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Noah finally finished It. And as promised, he was allowed to watch the movie version of his choice. He chose the new movie, and we enjoyed some nice ol' fashioned mother-son bonding time over classic horror-movie jump scares and a demonic child-eating clown. 

20180724_232042391_iOS (1)

He LOVED It. Absolutely loved it. Every creepy, fucked-up second of it. Although it turns out he'd already found almost all of the more intense/murder-y scenes on YouTube without our knowledge, so that's some doubly excellent parenting right there.

He's currently grounded from screens and the Internet for the rest of the week and trying to get around it by asking what other scary movies we can watch together instead, because he knows I'm a sucker. Do we go for Poltergeist? Stick with King and The Shining? The first Paranormal? Blair Witch? Exorcist? Gotta get him schooled on the classics of the genre for maximum nightmare fuel. 

Meanwhile, Ezra is attending a rock camp this week. He's the guitarist for a band called The Reptilian Army. This Friday is their first concert, and they'll be playing a Pennywise song (no idea which one! but he is very excited about it because Noah will think it's cool!) followed by "No Feelings" by the Sex Pistols. 

"We rock it out pretty hard at rock camp," he told me very matter-of-factly yesterday. 


Here he is experimenting with roasting and stuffing mushrooms. His favorites were stuffed with ham and scrambled eggs. 

And finally, after a lot of back-and-forth between the ukelele and the clarinet, Ike has decided to officially join the Storch Family Band as well. He settled on the piano.


I couldn't be prouder of these monkeys, and yeah, they all really are doing just great. 



Not playing "Godzilla" by Blue Oyster Cult?


When I read "rock camp", I thought geology not music, so I was confused as to why Ezra was in a band. HA.

Kathleen Wickman

Salem's Lot is really a fabulous King classic book. And scary as heck.




My vote is for Poltergeist! It is a great movie and not that scary. Noah should see it if only because it’s a classic.

Katie H.

It never ceases to amaze me how involved and excited about things your boys are! It's wonderful to hear and I hope it's healing your heart from the demons you've been facing!

Denise Steele

You're well on your way to your very own Storch Family 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution


You know that grounding them from internet, etc only makes them less likely to be honest with you. They are less likely to tell you stuff because they don’t want the electronics taken away from them.


I was about Noah's age when I started reading Stephen King. Cujo was my first, and it started a lifelong fandom. The only one that has ever given me nightmares was Pet Semetary.

Sue W.

The Stand is, was and always will be my favorite Stephen King novel. I will even watch the mini series when I find it on SyFy.
Love that Mighty Za is in rock camp!
And Not A Baby Ike is gonna play the piano!
So. Much. Talent!


Putting in my vote for classic horror movies. My Dad showed me “Motel Hell” at about 8 years old! Fantastic!!!


We have one hard and fast rule here that screens (phones, tablets, computers, TV) are NOT allowed in their bedrooms. They can use them anywhere else, but not bedrooms. Partly so we can semi-monitor their use but also just to keep them from mucking with their sleep. Noah snuck one into his room and got caught playing with it waaaaay after bedtime, so thus, he lost screens for a few days. We don’t use screens as a de facto consequence for unrelated things for the reasons you mention, Cie, though.


Oh yes, the sneaking of electronics into the bedroom ... we have had a couple of episodes of that. Kids are so funny, they think they can get away with it, but then the next day, when they are walking around like complete zombies it is pretty obvious what happened.

Laura in Michigan

Who the heck is that man child in the first picture???? Man, I love your kids.


Wow! I'm impressed with Noah's reading. That is an insanely long book! I actually never made it all the way through. I don't actually remember why.

Nick is like a little hacking wizard getting around all the parental controls I keep setting up to keep him and his sisters off Youtube. Ugh.


My absolute favorite classic horror movie is The Thing. The effects are so amazing and there is one jump scare that gets me pretty much every time. Such a tense and wonderful movie!

Kathleen Wickman

Also, if you want to go totally old school--Night of the Hunter is about as creepy scary non-supernatural as it gets. It's from 1955 with Robert Mitchum playing an ex-con "preacher" who overhears his condemned jail cellmate talk about a heist he'd pulled off and had hidden the money. When Mitchem gets out of jail he finds the cellmate's family and the creepiness ensues. It involves two children on the run and this stalker "preacher" hot in pursuit.

Stephanie Taylor

I was about his age when my mom mistakenly allowed my sister and I to watch Salem's Lot with my older cousins at my grandma's house. Yeah, I was afraid of vampires for years. I used to sleep with a sheet or blanket around my neck so I couldn't get bit by a vampire...yes, that seemed rational to me. I have never watched IT. I'm fascinated by it, but my dislike of clowns has me a little creeped out. As far as making me jump out of my seat movies...the original Halloween is still a favorite and I can't wait for the new one, it seems like it will scare the shit out of me!


I also love It...and the new movie scared the crap out of me a couple times. *** SPOILER *** Especially the garage part and the part where It races across the flooded basement towards the stairs !!!

My hubby and I watch all kinds of horror movies - Ju On White Ghost, It Follows, Martyrs, The Thing, Let the Right One In, The Ring, The Babadook, Get Out, A Quiet Place - all among my favorites.

It Follows STILL makes me freak out a bit if I'm the last one awake at night...because NO ONE CAN HELP YOU Ermagerd! LOL.

I'm interested to hear what you guys choose to watch next.

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