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Another Year, Another Foot They've Grown

Are you sick to death of other people's awkward back-to-school photos cluttering up all your feeds? WELL TOO BAD. HERE ARE MORE. AS REQUIRED BY BLOG LAW.

I'm sorry. I don't make the rules.


Seventh grade, still defiantly wearing a Minecraft shirt in the face of Fortnite, which he refuses to play on principle.

(I don't know what that principle is exactly, he's just very adamant about not playing Fortnite. Up yours, peer pressure!)


And fourth and second grade, respectively. We never have our act together enough to make cute little signs or anything, but I did manage to find some Post-Its to write their teachers' names and bus numbers on since they were both suddenly nervous about getting lost in the school they've been attending for years now.

(To be fair, it's massive. I'm pretty sure you could fit my entire high school in the cafeteria.)

(My high school didn't even have a cafeteria. Or fact-based science curriculum!)


I did have my act together enough to make him eggs, however. He was very happy with them. He also came home SUPER EXCITED because the cafeteria now has a SALAD BAR. 

(A salad bar! My school definitely didn't have that. Plenty of faith-destroying hypocrisy and sanctimony, though. Good times.)

The house was SO QUIET after they left it was eerie. I developed a migraine (should've borrowed the Magic Glasses) and actually got to suffer in complete silence for once! I was feeling mostly better by the time they got home, which was good, because MOM MOM MOM MOM GUESS WHAT GUESS WHAT NEW FRIENDS SALAD BAR MOM MOM MOM.

(Noah was much more subdued, like yep. Here we go again with this bullshit.)



Such cuties! Good luck in school! :)


I'm at my desk trying to snort quietly. Great post. Great job all around. Way to make those eggs ❤❤❤ Sorry about your high school but it made for fine comedy 😂


"Up yours, peer pressure" is a perfectly acceptable reason for a 7th grader to do or not do something. At times, this attitude itself is a source of conforming with other non-conformers. Middle school, hooray!


Hahaha what Noah said at the end made me lol!


Ezra is reading Harry Potter!!! I love it :)


Look! Just look at them! I was just thinking I've been following you since before Ezra, and look at him! Stop feeding them stuff that makes them grow, please. Tell the school. <3


Maybe Noah's just being a typical 7th grader. Boys don't talk much to parents between 12 and 16. Better get used to it.

Sue W.

So many long legs! That must be where they are storing all those groceries. Hope they all have a great year.


I’ve been following your blog since you were pregnant with Noah. Grade 7???? WTH?? When did that happen? They are fabulous, all 3 of them 💕

Katie H.

LOOK AT THEIR FEET!!!!! So stinkin cute. :)


SO AMAZING how your children keep growing older every year but they were JUST BORN!!! Wonderful pictures of good looking young men to be.
Thank you for posting, glad they are started and the day had positives despite migraine. (Very sorry and sympathetic re migraine.... did them myself).
Trusting you and the animals are all adjusting well to the new quiet times at home.
MUCH SUPPORT and Giant amounts of appreciation for your posts!

Amelia Bowler

GASP. Thank you for sharing those beautiful faces. Sorry about the migraine (side hug.)


Hehe, I totally get it Noah; in middle school I decided to hate NKOTB for the same principle.


My 7th grader also (weirdly) steadfastly refuses to even check out Fornite because "thats what everyone else plays and it wont last". And hes very adamant about that. So....okay then. #minecraft4lyfe

Kim L

My 13 yr old boys and Noah are so much alike. They also refuse to play Fortnite and have the same Minecraft shirt he wore on the first day.

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