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This post is sponsored by thredUP.

After the Great Floorsplosion last month, the contents of my closet remained scattered across the house for awhile -- most of my casual clothes got dumped in the bathtub, while the dressier stuff lay draped over furniture in the basement in various piles. Dresser drawers were stacked haphazardly all over the place. I decided to take advantage of the chaos and attempt yet another closet purge/editing/inventory project. 

After boxing up anything summer-y and everything that no longer fits (grumble grumble), I realized that I was sorely lacking in some nice basic sweaters and long-sleeved tops, and clothing in ANY other color besides black. 

So much black! Like my soul! I could hear the tsk of my mother's tongue. But you look so pretty in jewel tones, she'd say, as I left the house in head-to-toe black, all wannabe 90s-era grunge, with overplucked brows and fourteen coats of eyeliner. 

And so, when offered another shopping spree at thredUP (the world's best and largest online thrift store where you can find over 35 thousand brands at up to 90% off) (hi hi yes please thank you), I went in with a vague sort-of wish list: cozy sweaters long sleeve tops stuff I can layer maybe a pair of jeans and some neutral flats.


I was given a $150 credit thanks to this post, PLUS I'd gotten a handy 15%-off-your-next-order postcard thanks to just being a regular old customer. Put those together (plus the fact that everything on thredUP is really deeply discounted already), and I was ready to GO NUTS.




What you're looking at there is one button-down shirt, four sweaters, two dresses, two pairs of shoes, one pair of jeans and an exact replacement for one of my favorite bracelets that got stolen out of my luggage by the TSA in Las Vegas almost five years ago that I have been pining over since. 

I got this all a week ago and have worn almost everything at least once. Let's see how I did. (Please excuse awkward selfie framing; there is no one in my house who knows how to take a completely-not-terrible photo of me, and while we do own a selfie stick I refuse to use it on principle.)


Sweater and shirt are both Uniqlo, jeans are Gap, shoes are Banana Republic. Bracelet is Jewelmint. (Was? They're kaput now, alas, I miss them, along with the evening clutch FULL of Jewelmint jewelry that vanished from my suitcase gah gah gah.) Full retail price for this look would've been $284. 

thredUP price: $56.86 for the whole lot of it. 


A BCBGMAXAZRIA sweater that, at $36, was the most expensive thing I ordered. But considering that 1) I love it, 2)  it retails for $218, and 3) coordinates so nicely with my reunited Jewelmint bracelet that I'm never taking off, I don't think that's a bad deal at all. 

(Necklace is also Jewelmint, but one I paid full price for back in the day. Did I mention all the jewelry I lost? Can I mention it again?) 


Layers! The Uniqlo shirt ($30 retail, $8.50 thredUP) makes another appearance, paired with this super cute colorblocked cardigan (also $30 retail, $9.99 thredUP). 


LOOK IT'S GREY NOT BLACK, OKAY? Still a big step up. This is a Dinamit Jeans hoodie ($60 retail, I paid $12.75), my own jeans and ANOTHER pair of flats from thredUP. (Circus by Sam Edelman, $71 retail, $17.85 thredUP.) I planned to only keep my favorite pair but they're both so cute and both so not even twenty bucks apiece that I've decided to keep them both.


And finally, the biggest departure for me: a PURPLE dress. It's by Leith, my absolute favorite dress brand in the world because it always fits me perfectly, and is one of the only brands that can reliably get me out of my all-black fashion funk. 

This dress retails for $119. I paid $17.85. Yes.


(Okay. Fine. I may have also bought the black version too. But you can never have enough $17.85 little black dresses, right? Right.)

Thanks to thredUP for sponsoring this post (and my shopping spree!). Want to get some new clothes while saving a bunch of money? thredUP is offering the first 100 readers who use code AMALAH30 an extra 30% off their first order! (Applies to new US customers only. Items under $150. Redeemable online only.)





I have to say my favorite part of this post is your refusal to use a selfie stick on principle. I am unreasonably mad at their existence (if you can't frame the shot with just your monkey arms then it's not a "selfie") and always love a reminder that you are my people.


Wow, all that stuff looks great on you. Really like the purple dress too!


Ugh, My apartment was robed like 8 years ago and all they took was my jewelry box (because that was the only thing of value we owned at the time) and my collection still hasn't recovered. It's the worst. I tried using ThredUp but I couldn't figure out the sizing so I got a great coat out of it but nothing else I ever ordered fit me right so I quit. I still have a credit though, maybe I should order some stuff for my kid.

Katie H.

LOVE them all. I'm gonna give it a try!


Makes me wish I lived in the US.
Thought I'd just take a peak at the website anyway (that's how powerful you are! ) and turns out they deliver to Sweden, hooray!
(Except only to someone's house or workplace, is that common in other countries? I could not receive packages at work and who's at home during the day? )
Anyway. You look great. The clothes look great. Please only use your powers for good.


Love thredup - and surprisingly have no fit issues usually, at least way less than shopping in a store. It has single handedly gotten me through funerals, weddings, work, date nights etc in the last year... and made sure I’m not just a Target clad clone to all the other moms in town too!


I love how open you are about the details of your sponsored posts. I like reading them because of your honesty, and how much you really like the ones you do! On other blogs I often skip sponsored posts.
Enjoy 😊


If your previous posts hadn't made me a customer already, I would totally be using that code right now. As it is, I'll just lend my opinion as another ThredUp shopper. I love the buying side...great deals, their clothes are all in great shape (even some that I've gotten from the "basement"), and I would totally recommend giving it a try, especially if you know what you're looking for going in. The only downside for me is trying to sell your clothing to them. They take $10 off the top of your total for handling, and don't give much for the rest. I stuffed a bag full of brand name, gently used clothing, and got about a $10 credit. So not worth it to me. Still...a great place to get the perfect sweater, dress, jeans, handbag, etc.

Fraulein N

Love ThredUp! I think I tried them out after the first time you blogged about the site. Also: that lipstick looks amazing on you.

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