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Saving the Holidays (+Giveaway!)

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So this is happening. 


Starting next week, the carpet is getting ripped up and hardwoods are going down, and all our furniture is going...I don't even know where yet. Crammed into the garage and a hallway. Maybe the bathtubs. We'll be living in the basement with a lot of boxes and some very confused dogs. 

While it will be SO NICE to have the project done in time for the holidays, it's...um, not exactly convenient timing in the meantime. There will be no Christmas tree until the floors are done, and our holiday shopping budget is wafer thin. 

The kids aren't really asking for much, thank goodness, and as long as I agreed that the Charlie Brown Christmas tree and a few other decorations could come out of storage, they seem satisfied.



(I set up a holiday-themed reading nook in place of the real tree, which has gone over really well. Ike has of course been wearing Christmas jammies since June.)

(Stockings for Hobbes the Tiger and Tahu the Bioncle, naturally.)


(Oh yay this guy again. I can't wait to forget to move him and bolt awake every night at 2 a.m., cursing the day I bought into this "adorable" "tradition.")


(Festive on the outside, about to go full construction zone crazy on the inside.)

My personal favorite holiday decorating tradition is how EVERY YEAR I make a list of decorations I want to buy for next Christmas. You know, once I can theoretically hit all sorts of mythical after-Christmas sales. Which of course, I never actually do. 

For example: EVERY YEAR I pull out our tree skirt and remember that....ohhhhh, that's right, I've been meaning to buy a bigger one for at least a decade now, since the one we have dates back to the days of Tiny Apartment Trees. And then EVERY YEAR I'm reminded that tree skirts are a total freaking racket, because there is no way they should cost as much as they do. They are skirts! For a tree! Who even comes up with this nonsense? 

But what can I say? I really like tree skirts, and they do keep the cats from drinking all the sappy gross tree water from the stand. 

Since we're a couple weeks away from actually getting our tree, I figured I'd (ONCE AGAIN) go online and see if I could find a reasonably priced, non-ugly tree skirt. I did a quick search on RetailMeNot and sure enough, I immediately found a one-day only, 40% off (and free shipping!) sale at Pottery Barn for both tree skirts AND stockings. So I got a ridiculously good deal on a really nice tree skirt and some inexpensive stockings for the dogs and cats that coordinate all prettily with our existing line-up. 

(Yes, We are Those People. We buy skirts for our trees and stockings for our pets. WHAT.) 

In addition to tracking all the best online deals for just about EVERYTHING, RetailMeNot now lets you combine discount codes with cash-back offers, up to $30 cash in one click. I could sure use $30 right now, especially since I've got three children, four pets, one stuffed tiger AND a Bioncle to shop for this year. And if you're shopping at actual stores, they have a free app that alerts you to nearby offers that you can redeem through your phone at checkout. (I personally would rather eat sand than enter a real store this time of year, but I guess people who buy personalized pet stockings online probably shouldn't judge anybody else for anything.) 

I ALSO found a code for 50% off holiday cards from Shutterfly. We've skipped the holiday cards the past couple years, mostly because of the expense and the hassle of getting the kids to cooperate for photos...but if I'm being honest for 50% off I can probably justify sending cards that contain nothing but pet photos.


(Poor Poppy's like, "thanx for the stocking but could really use bigger bed i promise not to eat it this time plz ok.")

Thanks so much to RetailMeNot for sponsoring this post! RetailMeNot is offering a $200 VISA gift card to one lucky winner. To enter the giveaway, click here to sign up for RetailMeNot, browse the website and then comment back on this post with the deal you’d like to use for holiday shopping this year.




Ooh, the Jo-Anns coupon definitely fuels my addiction with that store.

Thanks for the giveaway chance!


Xmas decorations for the yard (the blow up kind)

Ally Niphakis

Amazon 70% off home and garden items. Hoping 2018 is the year of the garden for us!


Okay, I would go for a new inflatable mattress from BB&B because my 4 year old has popped the last two. The baby is still in the master bedroom and my husband knows I will murder him if he accidentally wakes her up when he's coughing all night, so it's nice to have a temporary bed set up in the office. Boring but the comfy ones are expensive!


We got our floors redone the exact same time last year! (I don't want to tell you that it dragged into the new year).

Pier 1 has a coupon for hanukkah decor!


Target discount is singing my song ... hope the flooring goes in NO problem!


Yeah, 65% off Target Clearance is my jam! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!


I'd love to save on bedding at Target!


Wowza...lots of deals but the 70% off of Amazon is a good one!


Michaels coupon! My kid has decided we are making blankets for grandparents this year. 😳

Miranda Giannechini

Thanks for hosting! Best Buy for me - my husband is on an electronics kick this year!


Well, it would not be this one:

Women Sexy Lingerie Lace See Through Babydoll Open Crotch Dress from Amazon- but I see has 24 takers!

It would be Kohls or Macy's for pants for the kid who refuses to wear jeans. ARGH!


Target, omg. Decor!!! Like you, I make a list every year of what I need to buy next year. This year I found that list packed in with the Christmas stuff. 🙄


Michael's, definitely! For my non crafty self to give a crafty gift to my daughter!


70% off the deals at Amazon!


target, target, target...'cause that's where all my $$ goes anyway!

For the floors, we had new floors installed a few years ago. We basically just shifted furniture around as they worked. So first we moved everything to the front of our house while they installed in the back, then once the back was done we moved everything that way. Huge headache to live through, but wood floors are the best! at least that way you can see the dirt and grime (as opposed to carpet where the dirt and grime is there but invisible)!!


The deal I would like to use is the $200 credit I'll get from winning this contest! And also probably something about Target and a discount on some video game something or other:)


I'd love to buy all the newest at Indigo.

Judi Wofsy

Starbucks. always and forever Starbucks.


Target! Amazon! Ann Taylor! I have been meaning to sign up for something like RetailMeNot.


Target 65% off home decor!


New towels from Amazon's up to 70% home and garden sale. I wish buying for people on my Christmas list was as easy as finding things for myself. Haha

Shelly T.

I"m eyeing the Home Depot code!


I really want a Roomba and I saw a lot of Robot vacuums in the Amazon Home and Garden sale! Oh - was I supposed to be Christmas shopping?! Well my daughter just moved out on her own and I could buy her something useful for her kitchen!


Oh this is awesome! I've been doing most of my shopping online this year and have been lurking online sales since black Friday.
I'd probably go Disney store since my 2 year old wants "All the horsies and All the princesses" this year, or an ErgoBaby coupon since I'm on the hunt for a deal for my sister in law.


I was recently introduced to the glorious world that is the Traveler's Notebook, so I'd be all over that Amazon gift card. Or I could be nice and use it for family gifts. :D

Robin Wyatt

White snowflake ornaments for the tree from Amazon. My Mom has Alzheimer and the only thing she has talked about is her white snowflake ornaments that she made years ago that have fallen apart. I figure I would get her new ones to calm the confused mind.


The Amazon deals for the normal household stuff. I'm really trying to free up a few more pennies for that Christmas budget!

Cheryl S.

50% off Pink Apparel. Now to find something that 1. my daughter will like, and 2. isn't overly skanky! I covet your soon to be new floors!


Oh man I *should* go for the Amazon deals for household stuff since we're getting ready to move, again, for the 5th time in under a year...

But I feel I should use Amazon's offer for $5 off clothes over $50. It's been a very long time since I've had new clothes.


I'm all for the holiday card coupon codes - Shutterfly it up.


oooh, the 70% off at Amazon sounds awesome... or the Target home decor one. (SAME on the decorating. I've hated our Christmas topper for about 5 years, but never want to pay full-price for a new one and then once the holidays are over, I'm so over any shopping)

Mim Z

Target or amazon!


Target, obviously. 65% off home decor clearance.

Shaynon Cohen

Love the 70 percent off Amazon home and garden! Happy Holidays!!


JoAnn's because I need another reason to shop there.
Not really, but I'll take it!


We're also getting new flooring after saving for years, and I cannot wait. The carpet is pulling away from the threshold and my eye twitches every time I see just how gross our carpet is after 15 years, two boys, a dog, and my laziness. We're waiting until after Christmas, though...I don't think my heart could take the stress pre-holiday.

Thanks for the giveaway opportunity; I would love to get some reduced-price movie tickets, or Target decorating to go with our floors!

I hope everything goes smoothly for you...and you have a great Christmas!

Sue W

I'm buying nothing. Gifts for the 2 nephews and 1 niece have been bought since the end of October. That is all we buy for.
You are gonna LOVE your new floors. Wish we had done the whole house when we did ours 20+years ago. We left carpet in the bedrooms and dontchaknow that's where the cats (now singular) go to puke.

Katie C.

30% off at Old Navy!


20% Off Best Buy. We are getting our kids a game system, although I’m not sure which yet. No one can agree, Lord help us!


The Domino's 50% Off All Menu-Priced Pizzas Ordered Online coupon would be great for those days when I'm too busy to cook!


JoAnn, all the way. Because a) you can never have enough yarn and b) I decided on Dec. 1 that I wanted to sew an advent calendar for the kids and it's been impossible to get the supplies because they're SO busy. So yeah, that's going on the "next year" list.


Love the Amazon deal!


I wish I was planning a vacay and could use the Air B&B deal, but in reality, the cash back at Home Depot is more realistic. But once we've painted our living room, it will feel like we are on vacation, right?


I'll use the BestBuy coupon - looking for a new laptop for my technology challenged husband!

Kelly D

I would like to use the 20% off at JCPenney's.

Lindsey McLaughlin

65% off Target home goods, yes please!


I can always use more Target coupons!


The last couple years I've been debating getting an artificial tree. My daughter says it's more environmentally friendly (is it?), and if we get the pre-lit kind, I wouldn't have to endanger myself every year climbing around getting the lights arranged just so. I see there are some at Target and Home Depot that would work great.


the kohls 25% off double points coupon oh so needed right now


Definitely the Target discount. I already spend my life savings there - might as well get more bang for my buck.

Michelle Taylor

Home Depot all the way! In the middle of my own flooring adventure! Good luck with yours!!

Amy D

Really need a computer other than mah iPhone - Costco with up to $500 off is looking reeeeeeally good!


Might be done by now. But just in case -
Friends redid their main floor a year or so ago. They were told NOT to stack all the flooring boxes together like that because of the weight. They were to put them in smaller stacks near the walls spread out throughout the main floor. And some in the garage.


I'm not entering the drawing, but I had to comment to say: you are SO GOOD at sponsored posts. The absolute best on the internet. I hope your sponsors appreciate how much effort you put in. As a reader, I certainly do. Thank you so much for blogging!


Target, for sure!! That's where ALL my money goes anyway!

Amy in StL

I always have an enormous tree which I decorate and tinsel and never have a tree skirt. I use an old white sheet draped around the bottom in a circular fashion and sometimes I have some white batting that I put over it so it isn't obviously a white sheet. That way it looks like snow for my village under the tree. I thought that is what most people did until I moved to the coast and ran into people who buy expensive skirts for their trees.


The 20% off at Best Buy might just be the best thing ever. Love Retailmenot - we never make an online purchase without checking them first.


The RetailMeNot app is by far my most used "shopping" app!


$65 off at Babies R Us on a car seat....that's still something we NEED in the next couple of months, and may just be my Christmas gift to myself and my son. I LOVE RetailMeNot!

Nicole Pyles

I love RetailmeNot! They are my go to site if I'm hunting down deals. I love all those cash back deals especially Macys.

elishia bakle

I love retailmenot I always check them first before I hit that buy button! I am looking forward to purchasing my shopping cart from kohls with that extra points and 25 percent off!

Michelle S

That BB&B coupon would take a chunk out of the cost of a new area rug to replace the one that the dogs had a peeing party on.

Lisa Brown

I would use the Kohl's 25% Off + Double Points deal to shop for clothing. Thanks for the chance
jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

Kristin Goodson

I love the 20% off deal at World Market!! I love that store and I don't have one close so I have to shop online.


Kohl's because mama needs some new clothes. I mean for the kids of course ;)


RetailMeNot alerted me to a one-day sale yesterday (sorry) for 50% off of cold weather gear at Target, and I nabbed a snow bib (like overalls) for myself. I think the kids' bibs from last year will still fit them, but I always find myself cold and wet when we get snow and I want to play outside with the kids. Not this year, winter!


Those dang elves. Huband set an alarm on his phone so we don't forget like last year. The school classes did it last year,so we had to, or i would not have chosen to start it up.


I saw this on FB: Elf with a cast on leg, under strict instructions not to move for two weeks. I'm just saying....

Stacey B

20% off at Best Buy....we have kiddos with Nintendo Switch on the brain. :)


I like Target's up to 65% off home decor

Livivua Chandler

Kohls 25 percent deal is great for outerwear purchases


Amazon! And kate spade!!

April L

Duluth Trading! They have great leather bags and I can finally use a real bag for kids crap tote instead of a sick diaper bag.

Emily Smith

I’m excited to use the stackable discount codes on toys at Kohl’s. I’m hoping to finish my gift shopping this weekend.


*le sigh* the ONLY hand-me-down I own from growing up are my family stockings that I have had restitched for my own family. I love them with my phone heart and they’ve gone missing and I am totally upset about it. We live in a tiny ass condo with 1 and a 1/2 kids and they’re lost somewhere in storage 😩. Last Christmas I was 10mos pregnant and I am worried that in my nesting/purge last year that I accidentally took them to goodwill. I know you didn’t ask for a sob story but I am so gd upset about this. So if I won ..... I’d use a sweet ass coupon to buy new stockings. Because Christmas’s is absolutely about the stockings.


The Bare Minerals' 20% off Sitewide + Free eyeshadow palette with $75+ Purchase is my favorite!


I'd love to use the extra 20% off toys deal at Kohl's. It would be great for holidays gifts for my granddaughters.

Beth P.

Oh, definitely the Amazon discount!! And I'm so with you on the 'We're going to buy all new Christmas decorations for next year when everyrhing goes on sale!',. But alas, still the same old stuff year after year!


BestBuy has 20% the Kindle Fire 8G. Husband wants one, and might be able to get it with this deal!


$20 off $100 at Dick's Sporting Goods!


I like 25% off Kohls outerwear.

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