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This Is Your Brain on Friendsgiving


9 a.m.:
I wonder how long I can stay in bed and pretend this isn't happening.


10:00: Time To Fuss Over Flower Arrangements!

10:30: It's probably too early to put out chips and stuff, right?

10:35: (Realizes Jason bought Cheetos)

10:40 - noon: (Stress-eats Cheetos)

12:01 p.m.: Rearrange All The Flower Arrangements!

12:30: Ike has announced his intention to take a rolling Friendsgiving attendance/headcount on Post-It Notes. It's good to have a purpose.

1:00: OMG no one is coming

1:45: OMG everyone is coming


1:47: Ike has re-made the Friendsgiving banner.

2:00 - who even can remember: HI HI HI HI HI HI I LIKE EVERYBODY HERE SO MUCH

2:05: Where is my wine glass?

2:30: Oh, there it is. 

2:35: We aren't going to have enough food. 

3:00: Holy shit there is so much food. 


3:02: WTF lost my wine glass again.


3:15: One turkey down, two more to go.


3:45: I should not have filled up on Cheetos.


4:00: Ike has redecorated the bar area. 

4:15: Guess I'll just get a new wine glass? Is that allowed? 

4:16: Oh right. This is my house. 

4:30: Deep-fried turkey is the best turkey, also goes great with Cheetos. 


5:00: According to Ike, we had 333 people attend. Feels about right.

5:01 - undetermined: Oh wow sitting down is nice. So is this new wine glass.

9:00: Cards Against Humanity time with the last remaining weirdos. (You know who you are.)

10:30: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzcrash

Epilogue, three days later:


Everything is finally clean! Just not put away. Also, I'm still finding random abandoned wine glasses. 

(Thanks to our friend Emily for taking most of these photos, as my phone went the way of my wine glass almost immediately, and I only had the mental bandwidth to look for one thing.)


Sue W

When you continually lose your wine glass, but not your shit, Friendsgiving is deemed a success!


I need a mailing address, because you? Absolutely need some wine glasses etched with 'This is AMY'S glass. If found, please return to AMY stat!"


one of those wineglass necklace thingys seems in order?

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