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Pacific Rim & Co.

Ugh. What a downer of a post to keep up all week. Let's get back to what this blog is REALLY about, which is hardcore punk rock. of course. 

The Reptilian Army from amalah on Vimeo.

And here's a random selection of the pure joy that radiates 24/7 out of this ridiculous hammy child. 


This is his last week of swim camp, and then Noah starts a game design camp and then we're going to the beach. And Jason and I will be celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary next week! This summer got an undeniably rockiest of rocky starts, but I think we turned things around pretty well.  


Big Fan

You are amazing!!

Steph T.

Sounds like the end of summer will be a blast for the Storch family! As for the other post being up...it's real, it's honest, it's raw...it's LIFE! As someone who spends a lot of time putting up a good front, it's refreshing to find a place to come and see that I'm not alone out here. And just to let you know...you are not alone either. Please continue to keep it real! We need real...well, I need real!

Sue W.

Yes you did! So glad you are here to celebrate all. the. things.


Rock on, Amalah & family! Rock on!


Happy Anniversary, I think we share the same day, 8/8. Ours will be 17 years, and we will be on the beach too ! San Diego, so a bit far from you.
I'm glad you are here to celebrate with Jason. XO


Really I just want you to be OK and I, this little blip on the Internet, have no expectations or wishes beyond that.



OMG. The Reptilian Army. So freaking great! I <3 you and your family so much! Congratulations on your upcoming 20th!


Happy Anniversary! Enjoy the beach time and those darling weirdos.
Signed, the mother of two darling weirdos.

Elizabeth Heydary

Happy Anniversary! My sister's 5 Year Anniversary is today and I can't believe how fast it's passed. The Reptilian Army is so talented, I'm amazed!


Enjoy your beach trip. And happy anniversary!

Shelly Kroll

Happy Anniversary and Happy Summer!


I’m with Lisa above ⬆️. We love you! Like, real love, because we “know” you from your years of blogging and truly care about you. 💛


PACIFIC RIM ha! Rockin' out, I like it!
Coming back to the interwebs,, and wow dude. The boys are so big!

Nancy Clark

Awesome band!


The Reptilian Army are pretty badass!

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