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I recently got a new credit card (the swipe-y strip got damaged and was no longer reliably swiping, and I was sick of being that person at the cash register being all, "no, really, it'll work, just swipe it like 10 more times a little slower no faster okay maybe try harder?") and of course the first order of business was to update all my various online subscription boxes and services so I wouldn't miss a critical shipment of  like, razor blades or hot sauce. 

But seriously, I am genuinely hooked on the subscription box concept and would like even more of my life to arrive neatly packed on my doorstep, on a regular basis that I no longer have to put any thought into. 


  • Sweatpants of the Month Club
  • All the Hair Ties You Lost Last Month Magical Restock Service
  • Your Kid's Teacher Probably Needs More Antibacterial Wipes and Glue Sticks So Let Us Just Mail Her Some Every Four Weeks
  • Yes Your Children Ate All That Cereal Already Club
  • A box containing a curated, monthly collection of Target impulse buys (January's box theme is "Dish Detergent" and contains nail polish, a throw pillow, three pairs of leggings, a jumbo tub of trail mix and zero dish detergent.) 

I've written about LOLA and its ability to save me from my own absent-minded idiocy on a monthly basis before, and they've really expanded their product line-up since then. So now I'm even more of a fan. Their plastic applicators are still BPA free and the tampons are still all biodegradable, but you can now get cardboard applicators or applicator-free tampons, plus pads and liners. All the products are made with 100% organic cotton, no dyes or fragrances or other shady/sketchy ingredients. (Did you know that the FDA doesn't require companies to disclose all the ingredients in their tampons and pads, so most of them just...don't? Just let you brain run away with that one for a bit, ew.)

Every box is customizable for everything from light flow to NIGHTMARE AUTOPSY TIME. They also offer products to ease/minimize cramps and PMS symptoms -- that's an essential oil blend in the photo there with capsaicin that I am excited to try.  


(Plus, the packaging is all minimalist and pretty, in shades of blue that remind me of watching pad commercials as a little girl and wondering what in the world was wrong with all these women who were apparently leaking blue windshield wiper fluid on a regular basis. I like to think the color scheme was chosen for this very reason because I am really very weird.)

Thanks to LOLA for sponsoring this post.  Pricing is $10 for 1 box of applicator tampons, $18 for 2 boxes per month. Subscriptions are super flexible and you can change your products, skip or cancel anytime. First 100 readers to use code Amalah2018 will receive 50% (FIFTY PERCENT!!) off their order*, so go now!

*For new customers in the continental U.S. only (sorry, Hawaii or Alaska).



<3 the idea, the execution didn't work so well for me. I'm a playtex girl and their tampons were more like Tampax, which resulted in leakage for me. Sent hem the feedback and they were responsive. I'm sideeyeing the regular delivery of pads and the essential oils. Might have to try again.


I'm one of the lucky ones that found a cup that works well for me. I am in love with said cup. Also, yes, you totally notice a change in symptoms and their severity when you ditch the chemical laden options.


Or you could just have your lady parts removed to stop the monthly autopsy like bleeding and never need these again! Lol. In all seriousness...awesome that this product and service exists now!

Sue W

I am now at 15 years post mentalpausal ( no, that is NOT a typo!) And am so happy not to have to worry with that happy horseshit every month. Bless those of you still putting up with it.


i lol'd at the target box bullet. don't forget the seasonal nonsense from the dollar section!


I just discovered Brandless and would love to see your take on their merch. (Lola's packaging reminded me a bit of Brandless. :))

Rebecca Lynne Zimmerman

LOL! windshield wiper fluid!


I thought you could get a replacement credit card without changing the number? Same card number but new swipey thing?


Or fucking menopause....:o(


Would love to see a review of "period underwear" which seems too good to be true.


Thank you for this. I recently read an article about a woman who had a leg amputated (and her second leg needing amputation) from Toxic Shock Syndrome. It's so unnecessarily sad.

I my perimenopause turn to menopause now. lol


"All The Hair Ties You Lost Last Week Magical Restock Club"... is I love them and will shamelessly evangelize anywhere.


TJ, in my experience they don't change the number but they sometimes change the expiration date.


I'm on board with all of these subscriptions. Where do I sign?

numbers 1 to 10

what is this..

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