Pave the Swamp


Hello! Is everyone continuing to enjoy this ass-bonkers March weather? Tomorrow it's pgoing to snow, on Sunday I walked to Starbucks in a hoodie, and on Friday all our outdoor furniture tried to make a break for it and blow off the deck. 




I bundled up and battled the wind for awhile and got all the furniture and cushions back in place and securely covered, only to look outside like 20 minutes later at this:


Yes, that's much better. 

The kids are LOVING all the canceled school days, although I predict much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments in a few weeks when they realize they're losing most of spring break to make-up days. 


Pro-tip: If you have to go to Target in the middle of a N'oreaster, try a ponytail!

We still do not have a completed patio, and therefore no hot tub either. It's been a lot of stop-and-go trying to get work done in-between all these wind/rain/snow storms. I'm hoping they'll manage to finish up today but who knows. The whole patio-building process is a lot more complicated and labor intensive than I realized (I thought it was more like, "Here are the bricks, go put them on the ground over there") and now I feel kind of guilty that this project didn't cost a lot more money. 

Yesterday Noah asked if he could put a brick down himself and the crew obliged and showed him where to put it. "I helped build the patio with my own two hands," he later told his brothers, "It's kind of like my patio now." 









I love that Noah helped build your patio - it definitely means it's part his now. :o)


As a landscape designer I'm so glad when clients gain appreciation for the amount of work that goes into (and under) our projects! I hope you and the family enjoy your new outdoor space when it is complete!


Dude. It was windy AF in Denver the past few days--our patio furniture was bound and determined to head for the neighbor's yard and it was gonna take every last planter with it too. Of course, said neighbor's hose and caddy was making its own bid for freedom, so basically it was a giant free-for-all of backyard accoutrements all over the damn place.

And there's nothing that will scare the snot out of you more than the sound of a metal deck chair headed hell-for-leather across the composite decking at 3am when you're the only one home with the kids!

Amy A

I still kind of buy into that whole 30-minutes-and-it’s-done philosophy on home improvement projects, and I blame HGTV and that ilk-they make it look too damn easy. That, coupled with zero patience but a whole lot of enthusiasm, has gotten me into a bit of a mess more than once.
Congrats on the patio and hot tub. I’m very jealous-I’m still campaigning for one but fear it’s for naught, dammit. Choose your marital battles, right?!

Sue W.

Good to see the tire is safe! You look like a 12 year old schoolgirl with your hairz in your face!


Lousy Smarch weather!

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