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20 to Life

Jason uses Google Photos (while I'm more of a "I have seven different cloud accounts for photo backup but forget about all of them until the exact second I drop my phone/spill wine on the laptop" kinda gal) and it occasionally makes little collages for him automatically, clearly using some kind of terrifying facial recognition/tracking technology that it's best to not think too hard about. 

It made this one of us recently, which could be accurately categorized as "Selfies Taken In Bars" or "Photos In Which Jason Looks Infuriating Handsome & Charming While Amy...Is Also...There."

Us from amalah on Vimeo.

Very apt for today, our 20th (T-W-E-NNNNNN-T-I-E-T-H) wedding anniversary. The anniversary of the day I somehow convinced this man to marry and run away with 20-year-old me. Well before my jawline started melting into my neck. 

And if that weren't crazy enough, I've also somehow convinced this man to marry me AGAIN, next month. We'll be renewing our vows in the style we always dreamed our first dirt-poor, underage wedding could have been.

Which is obviously: Vegas. And Elvis. I can't wait. 

It's been a really tough year, there's no denying that. Definitely the kind of year that puts the original "in sickness and in health" vows to the test, and I'm so wonderfully lucky that Jason not only rose to the occasion like the rock that he is, he's also ready to double down on that vow for the next 20 years and beyond.

I really really really love you, babe. None of us would be here without you, and you make me very very happy to be here. 



VEGAS!!!! Yes! Just don't wear those damn heels again--promise!


i've been to a vegas elvis wedding and it is so much fun!
happy anniversary storches! <3

Heather Laura Clarke

Ohhhh this makes me so happy! (We got married in Vegas 10 years ago, in the drive-thru chapel. 10/10 recommend.)

Katie H.

You two are seriously one of the cutest couples out there! The photo with you zonked out is the best (Jason's face is priceless). Much love and many MANY MAAAANNNNNYYYYYY happy years to you both!


Happy anniversary! Here's to 20 more. <3


Happy Anniversary! Have a fabulous time in Vegas...tell Elvis I said, "Hey".


Y'all are #goals, as the kids say. Congratulations on the major milestone, and more importantly, for building and maintaining the kind of relationship that can weather the up's and down's. You both seem pretty fucking fantastic, and a special celebration of that is quite fitting.

Dori P

Congrats! You two are just the cutest and are definite couple goals. Have a good Elvis wedding!


Congrats! Our anniversary today too but we’re only 3! Enjoy 20.

Sue W.

Congrats on 20! We celebrate 30 this coming April. Glad Elvis is making a comeback to perform your vow renewal! It. Will. Be. EPIC!


Congrats!!! Vegas!!! No heels, ok? Love you guys!!!






Please post wedding photos! Both then and now! Happy Anniversary you child bride you.


Happy 20th! We’re 8/8/98 too! Cheers to many more! 🥂🍾🎉


Happiest anniversary!!!


Happy anniversary!

Lorrian Ippoliti

20 years is an amazing accomplishment. I wish you many, many, many years of happiness together!


I had a friend come as Elvis to surprise my husband for a vow renewal on our 5th anniversary...and it was the greatest day of my life since the wedding itself! 😁. Don’t forget your blue suede shoes and enjoy your hunka hunka burnin’ love!


Happy 20th! That’s a great accomplishment, and I’m so happy for both of you!


Congrats!! So happy to see so much of the humor I love back in this post. Here's to another 20, full of health, happiness, and humor. *Awkwardly raises imaginary glass bc I have never given a toast and now feel like a baby adult.*

Shelly Kroll

Cute! Happy Anniversary! Here's to celebrating 20+ more! XO


You look gorgeous in those pictures! Also, congratulations of 20 years! Happy vow renewal too. Hugs!


Happy 20th! With luck you'll catch up to me -- I had my 47th two days ago. Same husband even!

Marriages get better when they're worked at, don't they?

Enjoy Vegas! Can't wait for the photos.


You look wonderful in nearly all the photos. Can't wait to see you on Say Yes to the Dress.


Happy anniversary!! I got married 14 years ago in Vegas and it was SO fun!! I ate my wedding dinner at Planet Hollywood next to the head Orc from LOTR. It was a great way to kick off our lives together!


Happy Anniversary. I am honored to read your posts. Just found your blog and I love it.

Maegan Clark

Happy Anniversary! And for the record you are incredible. ❤❤

Amy A

Happy anniversary! And flash forward 30 years and Ike will look just like Jason-holy shit!!! Glad you’ve weathered the storms together; you two are pretty awesome.


Happy Anniversary!

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