In the Sticks


Well look at that! It's a patio.




(Weird pipe thing is the conduit for powering the hot tub, which arrives on Tuesday, so look for updates typed by severely pruny fingers every day after that.)

Those are some of the most uninspiring photos on earth, but they were all I could snap before they had to cover the entire thing with plastic sheeting to protect it from the coming snow storm. It's still wrapped up, waiting for the crew to come back tomorrow-ish for the final touches, including replanting all the grass that got mercilessly destroyed and churned into swampland during construction. 

And we did indeed get snow! And for the first time in the history of my children's existence on earth, waking up to some fresh snow on the ground did NOT automatically equal a day off from school, or even a delay. 

They were LIVID. Downright INDIGNANT. What do you MEAN. How do you DARE. We are being sent out in the frozen WILDERNESS to DIE or GET OUR SHOES WET. 

When I informed Noah that no, I would not be driving him two whole blocks to the bus stop because the sidewalks were perfectly clear, he collapsed on the nearest couch, raised his fists in the air and shouted MOM, HOW COULD YOU?

(He gets his flair for dramatics and caps lock from me, obviously.)

Oh! And while I already teased this on Instagram, I'll share it again since we're on the topic of awesome things my children get from me:


Ezra is writing a book about his magic migraine-fighting glasses. (Which really are magic and I cannot recommend them highly enough.) It's taking him a bit longer than expected because apparently "picking the right words is hard."

True that is most rightly, Zah. Said it myself better, I couldn't not. 



Thank you so much for the recommendation of the magic migraine-fighting glasses. After reading your last post about them I bought a pair for my 15-year-old daughter who had been having terrible migraines with no relief after seeing the neurologist and changing her diet. The next step was going to be medication. Instead we bought the glasses and she started wearing them when she used her phone or Chromebook or computer for school, and she noticed a tremendous improvement. I can't thank you enough!


The patio looks AMAZING! With outdoor living like that, summer HAS to be right around the corner... right? Right.

Sue W.

Well of course the patio looks ahhhmazing! Noah helped!
Please thank Mighty Zah for me for giving me my requested update on his glasses in book form!

Katie H.

Ooooooo! I have patio envy now! Looks great. I will say though, my husband calls hot tubs "a study in entropy". True. :) And WHY NO UPDATE ON THE NEW FRIDGE???? Have you already gotten over it and transferred your affections to the patio? It's all the tire's fault, I know.


You should PDF his book and sell it to all your awesome blog readers for like $2.00 each - paid for with PayPal - and then give him all the moniez.


How do you DARE. LOL! I am so hearing you with that sentence. How could you personally make it snow, but not give him the day off, or at LEAST chauffer him to the bus stop. (Originally typed "bust stop"...Ezra is right, man. Words are hard.)

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