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Being There, Part II


The game truck was there.


Ezra's handmade GAME ON IKE! banner was there.


His cake was there.


(And it was delicious. A million billion thank yous to Isabel for making it happen.)



His big brothers were there. 

20180610_182300507_iOS (1)

All his friends and grandparents were there. 


His mom was there. 


And it was perfect.



Good job, Mom!


"His mom was there". And now I'm bawling. We've never met, but I love you as a dear friend anyway, and I'm so, SO glad you are still with us and could be at Ike's party.

Elizabeth K

I'm so glad you were there. I was reading about suicide this weekend and they said the most important thing is feeling like you matter. I know you matter to so many, but I just wanted to add that I have been reading you so long and though our friendship is entirely me reading you, YOU MATTER SO MUCH TO ME. When I read about your sadness, I could hardly breathe thinking of the pain you must have been in. You matter so much, to so many people -- and also to me. I'm glad you were there, so, so, so glad.


Oh, Amy. I’m crying at my desk. So much love and gratitude that you’re here.


I am so glad you were there. I've been following you since forever ago. (My kids are 8 and 11, and I remember your Advice Smackdown posts.) I'm glad you've been open to sharing this with us. A good friend had a similar experience over the winter, and she's shared some of what happened, but is working to move to the next stage of her recovery and I don't want to ask. Having your words out there helps me understand, and that is a gift.


So glad you were there. And are here. Please stay here. Much love your way.


Thankfully!!! I know things seems unbearable hard sometimes but if ANYTHING will keep a mom fighting though it all, it's her boys! Been there, glad to be here now, and glad you are, too!


These photos make me happy. I hope that they make you truly happy too, that you are not pretending to be happy for us gentle readers to somehow "make up" for something. We all have good and bad days. Personally if I had a magic wand I would wave it over you and make sure all of your days are good from now on.

Dacia Flynt

I've been following you since you found out you were pregnant with Noah. I found you from a friend of a friend from my miscarriage website that I had back in Nov. 2005. It was shortly after someone told me about your blog. I followed every day for years till a couple of years ago. I suffer from Mombie syndrome and anxiety and depression and had you on my mind yesterday. Now I'm all caught up. I want you to know I am so GRATEFUL you are HERE. Because every day lots of us struggle. We NEED you and your raw life experiences that are not perfect and sugar coated like most people are. You hang the hell on bc life is going to get better and better!!!
YOU MATTER. Hugs from one mom to another from KY.


Sobbing. Full on ugly crying. I'm so, so glad you were there. Good fucking job.

Sue W.

And WE ARE SO GLAD YOU ARE HERE! Yes, I'm shouting. Shouting from the rooftops. Please don't ever forget how much you are loved and how much you would be missed if you weren't here. The courage and honesty you have shown gives me hope.
Happy Birthday to Almost A Teenager, No Longer Baby Ike!

Laurie Ducca

So much love and gratitude that you’re here for your family and your babies.


Gave me chills. Also, game truck sounds amazing.


Yeah, this one made me cry, ugly cry in my office. So glad you were there.


What is this liquid seeping from my eyes????? TEARS, YO. Love you all.


"His mom was there." WOW. So grateful that you are with us and sharing your story. Much love to you and your family.


<3 <3 <3


I was a psych ward inpatient for 2 weeks (self-admitted before I made the attempt I’d been planning) when my youngest turned 8. We had a little party for her there. My heart broke for her, until I realized how happy she was to celebrate with the whole family. She still remembers it fondly, and she’s 34. Being there matters.


<3 <3 <3 x2


I don't know how I can love someone so much even though I've never "met" you. (Oh god, reading that it sounds so stalkerish. Sorry. Ha). I've followed you since Noah was a baby. (again with the stalking. sheesh)

Please know you've made such a difference in so many people's lives by sharing your story. You have truly truly made a difference in others' lives by simply being yourself and so honest. Thank you.

So glad you made it home.


I am glad you were able to be at Ike’s birthday. And that you are able to be there for many more birthdays.


Your being there made this total stranger happy as hell.


Yay! Mom was there! Your post has made me smile.

Kim too

I am so glad that wasn’t the end of all these stories you share with us. So, so glad


Me too. (In a good way.) What they said.

Bree aka Frema

I'm glad you were there, too. So is your community. Sending love to you. <3

Amelia Bowler

This is the real stuff. The cats, the tire, the hospital, the hugs. Thank you for sharing all of it. xo


All my love, for being here another day.


So so happy you were there! I am another one of your devoted readers. You bring joy to so many people and you are so loved. Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for being here. Love and great big hugs to you!


Sooo happy for the Storch fam!!

Julie Lowson

I'm so so glad you are here. I've been reading your blog for I don't know how many years, I don't know you, I will never be your friend, your family or a loved one but you matter to me even if it's just to make me laugh ready your blog. I look forward to it everyday. If you matter this much to me I can only image how much you matter to your loved ones. Please don't go.


This is good to see. I am glad you're here, and there.


I think about you every day. 💛


(I wish someone asked me to be an Isabel for them. Isabels never require any thanks in situations like this. They just swoop in, patch up what needs to be patched, and quietly move on. Isabels rock.)


He's a lucky little boy to have a mom who is stronger than her demons. It's not about having perfect parents, it's about watching our parents manage and overcome their imperfections.


This made me cry with happiness. Much love to you and your boys, Amy.

Katie Ganske

Amy, you are so loved. Thank you from a faithful reader.


I'm so glad you were there. XOXO


So happy you are still here.
Please know you are loved by so many people even ones you've never met.


One day at a time. Thank you for sharing your story in such a raw, real, authentic way. To echo the sentiments of everyone else, I, too, am glad you're here. "I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart. I am. I am. I am." ~ Sylvia Plath [I am alive. I am existing. I am me.]

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