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Seven, Part III

Today our littlest biggest ham is 7 years old. 


He's grown and changed so much, and yet...

Ike baby

He's still SUCH a Baby Ike. 

He still likes that nickname, by the way, and has made me promise multiple times to never stop using it. Once in awhile, anyway. Maybe when it's just us. Just as a reminder that no matter how big he gets, he'll always be my baby.


At 7, he's bubbly and social and everyone is his friend. He'll flit from house to house in the neighborhood in search of playmates, until our entire cul de sac is filled with kids riding bikes, scooters and skates. Half of whom I've never even seen before. An epic game of hide-and-seek breaks out. The big kids play basketball until Ike talks them into joining the game, while he also hauls out bubbles and chalk for the little kids and the babies, who are not-so-secretly his favorite.


He still stops by his old kindergarten classroom every morning before school starts to give his teacher a hug. Every. Dang. Morning. I asked him how he's going to find the time to hug her AND his first grade teacher next year, and he said he guessed he better start training this summer.



He still does not want to cut his hair, but has only recently come to accept that his curly baby ringlets really are gone for good. He misses them, and routinely leaves old photos of himself on my nightstand, so "you can remember me forever."


Oh Baby Ike, like I could ever forget a single moment with you. Happy happy birthday, lovebug. 




I love starting out the morning with a good sniffle. Happy birthday, Baby Ike! <3


Baby Ike, the walking Hallmark commercial. I'M NOT CRYING YOU ARE!


I shall remain forever #teamhairz. Happy birthday, you darling prince!

Katie H.

Oh sweet Baby Ike! Happy birthday you lovable ham!


Happy birthday, Baby Ike! :D <3


His expression in the bathtub pic makes him a dead ringer for the great Buster Keaton, and better I cannot say of anyone. Happy Birthday!

Sue W.

Damn dust in mah eyes! Clean this place up, Amy!

Happy Birthday, Always Our Baby Ike Seven is gonna be so awesome!

Lori Stelma

Seven?? He’s perfect. ❤️

This really dates my imaginary friendship with you. 😋

Kim too

7. Holy Moly, I still remember Baby IKEA. He’s a rockstar!


And this means my baby will be 7 far, far far too soon.

Happy Birthday Baby Ike 🙂


I'm all verklempt. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY IKE!!


NO he is NOT SEVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My oldest is 7!!! That is so weird! He's just a wee baby :)


This makes me wish I could add a photo (of myself waving, like the goober that I am) to my comment if only to show him the reality of the internet, which is to say that we've all been following along all these years and just LOVE HIM (and Noah and Ezra too, of course). Then he would have a huge page of photos of strangers who adore him! But not in a creepy way! Happy Birthday, Baby Ike!


Happy birthday, baby Ike!

He's just perfect --- I'm just saying.

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