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The New Old Normal

This post is sponsored by Blue Apron. The first 50 readers to sign up with Blue Apron with this link will get $50 off their first two weeks!

I came home from the hospital late Friday afternoon, just in time to meet the boys at the bus stop. I showered, changed my clothes, and unpacked the plastic hospital bag of pajamas and books and other ward-approved belongings. A few hours later, I made dinner. Chicken and poblano tostadas with roasted zucchini, to be exact. 


It was the easiest way to feel normal again. 

I've since learned not to rush back into "normal" too quickly -- the next day I attempted to take all the kids to all the lessons and then run all the errands by myself and nearly broke down in overwhelmed, anxious tears the YMCA parking lot -- but to focus on the little things. Like scrambling eggs, packing up backpacks for camp, folding laundry, making dinner. 


IMG_20180710_191228 (1)

(Opting for comfort food much? Oh, you know it.)

Dinner I can do. Dinner I can handle. Dinner has to happen one way or another, and I feel better and stronger for making an effort to spend 30-40 minutes on it rather than ordering a pizza and calling it a night. Step one, step two, step three. Prep the vegetables, sear the protein, make a quick sauce. Taste, season, serve, eat.


(And of course, let everybody else handle the cleanup and the dishes.) 

We still get Blue Apron delivered just about every week (unless we know we'll be away or have lots of other plans going on), and without a doubt, it still makes everything so much easier. I don't have to menu plan or shop, other than looking at eight recipes on my phone and tapping my favorite three. (Although this is sometimes the most difficult decision I'll make all week.)

The boxes show up -- two boxes of Blue Apron's 2-person plan feeds the five of nicely, plus frequent leftovers. Everything goes in the fridge at some point -- we don't even rush to unpack it, since everything stays super fresh and cold for a wizard-like amount of time. And dinner is completely handled for three nights of the week, whenever we need it. We get to try new things or offer the kids more complicated takes on their favorites. (I'm not a sandwich person in general but know by now that if Blue Apron has a sandwich or burger on the menu, GET IT. It'll be amazing, every time.)  

And beyond all that convenience and variety is something even more important: Every night I am there. In the kitchen, at the table. Just like before. Just like always. 


Thanks to Blue Apron for sponsoring this post. The first 50 readers to sign up with Blue Apron with this link will get $50 off their first two weeks!



Thanks, Blue Apron, for working with Amalah. We love and trust her. <3



And even when I stop commenting on your every post, because you are getting back to normal, I will still be reading them. All of them. Every time.

Sue W.

I am glad that Blue Apron gives you such a sense of normalcy. Happy too that the kids eat and enjoy it.


I started using Blue Apron from your very first sponsored post with them and also got nearly my entire extended family on board. It makes life so much easier and more delicious.
We are happy you are here, Amy. It's awesome to have you.


Love this. Here's to regular boring old life... that is full of love and dinners with the kids. Hug!


^^^ What Lisa said :)


Thank you for sharing and continuing to share and not stopping when it is hard and complicated to figure out how to share. Not sure how to adequately express how much this means to me. This journey is confusing. Holding on to what is real and to the normal everyday grounding activities is helpful and I tend to forget that. Yay for an activity that has a clear beginning, middle, end and produces a desired result, ie. laundry or dinner!

Shelly Kroll


Amelia Bowler

This is perfect. This is do-able. Thank you for sharing.


I am glad cooking keeps you grounded.

Even on days when it feels like all has gone to hell in a hand basket, cooking and baking keeps me present.


I subscribed to Blue Apron off your recommendation, and have been super happy with it. There was a sandwich recipe at least a year back that had sliced pattipan squash & hard-boiled egg, and it was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten in my life — and so was a roasted carrot, green olive, and citrus fruit side dish that they had suggested be served with a pasta main.

And no one does a sponsored post with quite your élan.


Good on you, Blue Apron, for working with Amy. She's good people. And by letting her write about finding her way back while pushing your product, you make me think you might have good people at your business too.


Seconding Lisa's comment! Love you, girl. Love Blue Apron, too. <3


I've been using Blue Apron to teach the two 20 year olds currently living with me to cook more than spaghetti and rice. They are building skills and confidence with every card. And because I am using cards from the years that I subscribed, they are learning to grocery shop too. Even for the weird stuff!! Its awesome!!


I have not been on here in awhile and popped in to catch up yesterday. HOLY HELL! I am glad you are here, I am glad you are getting help, I am glad you are doing better. And, reading all the posts this is the one that made me cry. "And beyond all that convenience and variety is something even more important: Every night I am there. In the kitchen, at the table. Just like before. Just like always. " I am so, so very glad your boys still have their Mom. Keep being honest about how you are doing, keep asking for and accepting help, keep being there for your family.

Lauren A

I also signed up for blue apron on Amy’s suggestion and got my aunt and cousin to try it too!

Cooking is my happy place for sure, I am glad you’re finding your groove with it


Keep on hanging in. Recovery is like post birth; it takes time and patience and lots of self kindness and insights and love. We are all here supporting and caring about you. Each step that feels better is good, but there will also be steps that need changing and seeing the good in discovering these is even more important. Huge support and lots of faith!!!

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