applies to new US customers only. Redeemable online only. Discount up to $50). 



I am definitely not a dog person. That sweet kitty tho...

Glad you got a new jacket. Hang it in a closet that the dog can't get into!


They've invested in you wisely! You totally made a sale for them (all right six of them) before 9:00 am. Thanks for the code!

Sue W

My fall wardrobe is the same as my spring, summer, winter wardrobe. Shorts, t-shirt and bare feet. Florida does that to ya! Guess I can't complain though, since I LOATHE sleeves and anything that tries to choke the life outta me up around my neck. Also have a "thang " about shooze! Not real fond of the close-toed variety! So I am good with wearing mah shorts and t's year round. Your stuff is really cute! Just keep it away from the fur kids.


Yay for great threads in great prices!

Now to business - I thought half way through the company did whatchacallit mending or something. A good seamstress could probably recover that sleeve with a different cloth, and make a really cool new cuff. May not be your style, but I'd love to read what you'd write about something like that.

Disclaimer - I can't sew to save my life.


2 blazers and 2 shirts for $39! Thanks for the code!


I am borderline obsessed with Thred Up since you first posted about them. I loooove it.

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