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This post is sponsored by thredUP

Raise your hand if you do any of the following things while shopping online:

  1. Go on a wild Add To Cart spree only to end up with a mortgage payment's worth of items at checkout, where you get overwhelmed by the decision-making process and ultimately abandon everything.
  2. Spend a inordinately long time debating the multiple color/size options on a single item (do I dare buy something other than black? what the hell is a S/M vs. a M/L?  if the model is 5'11" and somehow wearing an XXS, what time does the second train arrive in Cleveland?) before getting overwhelmed by the decision-making process and ultimately abandon everything.
  3. Scream at your screen that you JUST WANT PANTS THAT FIT AND MAYBE A NICE TOP AND PLEASE STOP TRYING TO MAKE $150 BIKINI BOTTOMS A RELATED ITEM OKAY before giving up and going back to Amazon to look at costumes for your cats instead.

Ahem. Yeah, my issues with clothes shopping run pretty deep. It's why I own so many yoga pants that I dislike almost as much as actual yoga. 

So I very much dig thredUP's latest product offering: curated Goody Boxes that outsource the entire decision-making, actual-shopping process to someone else for a mere $10 deposit. (Currently marked down from $20, which is still a bargain compared to all the other personal shopping/curated clothing box services out there.)


I answered a quick survey about my general style preferences and favorite brands, and a thredUP personal shopper filled a box up with a ton of clothing and accessory options for me. $1,211 worth of options, to be exact, based on the original retail prices of everything. But since this is thredUP we're talking about -- the largest online consignment and thrift store that sells amazing brands secondhand for up to 90% off -- I could have kept the entire box worth of everything for a mere fraction of that price. 

And it was a LOT of everything! My Goody Box contained:

    • Three pairs of jeans (in grey, black and a classic blue)
    • Six tops 
    • Two dresses
    • Two pairs of shorts
    • One denim/lightweight jacket
    • One pair of leggings
    • An evening clutch, a necklace & a bracelet

(I sense thredUP also used my actual shopping history with them, as a lot of the clothing styles and accessory brands [RIP my beloved Jewelmint] very much reflected my past purchases, while also managing to offer something new and different.)

I returned a few items, mostly due to fit issues and the maddening inconsistency of vanity sizes, but the return was free and the $10 box deposit went right to the stuff I kept. Including most of the shirts (all Splendid, Leith, Gap, Banana Republic), the green Gap jacket ($22.99 vs. $80 retail), a super classic/wardrobe essential Gloria Vanderbilt denim shirt dress ($18.99, retails for $48), and the best pair of jeans I've tried on, FOREVER.


I'd never tried on a pair of Kut from the Kloth jeans before, and admittedly when I pulled these out of the thredUP box my first thought was no way are those going to fit me. 

20180626_132457716_iOS (1)

("Toothpick Skinny." Two things that I am most definitely not.)

But to my continued delight, these jeans are absolute perfection. No yanking or sagging or muffin-topping or weird length issues. I love them, I want more of them, I shall live in them pretty much forever. And they only cost me SEVENTEEN DOLLARS AND 99 CENTS. 

(I actually kept all three pairs of jeans, which is a personal try-on success record.)

I was also not initially sold on the leggings, which despite being one of my all-time favorite brands (Leith), seemed a little...edgy for me? They have kind of a faux-leather texture on the front, but once I put them on I realized they look absolutely awesome with 1) a bunch of long tees and tunics I already own and usually pair with plain old boring leggings and 2) the Jewelmint jewelry and Express evening bag also included in the box. So score one for letting someone else nudge you in a slightly more interesting fashion direction.


(You know, just casually posing in my bathroom with my cat and pretending I have somewhere to go.)

Between the punk-rock leggings and the $17.99 perfect jeans, I feel like an episode of Queer Eye. CAN YOU BELIEVE?


Thanks to thredUP for the great new service and the great new threads! For a limited time, you can get your own Goody Box for just a $10 deposit (down from $20). Follow this link to order yours now!


Mary Casey

Kut from the Kloth are my very favorite jeans. They have them often on Nordstrom Rack's website, and while the prices are not quite thredUP prices, they sometimes have good deals!

Gail Zimmerman

I love the casual pose in the bathroom with the cat! You look like a model!

Katie H.

This totally made me want to try thredUP! I do every single thing you mentioned at the beginning of the post. Those leggings look FABU on you!

Lauren E

ThredUp rules! People should know they have a huge amount of stuff that is brand new with tags---I just got a BRAND NEW $180 silk Lilly Pulitzer skirt for $29!!!!


So, I think this is a *great* idea...except I went to fill out the questionnaire, and it stops one short of my pants size. That's really frustrating. Given that shirt sizes go up to XL, their pant sizes shouldn't stop at 14. Or at least respond that there's limited inventory, something.

Please, give them feedback on this. Very curious to hear their response.

Christina Price

Kut Kloth jeans for 17.99? That's a STEAL! I pay full price when I have to because for a big girl like myself who has a long torso and short legs, they always fit me perfectly and are SOOOOO comfortable. I am sold! ThredUP here I come!

Ally Niphakis

Done! Thanks!!

Sue W.

Because I am a plus size woman, I am very leery of online shopping. I gotta try stuff on! I live in shorts year round, because, Florida. So why bother?!
Aside of all that, love me some Queer Eye! Loved the old one. Kinda wish Netflix would bring IT back too!


I love ThredUP! I had no idea they had this Goody Box service. Definitely giving it a try.


I love your style!

I'm scared of typing Thred Up in the searchbar...because...I usually end up spending WAY TOO MUCH time on their site, filling up my cart with a monthly mortgage amount worth of clothing, and then either abandon the cart, or winnow it down with a hedge trimmer to like, two or three items.

NOT JOKING AT ALL. I think it's hilarious that you nailed my shopping habits on the bullseye.

That being said, they do have a great selection, and I've been using my Coach wristlet on a daily basis for like, a year.


Hope you keep having more good than bad days! I followed your advice to try Blue Apron & it was the best gift I ever gave my husband. Trying thredUP for myself now on your advice :)

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