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So. Moving on!

We had Ike officially assessed for dyslexia last week, and lo and behold, he is indeed dyslexic. Classically, wildly so. I'm not at all surprised, but now we're stuck in that annoying treading water period between diagnosis and treatment. We're waiting for a spot to open up at a private reading center, and an IEP meeting with the school is scheduled for later this month. I'm not super optimistic about the services the school can offer, and while I think we've found an amazing program that Ike will respond to really well, it's intensive and face-punchingly expensive. But of course we'll do it, because OUR BABY CAN'T READ GOOD.

(Does anyone have any experience with Patreon? What do y'all think of that as opposed to say, a GoFundMe or just a PayPal donate button somewhere? Basically, what's the least tacky way to blog-grift nowadays, is my question?)

(I'm taking on more work from several corporate clients already, before anybody tsk-tsk about getting a "real job." I have one! I have several! Also several painful neuroses and deep-seated anxiety issues about money and finances that my therapist says are okay to just acknowledge sometimes!) 

Anyway, back to the kind of high-quality content you've come to expect:




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I totally sympathize. It's infuriating to me how little insurance pays for services related to these kinds of diagnoses. Even if they do pay, it's usually limited, and then there are the fun wait lists! It sounds off the cuff to say there's an IEP meeting scheduled for next month, but really that's a long ways off to just start a conversation about something that's affecting the kid right this minute! It's all to say, I'm sorry this is happening and I wish everything could get resolved instantly and with oodles of affordable services thrown at your feet.


I think some have had success with the Amazon affiliate thing, especially if you're not afraid to include a plug/reminder in most of your posts.


Wish I could offer some encouraging, kind words but I can NOT stop laughing at 'came for the bugs, stayed for the snugs'. I adore you, and not in a creepy weirdo way.


Good for you, getting a diagnosis so early! This will make all the difference as Ike’s brain can create new neural pathways in a way that an older child (or adult) wouldn’t be able to. Huge difference. Well done.
As a mom of a now 13 yr old dyslexic, I have a little advice. Sue the school IF it doesn’t provide what Ike needs (Orton gillingham trained teacher) for the money to get one. We chose not to - it seemed wrong to us to burden our town with that expense. Well, 8 yrs later, We are still paying out of pocket and it’s a huge expense. Way more than the $10,000 it costs to sue the school initially. Hopefully your school system doesn’t force you to do this, but most do....
Also, although insurance doesn’t pay for anything but testing (I think?) remember that anything you spend on treatment/remediation is tax deductible as a medical expense if it’s over a certain amount.
So happy Ike’s got his mama bear to fight for what he needs!


I use Patreon, and it is pretty convenient, but it sometimes is a bit of a hassle for the artists/writers that use it from what I have heard. That said, I'd support you on Patreon should you chose to join. It works with paypal and allows one time donations, too. It may also be easier to communicate with supporters separately from your blog?


I'd go with a straightforward PayPal donation button. It's easy to understand and familiar. And I wouldn't apologize for it.

Sue W.

Can we sic Beau on the real Pres? No wait. I wouldn't want Beau catching anything.


No advice on the payment/donation front.
But some encouragement on the dyslexic front. My oldest and youngest both have dyslexia and dyscalculia. I will say around 4/5th grades the reading just clicked with the help provided by the school through their EIP’s. The math portion, dyscalculia, is what my 15yr old still struggles with a bit. But what’s great is she can look at something and the logic is solid but numbers look off, she has an adult or other student help her. Normally she’s flipped something up. Having that sense of asking for help has been key. My 9yr old is far from there and still struggling with simple math (for a typical child in 4th grade).

I guess my point is... it does get better. And less scary. And there are some amazing qualities that they have. Like... did you know most dyslexics, once the neuropath for reading is set they usually speed read. How cool is that?
Good luck with everything!!

Katie H.

"Came for the bugs stayed for the snugs"! LOL!


I know very little about this, but don't both GoFundMe and Patreon take a cut? If that's the case, a straight-up PayPal donation button may be more your thing. I know there are quite a few like me that have been very longtime readers who may be interested in helping (less donating, for a lack of a better word). I'm more partial to PayPal myself, but if you wanted continuing contributions, Patreon may be easier to manage that and to also offer some more "reward" type thing so as to prioritize the givers than the general audience.


I have a dyslexic 4th grader who has done well with a 504 and serious intervention through the school. She gets pulled 2-3 a week with an OG or Wilson trained teacher. Here’s a link to a great NPR A1 piece on dyslexia.


I'm sorry that this is all such a process - I know you've been through the whole IEP before, but like you've said, each kid is different. I hope everything works out for Ike and the program he needs.

Do people really scold you for "not having a real job?" WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FUCK? Gah... grift all you want, Amy. You're entertaining, and amazing, and awesome.... and I'd totally contribute some of the little moneys I have.

Mgean H.

As a longtime blog reader I'd be happy to float a few dollars your way via whatever route is easiest for you. Patreon seems to me, non-blogger, to be a lot of extra work on your end!
Also, have you looked into the center for kids who can't read good and want to learn to do other stuff good too?


I support three people on Patreon right now and I really enjoy the format. However, I was supporting someone I really like, admire, and helped me change my life for the better. But she didn't really do anything for the people supporting her, unless they were giving on the really high tiers. The emails she was sending out were the same exact emails she sends out to her email list and Facebook (i.e. To the freeloaders (jk)). That one kinda felt uninviting to me after awhile, especially since I had other people to compare it to. I eventually dropped my pledge for her. The other artists/interesting people I support keep in touch with all the patrons and get a bit deeper with their communications. I don't expect them to devote all their time to keep the patrons happy, but as long as I am thrown a bone every once in a while I am good. I only share this as one persons expectations of Patreon, not sure what you had in mind for your format. But I would definitely support you if you joined.

Nora Grasham

I love supporting creators through Patreon, and I also think it's important to have a something to give back to the supporters that you can actually follow through on. Sometimes it sounds awesome but the creator isn't up for the commitment. some of the "rewards" I like are Patreon-only newsletters / posts, asking questions, giving people first shot at an advice answer.

Captain Awkward does short answer Fridays every other Friday and they're great. Patreon supporters are able to ask their questions early.

I think time intensive rewards (video chats, etc) almost always fall through. And one of my podcasts does Patreon-only episodes, but it too frequently seems like a chore from their perspective, which is kinda sucky.


I like Patreon because it's support of the arts and that's what you are - an artist. I know that's important to you and in memory of your dad I just wanted to reiterate that you are a gifted writer and that is art ❤ Much love to Ike. You guys will figure this out! He has a great team behind him!




I want to hug on Poppy!! I vote for Paypal.


I have a 12 year old with dyslexia and a few other ld’s. See if your district uses the Wilson products. They have worked well for my girl. She loves to read now! Please feel free to email me with any questions. You might also like going to a conference about dyslexia. Really eye opening for me and I learned a lot about different reading systems and how they all work.


It seems inappropriate for you to seek money from your readers when you don't hesitate to get tattoos, take a trip to Las Vegas, have multiple pets, etc. Perhaps you need to re-evaluate your lifestyle choices before asking others to support your family. I suspect most of your readers have no more disposable income than you do. I've been an avid reader for years, but I'm so disappointed in this post that I don't know if I want to ever come back,


I feel like Drip is the thing now. It's patreon by Kickstarter. Patreon has had a tonne of probs.
Gotta love the merica where you grift for necessary theraputics.


Also, wow, please ignore the judgement I just read in the comments. Writing is art, you work and do this wonderful are where you share your life with us. Compensation is not ridiculous. You aren't talking about a paywall, you are talking about passing a hat. Church does it, so I don't know why some freeloading negative Nancy thinks that they are on some moral high ground.
If someone judges you for that, thinks your child should not get care AND claims to be okay with enjoying your art FOR FREE then do not count their leaving as a loss.
You are talented, you are fierce and their problems are not yours. As the Polish say " not my monkey, not my circus."


I'm not seeking to give traction to the critical comment above, but please note: seeking support/patronage of content is not the same as simply asking for a handout. If you've been reading for years, you have profited from Amy's work - yes, WORK - on this blog.

That said, I vote for a PayPal link. I've found Patreon rather cumbersome, when I've used to it support podcasts. I also think Patreon has a tendency to change terms of agreement without consulting (or even notifying) sponsored artists and content creators.

One other suggestion: Would it be possible to add to the blog a tab for current promo codes? I realize that you can't pay for therapy by, like, showering people with Nature Box snacks or anything, but I've loved every company and product I've discovered through this site and want to be sure to use your codes for these (and any other!) products.


Actually, I agree with the negative commentor in some ways. Amy is getting paid for the blog.......if its not enough, maybe bump up sponsored posts or increase ad revenue. You seem to have plenty of money for everything else you guys want to do and you say you knew this diagnosis was coming, but you still went on some vacations/trips and talk a lot about all the stuff and stuff and more stuff you buy. So it doesn't ring true that you're in such dire financial straights you have to ask for donations because services provided through the awesome school district your kids attend isn't enough.




I think being judgey about Amy's lifestyle is missing the point. In the more than 10 years I have been reading her blog, I have gotten countless hours of enjoyment from her writing. I have smiled, laughed and cried from the words she has shared with us. I don't think her giving us the option of giving back to her a token of how much we have enjoyed her content is wrong. If you don't want to participate then don't.

(climbs on tiny soapbox) Pets are a lifetime commitment. You don't just get rid of them when things get hard. Also, sometimes you do things for your mental health that may not be the best for your finances. I went through a really hard time after my divorce and took two vacations that I couldn't really afford. One in particular was still one of the best things I have ever done for myself and I don't regret the credit card bills that came with it.


I've been a loyal reader since before Noah was born and am so glad you're doing so much better lately heath-wise. I have to be honest, I have mixed feelings in general about bloggers/vloggers/etc. looking for donations when they already have posts/videos that are sponsored by companies because....if you need money, budget. Scale back on vacations, downgrade your cable, don't go out to eat as much, etc. The rest of us non-social media people do it, why can't you? (I don't mean you specifically, this is a generalization). But that said, people--no one is forcing you to donate. If someone wants to give their money, let them.

Amy in StL

What about promoting products that you design like t-shirts or the like? I seriously would buy a shirt with that toad and that saying. I've seen other bloggers do this and I don't know what kind of cut they get, but something, right? (because of course you need more things to do other than raising three non-feral children)


I have homeschooled two dyslexic kids. Their cousins went to $$$ private dyslexic schools, "the best in the country." My kids have learned to read and become successful, in my opinion, no less than their cousins.

I'm concerned that you feel so anxious about the money for this expensive program that you would ask for financial help with it. What if you don't get enough? What happens if you can't provide Ike the special help? Who's voice is in your head telling you that you're not enough, that Ike is not enough, that we're all broken until we get the approval of a larger society, and that it's okay to pay through the nose for that approval?

Maybe see what the public school provides, see what your community has to offer, find some new ways to play with Ike that might put his differences in a positive light, and after all that if your mommy intuition says he needs more, see about paying through the nose. Sometimes it's worth it, but not when we're doing it because we are afraid.

P.S. I think bloggers asking for money in exchange for their writing is a-okay.


Paypal donation button. Would be happy to support Ike! He was born a few weeks before my daughter and I read the full archives of your blog in the early morning hours of nursing, and have never stopped reading. Your wit and humor kept me SANE, dude. I don't know who the fuckers are that are telling you to get a "real job" but this blogging job of yours (which involves actual WORK, hello?) has helped me out so much through the years.


(Gently) It feels weird to me that you wrote about the dyslexia in early summer, still took a week long beach trip and an anniversary trip to Vegas, and asked for money to cover treatment for a diagnosis you already knew about.

I'm asking in all seriousness. Are you ok? This feels like panic over something that could be avoided (budget for treatment by skipping vacation this year).


For those speaking of budgeting, it is entirely possible to be doing so, have an emergency stash for that massive car repair and unexpected medical bill, but still suddenly find yourself facing a different financial landscape. I don’t know the costs on this at all. But what if this were to add $12,000 or more to their household expenses annually (like twice-weekly mental health therapy sessions for a child)? And this will be an ongoing expense for the foreseeable future, not a one-time. So while they adjust their budget to meet this new reality, it is unfair to condemn a few past indulgences.


I'm honestly so disappointed in some of these comments. If you don't want to donate, you don't need to. You can scroll right on by. You're taking the time to read someone's creative work (FOR FREE) and then hassling that person on tattoos and trips? I read this blog as much as the detractors hiding behind their "Anon" handles are claiming they do and I don't get the impression that Amy and her family are over here living the lavish lifestyle. Maybe we're not reading the same blog. To the person who said they weren't sure they wanted to come back - bye, then! No one is forcing you to visit this page. Reading and following this blog - for free - and then getting upset when the writer (a stranger!) doesn't meet your expectations is what's really gross here, not the fact that a suburban mom is floating the idea of an optional(!) donation button to offset the cost of having specialized treatments for her kid.


I know you've had a rough few months and are still working very hard to recover and I'm sure this extra stress with Ike isn't helping. And I'm all for helping those in need, but it's tough to swallow when you were talking about renovating your home and your amazing new hot tub a few months ago and then went on multiple vacations. It kind of sounds like asking for money just to keep you in the lifestyle you're accustomed to.


Ignore these judgmental people. You are not being rude, they are. Good luck to Ike with the dyslexia tutoring. A friend of mine overcame it and is now a computer programmer.


I would be happy to donate - paypal or whatever. I'm surprised by the number of negative comments judging how you live your life - if someone isn't interested in donating just move on, it's not like you're charging admission. I suspect there are plenty of loyal followers like me who appreciate your sharing your writing and your life with us. If you wrote a book I'd buy it. In the meantime I'd happily support your blog or swag/merch if you choose to go that route. As the spouse of someone with a history of depression, your writing has helped me (tremendously) better understand what my spouse is going through. More than any books I've read. I look forward to having an opportunity to make a donation.


Wow, I’m shocked so many people are giving you a hard time about this. Amy, I’ve been reading you since Noah was born, hours and hours of entertainment, insight and laughs, and it’s never cost me a penny. Set up Paypal, Patreon, whatever. I’ll be there. It’s the least I can do.

Liz C.

Long-time reader, first-time commenter. If readers don't want to donate, they don't have to. An unobtrusive donation button is completely appropriate and it saddens me that anyone would try to insinuate it would somehow lessen the impact of your work/writing. Giving is a choice. It's much harder to ask for help when you need it. Please continue to ask, and don't be surprised by the support you receive.


I am ready and more than willing to contribute having DEVOURED your Advice Smackdown columns to get through those hideous young bubba months, Amy. Not an exaggeration to call you a lifesaver during that dark period; I owe you.

To those who have savoured Amy's writing in the past and now have the audacity to judge this post: Jog the F*&^ On!

Lauren A

I mean really. Just a few posts ago was a collective outpouring of “DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT, WE GOT YOU!!!” comments... and then this is the response when you do ask? And it’s not like you’re remodeling your kitchen or on a beach RIGHT now, sheesh. That’s not how the linear nature of the space time continuum works.

And look- I think artists and writers deserve way more support for their craft, so I like the idea. I’ve given to my girl Raquel over at just because I noticed a paypal donate button on her blog and thought how brilliant it was to give a little back for the content I devoured so regularly and enjoyed so thoroughly. It’s like donating to NPR- and you don’t see anyone bitching because Terry Gross has a hot tub...

Amelia Bowler

I love the toad t-shirt idea! Rachel Miller (on FB Massive Growth Strategies) has some solid suggestions on fulfilling orders for stuff like that.

Your therapist is a smart lady, and more people should listen to her (quite a few people giving out free financial advice! so helpful! :| )

If it helps, the treatment costs, the blog income, and the family budget are three totally separate things in my mind. You get to make choices on all of them. Readers get to make their own choices as well, and they don't lose anything just because there's now a button giving them an extra choice.

You're a wonderful writer and I'm sure you will figure out something that makes sense for your family (which will be absolutely none of our business.) <3

Emily E

Yikes. Wasn't sure if I was going to comment but then I read alllllll the other comments.

I see both sides...If Amy wants to ask people for money that is her decision. And if people choose to give her money or not, that's their decision. If you're that against it, don't give and don't read the blog any more. It's called choices people.

For those saying from what Amy shows and talks about on her blog, that it really doesn't seem like the family is truly "needy" and/or in dire financial need...they're right too. It doesn't seem like they are. (And if you don't want people to judge you on how you spend your money, don't put it on the flipping Internet.)

But. You NEVER really know anyone's finances unless you're them. We've all got that show off friend or family member who spends spends spends, but in reality is living on credit in serious debt.


Am late to the comments, but still want to throw in my two cents FWIW. I've been reading your blog so long I can't even remember when I started! Don't know anything about Patreon but as a fan I would say pick whatever option allows you to get the most of the donations (ie NO FEES!). You are fabulously talented and worth a gift - regardless of what you plan on using the money for. As a girl with 9 tattoos so far, feel free to use anything I can give to getting some fresh ink. Or therapy for your kid - your choice.

Sidenote: You might find it funny that I think of you almost every time I shower. I once read your smackdown on dealing with dandruff and somewhere in there you said "don't shampoo your ends, don't condition your roots". Not sure if that's verbatim but I think of that pretty much every dam time I wash my hair :p


A lot of German bloggers I‘m reading have added Paypal donation buttons stating that you may donate to them if you like what you are reading, but of course as with all donations,
you don‘t have to. I don‘t mind this at all, I think this is very legitamate. I image keeping up a blog is a lot of work taking quite a bit of time away from other things and as so many others I thoroughly enjoy your writing. Taking away a lot of parenting advice, feeling supported in my decision to cloth diaper, gaining understanding for mental health issues that my mother in law is also affected by and so much more including many smiles and much laughter. Thank you for being a light in this world!


Man, some people are such WOMP WOMP downers. Sometimes you just need a bit of assistance no matter your financial situation. Not that big of a deal. It’s not like you ask for money all the time. If all of your posts turned into #Spons posts without any humor yeah I’d probably give you the finger and peace out but you’re looking at probably a button or link and yknow, one can scroll past it if they don’t want to donate. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Laura in Michigan

I'm still digesting your suicide post from a few weeks ago and am extremely thankful you wrote that. It has given words to things that were swirling in my head. You posted that from your heart for FREE. Your words have potentially helped my life. I'm sure there are many others that feel the same way. I would 100% love to help you

Caitlin A Durkin

I do not like these icky comments. Post whatever kind of link makes you the most money for donations and see what you get. For those that don't like it, tough!


Been reading since before Noah was born. I don't think I've ever posted a comment before. But, I had to break my silence here. This is your blog. You give us your writings for free! Your creativity. Your time. I've learned a lot from you and you don't even know me. Makeup? Skincare? I still use a lot of products you've recommended over the years. Your recents struggles? You mentioned buspar and I was smiling because it helped me so much too!

If you need help from your loyal readers, whether it be in supporting words or financial support, please ask. You've been giving to us for so many years. If we can give back, and are so inclined to do so, please let us do that. For those that are offended by her asking, keep scrolling and ignore the link if she posts it. It is pretty simple. I ignore posts and links on pages all day long that I don't like or don't agree with. Imagine all the free time and negative energy I save when I don't stop and spew each time I disagree. Just my two cents. You do you, Amy. We got you for whatever you need.

Sharon Bradshaw

I agree with the above comment. You do you. Absolutely. And I will do me. And me is going to stop reading your blog. I have enjoyed reading about your family since before Noah was born, and I wish you the best. You have every right to ask your readers for financial help, but that doesn’t mean you should. I just read today’s post stating that you don’t require assistance now. I’m happy for you that you don’t have to stress about it. But it bugs me that you planned to, sorry


I owe you so much. I would be happy to contribute and have thought about doing so for a long time. I’ve been reading your blog for years (7-9 years I think).I actually remember where I was when I read your post announcing your pregnancy with Ike because I was traveling for work and went to the hotel business centre to check in on our blog specifically.
Let us help you and use the $$$ any fucking way you want to.


Man, Sharon ... just, wow... I guess you couldn't just stop reading without making this a whole thing?


I am so late in commenting...thats what happens when your internet provider and cable provider are the same person and your husband decides to upgrade! Anyway, are amazing. I've been reading since Noah and the Advice Smackdown from the beginning. Donate button everywhere! I will click. You and your beautiful family feel like a extension of mine...and we (all who support you)...know what a great mom you are, how hard you work...and how hard life can be sometimes. There have been times in my life when your story, happiness, struggle, real life ...have been the reason I made it through a hard time/day...that is worth 10,000 donate buttons. NOTHING BUT SNUGS HERE!


I am absolutely stunned by the comments on this post. WOW.

The first thing I want to say, is that I'm pretty good with my money, and I knew my son had an ADHD diagnosis coming. I knew our insurance had a $6,000.00 out of pocket deductible and I came ready for that. Imagine my surprise when every single child doctor in Reno that was accepting new patients told me, "we do not accept insurance. You must pay cash out of pocket, and then see if your insurance will pay it back after we give you the insurance codes. However we do not contract with any insurance so they will consider us out of network and probably pay nothing back." Then, imagine what I felt when they told me EACH VISIT WOULD BE $1,000.00 an we would need 3 visits the first month. Okay so doing my my math, saving the money I could for our deductible, that would cover 4 months of appointments, no other medical emergencies (like the blood clot they found in my leg Monday, or the tear in my knee, or the hemotoma in my calf), how do I pay for the remaining 8 months of visits?

Taking vacations, and whatever else you did, probably seemed okay before you realized the extent of the expense, what insurance would or would not cover etc. So you asked for help. You reached out, and these fuckers come here and comment this bullshit about your spending habits. No, fuck that shit. You guys Amy asked for our help and you fucking shamed her!

The someone with over 20 tattoos, I can relate that once you find at "thing" that helps you, you do the thing when you need help. I've found that almost every time I notice myself sinking back into depression, I call my tattoo artist. We talk about what I'm feeling at the time, what's good, what's bad, what I'm listening to, etc and he makes me a tattoo. It does wonders for my mood. Some of it is the pain, you just need to feel it. Some of it is the visual, you get to look down and remember that moment, if it's bad you know its gone and the tattoo is a reminder you over came, if it's good, the tattoo is a reminder of THE GOOD. For me, my tattoos feel like medicine. I will always budget for something that has always helped me feel better long term. I've had the same artist for 21 years and I've always referred to his shop as my church. He knows my stories, my pain, my secrets, my hurt. He's drawing them on my body, listening to me talk, and letting me air out those things I sometimes can't tell the regular people in my life.

KIND OF LIKE A FUCKING BLOG. This blog is to come say the things you can't always look someone in the eye and say. So, I say put that donate button up. We want to help. We've wanted to help since your first post, and were all helpless. Now you've asked for help and we want to help.

Anyone who doesn't want to help, who wants to leave bullshit comments, has missed the point, the entire time they've read your blog.

I remember years ago when I was pregnant and going in for my second C section. I wrote to you for your other blog about advice for shaving, down there, the day of, so they didn't dry shave my hoo ha again. You posted it up, you got me advice, you HELPED me, now, we can help you Amy. Fuck all those commenters who think you need to not have any joy in your life because medical care for our kids costs a small fortune. They missed the point.

Put up a button.


JBearden ME TOO! I still religiously use Philosophy face wash because of Amy. That helped me so much. We can help her right back.

Christen Pettit Miller

Just love.

That's all I've got.

Just love.

Kim too

Good grief, people, whatever. We’ve taken a couple of hits over the past few months, and I’ve gone from “Thank god we can afford to have me home and all these super expensive therapies and supplements my spectrum kid needs (plus the $5K out of pocket neuropsychological evil she needs to get the damn diagnosis I’ve been advocating for for the last 4 years, only I did enough interventions with her when she was small that she doesn’t check all the boxes anymore and sorry I went down a rabbit hole there. But now? We took a couple of hits, and all of a sudden we’re cutting back on *everything* and if I had a blog I’d be asking for donations, too. Because I’m doing my damn best for this kid, and I still feel guilty that I’m not giving her the support she needs.


PayPal is probably the easiest, but whichever you decide on, I’m there. I’ll never not help someone if I can. I’ve been reading for probably 12 years, so it’s the least I can do for all the laughs you’ve given over the years.


So you have a special education advocate? If he’s not making effective progress, the school must provide services, up to and including paying for him to go out of district to a private school (though they will never do that first). That said, schools (in MA at least) tend to struggle to support kids with dyslexia. You could also look at a private tutor rather than a learning center, might be much cheaper and just as effective. I would absolutely encourage you to work with a special education advocate familiar with dyslexia services in your state, google them.


Very long time reader here. I keep coming back and still will because of the amazing things that you write. I also struggle with issues and your writing really speaks to my heart.
Now for the part where someone will hate me. Life is rough and the unexpected needs to be managed in the best way possible. This concerns your Baby Ike. Ask for help if you need it but keep exploring your options. There could be something more managable and less expensive that will benefit Ike.
We raised 2 on a limited income. The first one born 12 weeks early at a time when most premies at that age did not survive or had some extreme disabilities. We sacrificed,did without and took care of all of their needs. You can do anything for your children. I might have wanted some of the finer things but we did the best we could and my reward is 2 beautiful adults.
Hang in there.


I’m absolutely overwhelmed by what arseholes people are. How ‘bout I come poking into your personal finances, KAREN?

Do what you want to do, Amy. Those who can give will. Those who can’t, wont. Those who simply don’t want to and feel angry can go on living those perfect, fully self-sufficient lives they apparently have. Surprised they can even read your blog with their noses way up in the air like that.


1) I would 100% donate to you. I have read your blog since the beginning, so it seems only right to compensate you for the hours you've given. You are a wonderful writer AND mom. People can be so judgmental and my heart hurts knowing that you are reading some of these comments.

2) As someone who works in special education, you might wait to see what the school is going to do for his services. You may not need the fancy stuff if they have good interventions in place! Those private places can be really great....and they can also be really great for promising the moon and taking your money. I know you'll do your research and make the best decision for you and your family!

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