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Hello! It's been a bit. I have been quite the diligent little worker bee this past week, as one of my part-time freelancing clients suddenly morphed into a full-time 40+ hours stress monster. On the one hand, it always feels good to be extra productive (and hey, I'm paid hourly so MAKE IT RAIN OVERTIME), but on the other hand, weeks like that always serve as a reminder that I am so wired for freelancing and much prefer jumping from project to project throughout the day. (I didn't have any time to write about poop or in-laws all week! ) Otherwise my brain goes numb and I sort of slither off my chair from the mental exhaustion of Actual Grown-up Human Work at the end of the day.

I am such a baby. They should probably not be feeding me so much coffee.

Anyway, things are much calmer this week, except that we're hosting Friendsgiving this weekend and my anxiety is up to ELEVENSIES because either no one will come and it will be a disaster, or everyone will come and it will be a disaster. There is no in-between, obviously, also we didn't get the hardwood floor project started in time so the house still has carpet everywhere, which wouldn't be a big deal except that I haven't very good care of the carpet ever since we officially decided to replace it. So there is a huge red wine stain in the middle of the living room and coffee on the stairs and I think some gum in the family room. 

(Anyone want to come to Friendsgiving this Saturday? You're allowed to spill anything you want on the floor.) 

Last night was Noah's first middle school band concert. Check out this snazzy uniform ensemble:




Realized I don't have many photos of just these two together.


I wonder why.


Eh. Close enough. 





It's very freeing to host Friendsgiving with carpet that is going to be replaced. We did that this last weekend. There were kids running everywhere and parents getting nervous, while I was like "look, I don't care if you pour your entire drink on the carpet."


How’s Ike’s Trump haircut comin’ along?


Ummm, don't look now, but Noah's feet have been replaced by boats....Holy Giant Feet !!

Sue W.

Teh brudders. Dey are so cutez together!


(PS Noah is Jason Jr.)

Katie H.

That's funny - it was my daughter's first band concert last night too. They all looked so cute and grown up and my heart was just bursting! Noah looks very officially band-like!


Just stopped by to say, Holy Genetics, Batman! Noah looks so much like Jason in that last pic. Like, woah!

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