Enough Said
Merry Crashmas



Preshus! ;-)

Donna Calahan

All the boys are getting taller no more short baby legs


I'm impressed you get your boys to wear jeans! Mine refused up until this year. Still no jeans, but he actually wore khakis to school. I thank his hockey coach each and every time I see him for this as he makes the team dress up on game days. My son has never argued about it, not even once. He would fight me every time I suggested he put on a pair of non-athletic pants. I could feel offended that he is willing to do it now, but I'm just thankful. Maybe one day we can have a family photo done. Maybe I should schedule it for a game day!


i like how hobbes is in almost as many photos as ike! also cracked up all over again about the sweater repeat in 2013 -2014, that is so something i would do. merry merry to you + yours! xo


I love that Hobbes has been in attendance the past few years. So cute. Ike's Hairz are looking great! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Christina P

We were supposed to stop taking Santa pictures with the kids when they went to college? Oops.


Three of your four sons are growing, but Hobbes seems to never age! thumbs up emoji!


My brother's kids now range from 15 to 22 and they have Santa pictures (with the same Santa, even!) every year. I think the key to making it work for teens is to get them to participate *ironically.*


As I nostalgically looked back at all of your photos it dawned on me that not ONE year did you have a crying kid! I had to go back a double check myself, but it was true. That's actually really impressive (to me)!! Merry Christmas to all of you.


They are SO beautiful, aren't the beautiful? They are SO beautiful! You done good. Just have to say....

Sue W.

It truly is a shame that all three have such sort legs! They all are adorable. Can you say that about boyz?!


Lovely!!!! Such handsome and sweet boys. Happy holidays and hope you all have a great time!

Becka Honardar

Ike looks as big as Ezra!!! Such cuties :)


we have a wall o' Santa pictures that goes up every year, with last year's being taken from its place of honor in the red Christmas frame and placed in its new spot, while the frame waits for us to visit Santa. It's awesome. I have a wall o' Christmas Cards Past, too.

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