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Chef Ezra's Shu Mai (aka Reasons To Have Children #159,045,730)

Wednesdays are the New Mondays

It's hard to believe our spring break was cut drastically short this year after too many snow days, as every one of my children practically leapt out of bed this morning, thrilled at the prospect of school and getting fuck away from each other. It's been five days of a little too much togetherness, apparently. 

We didn't travel but instead filled the days with bowling, roller rinks, arcades and too many carbs. 

Oh! And Ezra got a new hairstyle and wanted me to share it with my "blob readers."



Here's lookin' at you, blobs!

He also finally, FINALLY lost that super-stubborn loose tooth, and had some demands for the Tooth Fairy.


(He did not get 20 dollars, as we all know the Tooth Fairy is a punk-ass bitch around these parts.)

Other exciting things that happened: We painted the master bedroom and bought a bedspread online that doesn't match anything like I thought it would, Poppy caught a squirrel and left its wheezing, flinching not-dead-yet carcass on the deck for me to find, and last night I had a dream about eating a fish that suddenly sprang to life mid-meal and flopped off the table and proceeded to bite my ankles until they bled. 

Yep. definitely ready for spring break to be over and to get back to work. At least Jesus Christ Superstar was awesome though, right? 




Cheryl S.

Tell Ezra one of the blob readers thinks he looks gorgeous with his new haircut!

Poor squirrel. Did your hubby have to put ir out of its misery? I wonder if there is a way to train a dog NOT to do that? (My German Shepherd won't actually kill anything. He'll stand there and bark like hell at it like, "Hey mom! I got it cornered for you!")

As long as the Tooth Fairy remembered to show up, she's good.

Happy end of Spring Break!

Angela Mott

Awesome style Ezra! I am hoping to catch JCS online somehow soon. Grew up listening to the album and the idea of seeing Alice Cooper in it has me very interested!

Elaine C. B.

My boss told me about a random dream she had last night. She had goldfish as a snack - live, actual, swimmy goldfish - and was eating them during a staff meeting, and one of them flew (not swam) away.


Love the haircut!!


Poppy has fulfilled every canine's lifelong dream. :)

Pat Preblick

Jesus Christ Superstar has supplanted The Greatest Showman as our family soundtrack. Obsessed! Ezra looks so cool!


Lookin' fly, Ezra! :D

Kim too

My random dream involved coming over to your house for dinner. Kid you not. It was all very normal, as if you were real people, and not just strangers I read about on the inter webs. The food and conversation were brilliant, naturally, before we took a hard right turn into moving all your stuff to an antiques shop somewhere in a strange city.
Love the Zah’s New Haurs.

Katie H.

Oh man... that Zah is getting more and more handsome every day! AND he's talented? AND compassionate? Love it! Jesus Christ Superstar is my all time, FAVORITE musical. I fell madly in love with Ted Neeley and then felt immediate guilt that I wanted to marry Christ (I was only 8 at the time). His voice is one reason I later fell in love with Chris Cornell's voice. I memorized the entire album and to this day I play it and still feel the amazing way I did way back when. I thought John Legend did a respectable job, but he lacked the true power to pull it off. And his acting left a bit to be desired. Sara Bareilles was AH-MAZING, but Brandon Victor Dixon blew me away! I'll still pick the original over this, but it was WELL worth watching (and re-watching)!


Cute hair cut! And my 9 year old did the same thing and left a note asking the tooth fairy for a raise. The tooth fairy opted to stick to her current rate.

Alice Waugh

I was late getting the tooth fairy cash to my daughter so I sent her an apology note from him with this image:

Sue W.

Jesus Christ Superstar was AMAZING! Teen age me almost played the grooves off the original cast LP! Brandon Victor Dixon blew me away with his performance and voice.
Love Mighty Zah's new 'do! I think it matches perfectly with his glasses.
My now 21 year old Savannah kitty useta love to rip tails off the lizards who would sneak in under the screen door on our back porch. Just the tails! She would eat them, then 10 minutes later, yack them back up. So. Much. Fun. NOT! Now she mostly sleeps.


Lookin' good, 'Zah!

My Sugar dog somehow learned that she could catch rabbits during one of her late night walks with hubby. We lived in a residential area in San Diego that the walking trails bordered on a canyon. Low lying shrubs = bunny foo foo. Which Sug dove into the shrubbery, and retrieved one fuzzy present for Mama and Daddy. Rabbits scream. No lie. :(

Also? Today marks an "On This Day" FB moment where you replied to one of my personal FB posts I tagged you in, and I melted into a pile of Fangirl Squee-ness. So happy that-aversary LOL :)


Dear Ezra, you look fantastic!!!! Love, the blob.

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