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Work really took over my attention this week...(along with three camp-less boy children running around the house during their last gasp of summer vacation and all I can say is Bionicles. Bionicles everywhere. Places where no Bionicle should be, like in the dishwasher, my bed, the goddamn toilet.) I'm going to cheat today and re-post something from social media that most of you have already seen. But what better way to spend your Friday than watching it again and again and again, because honestly it gets funnier and funnier and funnier each time?

Jason installed a new motion-activated security camera by our garage, and about 10 minutes after I tasked Noah with taking the recycling out to the curb, he sent me the following bit of footage. 


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Classic Noah. Downright ICONIC Noah.



I just caught my 12-year-old son doing the same damn thing. Unfortunately I don't have it on video like you do!


That is fantastic.

Lorrian Ippoliti

Among other reasons, I love how watching how Noah-in-a-Box disappears at the end of the video.

Thank you for sharing again. This makes my heart so happy that joy leaks out my eyes.



I love this so much!!!!


Literal lol

Sue W.

Boys will be boys! Yours are the best!


Love it! Boys and cats -- boxes are magic!


Loved it! One question, though: what's a Bionicle?


I don't care to admit exactly how many times I watched that., and what was running through my head? "Creepers gonna creep"! I love this soooo much.


Random question, but...what kind of camera did y’all get?

Amanda Sain

My 8 year old wants to know how he could see where he was going and if he poked holes in the box for eyes first.


best thing i've seen all week

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