Will It Instant Pot? Blue Apron Edition
Kung Fu Ezra

The Idles of March

Happy Spring! It's so refreshing after a long, depressing winter to wake up to a beautiful sunny day full of promise and renewal.  



Schools are canceled again and even the boys are completely over it at this point. The first thing I heard this morning was a loud, concerning-sounding crash in the hallway outside, followed by a couple whimpers and a small voice saying, "Maybe we should not have done that."

And to think this was us on Monday night, outside making s'mores in bathing suits and light jackets, enjoying the big outdoor landscaping/hot tub project we completed JUST IN TIME to cover/lock everything back up before getting slammed with several inches of solid ice followed by buckets of (still ongoing) snow. 


This was us last night, right after it was announced that schools were closed. We'd just finished watching Dolphin Tale and I figured fuck it, let's stay up and watch Dolphin Tale 2: 2 Tale 2 Furious, because we can all sleep in tomorrow morning.

Unless, of course, you two goobers decide to ride down the stairs in a baby doll stroller at 7 a.m. instead.


(And yeah, Ike is suddenly ["suddenly"] incapable of taking a non-over-the-top-hammy picture, and Ezra just wants you to know that his tooth is VERY LOOSE but being VERY STUBBORN he's been eating APPLES NON-STOP and YET. No tooth, no dollars, won't you take pity on him and just spot him the cash advance?)

(Poppy's just like. Whatever. I'm tired and am going to snuggle until all the humans are folded in half and smushed onto a single couch cushion.)





My son once complained to me about a stubborn loose tooth while I was cooking dinner. I used dental floss to extract the tooth. You wrap it around the base of the tooth at that root and just pop it right on out. Over in less than 2 seconds and I went back to chopping carrots.

Katie H.

Ezra's glasses are so cute on him! And I love Poppy the snuggleupagus pup!

Sue W.

Oh, Not Baby One! I fear these pics will come back to haunt you on your wedding day during the photo montage at the reception.


Oh yes, I remember the "thumbs up" phase well .... he finally outgrew it but we have many years of hammy pictures to remind us ...


You're lucky it's just hammy thumbs up. My 7 year old is strongly STRONGLY committed to dabbing in every photo with his tongue wagging out of his mouth. He says "This is my excited face. I am excited to take pictures!" Sigh.


Poppy clearly still enjoys snow days.

Also, my 3 year old won't take a picture unless she's making "pirate face." (It's a weird squinty eyed face.)


I remember (personally, myself, from my childhood which was a million bazillion years ago) how I decided that photos of just me would be very boring so I should probably hold up an interesting stone or scrap of plastic trash to add interest for the future photo viewer.

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