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Depression Hacks

Leaving your phone charger downstairs is an excellent trick for getting out of bed in the morning. 

It's amazing how much better you feel after washing your face.

Wunderlist is a great to-do list app where you can include "get out of bed" and "wash your face" every day and get a jolt of satisfaction when you cross that shit off.

If your shoes are completely decrepit and falling apart because you've worn them almost every day for the past 15 years, you're allowed to buy yourself new shoes


You're even allowed to buy yourself new shoes just because

20180723_143720249_iOS (1)

Remember how your baby would sleep six hours one night, then only 45 minutes the next night even though you did everything exactly the same? Remember the sleep regressions and the teething and slow dawning realization that baby sleep doesn't progress or improve on the most logical or linear path? Yeah. This is like that. And that's okay.

Counter the anxiety of house or dinner guests with cleaning the everloving crap out of your house, even if it's just one or two small corners of it. 


Gaze at all the everloving crap you've managed to throw out with a sense of deep satisfaction, rather than the shame of HOW DID WE END UP WITH ALL THIS EVERLOVING CRAP. 


A homemade chocolate chip cookie one-hundred-million percent tastes better than feeling bad about your pants size feels. 

Patio toads make excellent bonus pets and only require the occasional refill of their Frisbee pool.


They might pee and poop on you occasionally, but hey! Washing your hands counts as self-care too.






DID YOU GET THE RAINBOW SHOES ON CLEARANCE? They had them on clearance at my Target but not in my size and I was so sad.

Thank you for sharing. Porch pets are the best because they choose YOU. <3


Brb gonna go get me some rainbow shoes.
Also I love you, and I don't think there's a straight line to anything in life.
You are smart.


This is exactly what I needed to read this morning. I literally just told a friend who told me I look nice that the only way I could cope with my depressive thoughts was to shower, put on foundation and lipstick and try to fake it until I feel better. <3

Sue W.

We have lizards and tiny green tree frogs who like to live at our front door and seek refuge inside when I open the door. Sadly, the refuge generally doesn't last long with a lightning quick Sakura kitty quickly dispatches them of their lives. Ewwwww!
LOVE your rainbow shooze!


Beautiful win on cleaning out. Doing it in tiny spaces and small consistent doses is best.
SO happy for you!
One step at a time, and repeat. You are doing really well. This is a particularly difficult time in many ways and seeing you put one foot forward and then repeating is good for everyone. Not easy for anyone but a reminder that life happens in one tiny baby step after the next. And then the baby sits abruptly and then stands again and takes another tiny step. This is life in all its glories and normalacy.
We are all seeing things that are not normal and are difficult; you ground us and remind us that the sun rises and sets and we can and must continue.
Thank you.


Here’s my newest one:

The amount of energy it takes to shower and wash your hair in the morning is a good trade off for the amount of self-flaggelation you subject yourself to on no shower days.


I should probably start washing my face. Even with just one of those wipes, because I can't even manage to wet a washcloth and pump a little cleanser on it most days. I would like some of those shoes but those kinds of soles make me trip :-(


Ahhhhh I need those rainbow shoes!! And I should get new Converse too. Also I think about you all the time and love the updates. ❤️


Love it! I cleaned out a weird linen closet we have in our room (we have one in the hallway too...why didn't the builders of this house give me a bigger shower {my husband literally can't fit into it} rather than a third closet in a single room that is a duplicate of another we already have???) that was just collecting random junk and was so unorganized it would bother me every time I opened it. Everything is all organized in little bins now and I took out two shopping bags of trash/donations. It makes me so happy to know the crap behind that door is organized now. It's the little things.


Love the updates! I also love thinking of three small moments to be grateful for towards the end of the day. You can check, “gratitude activity”off your list with satisfaction. Hugs!


Depression hacks = life hacks. I think we all need reminders that some days its one foot in front of the other, faking it when we can't seem to make it. So good to hear from you.

Also, can we talk about how absolutely gorgeous that guest bedroom is?


I needed to read this.
I slept 2 hours yesterday afternoon, woke up, texted friends that I would not, in fact, make it to the loosely planned dinner out. Then I let my husband take care of dinner, we watched Lady and the Tramp with my 4 year old, and then I went back to bed.
My self care has more to do with chronic pain and illness, but sometimes I forget and plan too much. Sleeping 11 of the last 24 hours was needed and I won't feel ashamed for not leaving the house last night.
Scheduled self care, in a check list, feels so right.


I feel, like we are getting dangerously close to Amy painting something, that will turn into a remodel. Lets talk paint colors.


You’re doing great!

lisa keegan

thank you for being you


Yes to the chocolate chip cookie. No to the feeling bad. Thank you for the reminder, and may we all remember to be nice to ourselves, at least sometimes.


I was feeling down this evening and realized I should tell you that one of my hacks is to sit down and read through your old archives. Seeing Baby Ike and mini chef Ezra never fails to help me feel better, plus it’s like hearing from a friend. Came here to mention it and found this perfect post to comment on. Keep on keeping on...your work is appreciated and truly helps others. Plus those rainbow shoes are amazing!


You're the best. ♥️


Good job, toots. 💜

Kate B

Feeling this hardcore this week, as we work on my anxiety issues (a) two weeks after a massive depression episode and (b) the week we move two kids and three cats across the country. Timing Is Everything. But also: non-linear progress. The biggest takeaway for me about my depression was to make small changes slowly, without focusing on the effect. I had so much resting on the effect of any change that I could make none; allowing myself to make changes without putting so much importance on the outcome was huge.


Hurrah for you. Fighting back is long and slow and hard but so much better than the alternatives. Keep fighting.


I just read this article and thought I’d you. I hope it’s not out of line to share. So glad you’re doing well.


I think everyone needs a frisbee pool.

Also today on Corporette Kat recommended this habit-tracking app, the interface looks very happy to me, might be fun? If you get bored of Wanderlust? xoxox.


I started wunderlist because of this post. It’s helping with my self care. Thanks!


Way to be sister!

I’ve been at war with my mental health for a large chunk of my life, and now, at 39, I’m learning that depression, like the Wu-Tang Clan, ain’t nothing to fuck with.

Those mundane daily routines that I took for granted like, getting out of bed and brushing my fucking teeth, are celebrated, cause hot damn bitches! I’m making forward progression! Getting things organized slooooowly is helping big time. My house and everything in it has become tangible reminders of that depression war. Those gagillion tiny routines that were shoved in corners, behind closet doors, in the bins, under the beds, that anxiety was too nervous to tackle and depression that just wanted to take a nap.

I know now that I can’t make it all go away, but I’m learning to manage it one day at a time. Thank you for your honesty Amy! And thank you for hot ham. Hot fucking ham!

Shelly Kroll



I love everything in this post! I hope you continue taking care of yourself and doing well. I also help you tell Jason if you aren’t, no faking with him at least!

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