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Blue Hairz Don't Carez

A few months ago, Ezra asked if he could dye his hair a fun color. I said sure! Why not! I am 100% on Team Your Appearance Is Your Call So Go On And Express Your Quirky Little Heart Out. (Yeah, I know, our team really needs to work on that name.) Just tell me what color you want and I'll pick up some Manic Panic or whatever. 

Red, he said. I warned him red would fade to pink. I don't care, he said, but then he got teased by another boy for wearing a pink t-shirt on Pink T-Shirt Day, like way to miss the entire point, you gender stereotyping jackass. So after that he wasn't so sure. 

He has a guitar recital coming up, and another Picture Day was today, so he decided it was time. He chose a bright turquoise, which I purchased without reading any of the fine print and missed that it promised zero results on hair as dark as Ezra's without bleaching it first. Which, no, not doing that, so I didn't have very high expectations that the color show up at all. 


I tested a little faux-hawk section first, but Ezra was adamant that he wanted ALL his hair blue. Like, do not half-ass my bad-assery here, Mother. We are going Full Rockstar. 


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To say he's thrilled with it would be a slight understatement. He is ALL-CAPS LEVEL THRILLED.

At first Ike was a touch distressed at the idea of Ezra changing his hair. And then I offered to paint in a couple small blue streaks in his hair -- just for fun, just so he could see that it's temporary and not much different than playing dress-up or wearing a costume. Plus he actually has the right color hair! He contemplated his reflection in a mirror for awhile and then gave me a thumbs up. 


Before taking the plunge.


And the shimmering after.

Are they excited? 


Yeah. They're pretty excited. 

(I asked Noah if he wanted to join the hair-color party and he just yelled NOPE and then straight-up laughed at me. "Mom, you know I like to keep my things original.")




Elonda VanMaanen



I used that exact shade of manic panic in my hair 3 years ago in honour of having my son, I still have a green tinge to it. Lol. Party on little rockstars

Sue W.

They are so adorable!
I am thinking about putting a blue streak in my short hair ( somewhere between Ike and Ezra's length) before we go on vacation in July. I've said I was gonna do it a few times and chicken out. I think I may just go through with it this time. It IS only hair, and wearing mine short, it would probably be gone in about 8 weeks anyway!

Mary Ann

For maximum entertainment, I recommend using food coloring. Just paint it on with an old toothbrush, don’t let them lean on anything until it’s dry. It washes out in 1-6 shampoos depending on how well your hair takes color. It’s very, very easy.


Yeeessss! I did my kid's hair this color last summer and he loved it. It made him so happy. And it washed out via trips to the pool in like 3 weeks and it was glorious.

Angela Mott

So much fun! I was thinking about doing something like this with the girls hair this summer. Maybe start off chalking, and then graduate to wash out color. I'll be interested to hear how Ezra's color washes out ! My Nick is the same as Noah in this respect. I can't even get him to let me cut his hair funky for summer (when he was 5 I did get to give him a mohawk for like five minutes while shaving his summer hair, but now he won't let me).

Jenn S.

My son has been asking to do this. I'm all for letting him do a temporary colour, but am worried about how long it takes to wash out, and residual staining. His hair is somewhere in colour between Ezra and Ike. Can you post an update on how long it takes to wash out, and whether there is any green tinge leftover? (And therefore do you recommend this particular brand based on your experience?) Thanks! The boys look adorable.


Our socially challenged, quirky, amazing oldest was begging us to dye her hair purple, so I finally convinced my husband to let her do it. On her 9th bday she went to the salon and they bleached a section and dyed it purple and NO LIE, it is one of the best decisions we made for her. She loves the result and gets tons of compliments, which has been a huge confidence boost.

and speaking of boost, we use Viral color wash (you can buy it on amazon) to boost the color. WE do it at least once a week and it has totally maintained the vibrant purple.


My son (who is 10) wanted to do the same thing so we went with turquoise which turned out about like Ezra's (his hair is almost exactly the same color). He was a little disappointed that it wasn't brighter but ended up liking it. His did turn more green with time but it was still fun!


SUPER AWESOME!! My son went blue, then pink, then gold, then back to his natural almost-black. I am all about "It's your hair, so I don't care".

He's also gone for the completely bare look because of being Aang the Avatar (cartoon version) for a Halloween and then two costume contests (one of which he won, because he had his head shaved).

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