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The Three Wise Hams

Um. Brr.

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It's currently 11 degrees outside (-1 with windchill), but apparently that's downright balmy compared to what a lot of ya'll are currently dealing with, as we're at least not digging ourselves out from piles of snow and/or frozen iguanas. We're mostly just piling on the layers*, gathering around the fireplace, and basking in the warming glow of some good ol' fashioned Fire and Fury, along allllll the schadenfreude-y popcorn our doomed planet currently has to offer.

Here we are preparing to make the one block trek up to the bus stop.


We made it as far as our driveway before I was like, fuck this bullshit, get in the car, we're driving. Sorry again, planet. 


*This includes a heavy layer of warm-body-seeking cats and dogs** at all times.


**This weather justifies the purchase of some absolutely ridiculous pet sweaters Y/N? 





We have five dogs and every time I sit on the couch I immediately have at least three of them touching me. Who needs electric blankets when you have furry friends? It actually snowed here this week (coastal GA, so that's a rarity) and I've hardly even lit the fireplace because the blankets and dogs are keeping me so warm. Plus the heat is running NONSTOP! Can't wait to see that bill.

Cheryl S.

I'm in S. Florida (Land of the falling iguanas) and my poor little pomeranian is not happy about 30-40 degree weather at night. In the morning, after my hubby and I get out of bed, she runs to my daughter's room and whines until my daughter puts her in the bed so she can snuggle for a little longer!

Dori P

Pet sweaters vote = Yes

We had nearly 4 days of below 0 temps last week so I'm good with that all having moved on to the rest of y'all now. #SorryNotSorry.

I bought the e-book of Fire and Fury on mere principle today. Not even sure I want to read it but just had to contribute.


You are right. Many of us have been dealing with those temps since Christmas Day. We are supposed to see almost 30 on Sunday, and it will feel like a heat wave. Kids haven't missed a day of school yet though since we go to school until the wind chill is -35 or lower. Evidently other states (we're in Wisconsin) have a different threshold than that (I'm looking at you Michigan where I grew up and doesn't have school today since it was going to be -20 wind chill).


Both those doggies need some sweaters, stat! As a pit, Poppy has teeny little furs and, probably, a pretty much nekkid belly. Pits look all big and strong but they get cold super fast (and some also need sunscreen in summer because, again, teeny little furs offer no protection). I assume Beau is more of a non-shedder, but that means he has hair, not fur, and hair doesn't expand as much to retain heat in the winter. My dog is similar. Get them some adorable little coats and be sure to post pictures for all of us to mush over.

Sue W

Tampa, Florida area here. My weather guy says next week we will all be turning our a/c's back on. I've actually been enjoying the cooler temps. Gave us a nice respite from the awful summer-like temps we were having and appear to be going back to.


My little pittie is currently curled up in her sweater, lying directly next to the heat vent. Sasha says her cousin needs one! Warm wishes from PA, where it's currently 5 and headed for -2 tonight. What fresh hell is this?


Y! Poppy definitely needs a sweater. I was anti-dog sweater until multiple individuals currently experiencing homelessness (leaving a nearby social service that supplies meals in DC) informed me that my dog needed a coat in certain weather. And it was much warmer weather than today! Now she's wearing an indoor sweater and is under a blanket.

Amy A

Fire and Fury for the win!!


I have to say that the frozen iguanas have been kind of hilarious. I've received two different notifications about them. One- don't pick them up. They're just stunned, they'll thaw out when it warms up. Two- iguanas are an invasive non-native to Miami species like the pythons (who knew?), so pick them up, put them in a plastic bag and stick them in your freezer to finish the job.
There will be no iguana freezing in my kitchen. My kids are begging to go get one and keep it and name it Pickles.


If you are looking at sweaters plus wriggly dogs, I am a big fan of the Ruffwear line, where the sweaters zip down the side as opposed to snapping around the belly. Stay cozy!!


From North Dakota, here. Isn't that just, um, like a fairly nice January day? I don't put on my heavy coat unless the temperature is around zero or below.

(Look, I'm sorry, I know it's obnoxious, but one of the few benefits of living in the coldest non-Alaskan cities in America is getting to brag about how hardy we are and how blasé about the cold, okay? I mean, we really don't have a whole lot else going for us.)

(Also, I can estimate how cold it is based on how long my breath is visible in the air, so that's nifty.)


Amazon has cute dog coats that look like little horse blankets....with velco on the chest front and under the belly. easy on and off. wind proof and fleece lined. my dogs look so cute in them! I'm waiting for the audiobook of Fire and Fury....hoping they do a many voice reading like Lincoln in the Bardo, with David Sedaris, and Stephen Colbert, and Seth Myers, haha....all reading different people. Stay warm! Never in my life will I be so glad to see 32 degrees!

Kate G

Our Pibble Hank wears his sweaters when it drops below 45 here in CA (yes we are total wimps, but he shivers!). Poppy definitely NEEDS a sweater and Beau would look so adorbs in one! Good luck with the cats, I don’t think I would dare ;)

Jessica Fantastica

My pibble/boxer mix has several sweaters and I live in TEXAS. You're justified!

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