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Motherbleeping Day

On our way out to brunch on Mother's Day, Jason backed his car (yes, the new one) out of the garage without realizing the kids hadn't shut the one of the back doors yet. Whoops. It bent the top of the door frame and messed up the window seal.*

That amazing start to the day was followed by said brunch at a fancy French restaurant, where the waiter approached our table right as I hissed at Ike to stop chewing the tablecloth. "Happy Mother's Day!," he said, giving me a knowing look. "Can I get you a DRINK?"

(Ike later went on to cry at the table because Jason gave Ezra half of the bread he'd just said he didn't want. When offered the other half, he said he still didn't want it, he just didn't want Ezra to have it even more.)

(On our way out of the restaurant, Ike passed a bread basket on the waiters' station and was like, "OH WOW FREE BREAD" and helped himself to a few more slices.)

(We tipped very well. Ike eventually settled down and enjoyed his French toast and some chilled peach soup. Ezra and Noah were angels because birth order is a hell of a thing.)


(Yeah, he drives me absolutely nuts sometimes but  look at what he picked out for my Mother's Day gift. He's going to be SUCH trouble and it will be SO worth it.) 

(Noah and Ezra both got me very beautiful necklaces because I "have a lot of necklaces so we thought you'd like even more necklaces." Hey, it's their guiding philosophy when it comes to the 570,182,804,919,843 Legos they already own.)

(Help help I've fallen into parentheticals and I can't get out.)

After that, I decided the Quality Time With My Preshus Children portion of Mother's Day was over and Jason and I temporarily abandoned them to go wine tasting. 


While we were there, Jason spotted a baby nearby desperately pointing across the bar and making the sign for water. He got her a cup and her parents were like, "Oh! Cool. Thank you!" and we got to feel super smug at our awesome parenting instincts. 


The secret is just to not take them places. You're welcome. 

*Jason took it to a body shop yesterday, where a guy bent the door back into shape with his bare hands. "No charge, happens allllll the time," he said. "Kids!"




OK question.... did YOU plan all those outings or did hubby? Just curious. (side eye to my busband lol) Hope you had a great day!!!!!!!!!!!

Joanna Kincaide Moore

That last pic of you and Jason is a great one! Mother's Day must have been a bad car day. While we were on the way to my in laws' a giant rock smashed into our windshield on the highway and left a big dent/crack.


Doesn't it make you feel better that you ride around at 70mph in a box of metal that can be reshaped with bare hands?

High 5 on the wine tasting. I made my family go on a hike near a winery I like, and then we stopped in for a tasting. Double bonus that they were offering a free Mother's Day tasting! Plus had a kick-ass live band and a great BBQ food truck. It's a shame the 8yo was whiney and grumpy by then.

Sue W.

Sounds like a perfect Mother's Day at your house!

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