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Weekend Updates

UPDATE #1: I folded the laundry! All of the laundry! I guess I should've taken a photo to better communicate just how much laundry we were talking about, but it was too embarrassing. Even depressed people are entitled to some small slice of vanity, right? Anyway, it's all put away now, and I even tackled the spring/summer closet changeover to fall/winter. Then I took a nap.

UPDATE #2: Speaking of the changing of the seasons, our patio toads have left us to hibernate for winter. I will miss them terribly and hope they'll be back next year. Maybe I'll register them as emotional support toads and let them loose on an airplane!

UPDATE #3: Ike's IEP meeting...happened. Given the glacial pace of assessment testing (since the independent assessments we paid for didn't line up 100% with the district's standards, aaaaaaahhhhhhhdjvojfohfvoiwehfgpeh), Ike will be lucky to get formal supports and services in place by...Christmas. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhdjvojfohfvoiwehfgpeh times eleventy. So we are very, very relieved we jumped on the ONE OPEN SPOT his reading program offered us and didn't dick around any longer. He loves going, and while it's not an overnight fix or anything, I can already see some confidence creeping back in when he works with the books and flash cards they send home.

UPDATE #4: Speaking of Ike, he performed in his very first piano recital on Saturday. He was quite nervous at first, but overcame the jitters in time to ham it up appropriately.


UPDATE #5: Noah ALSO performed his very first solo recital, in preparation for his upcoming audition for our county's Gifted & Talented/Honors band. He initially did not want to do either, no thank you very much, but agreed when I offered him a day off from school to play Bendy & the Ink Machine Chapter 5 on the day it was released. If you are not familiar with Bendy & the Ink Machine Chapters 1 - 4, Noah would be happy to spend the next six hours telling you allllllll about them. 

(Recital photos not found because Mooooooooommmm)

UPDATE #6, which isn't really an update to anything I've written about previously, but this is the format I went with and now we're all stuck with it: Ezra's officially a cricket player now, and loving every second of it. His coach sent me the following photo, which I guess means he is playing cricket correctly here. Go Ezra! Hit that thing, unless you're not supposed to! Sticky wickets! Blimey!  Codsballs! I have no idea what's happening!





Way to go, Amy! I hear the laundry thing, and I only have to deal with mine and the toddlers. I have way too much undone laundry, but I folded my daughters clean clothes last night.


WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP!!! Congrats on the laundry. This is an important milestone in more than one way.
Your cheerleaders are out supporting you. Keep on hanging in. You help so many people by doing that!


You make me happy, Amy. That is all. And thank you.


Our washer has been broken for far too long, and I am greatly looking forward to achieving update one.


Omg the laundry. I have a pile that’s been in need of folding for weeks. So kudos for tackling yours!

And I’m glad things are good for the boys. Especially Ike. Reading is such a joy to me, to think of him being hindered in it is heartbreaking.

Hugs to you! Keep on keeping on! <3


Man, I’m not even coming out of a depressive episode and I can’t get my laundry done so hell yeah high fives all around for you!!!! ❤️

Sue W.

Laundry is the bane of my existence. Has been for my entire life. So damn proud of you for getting it all folded and put away! You get a Gold Star!


Please enjoy this laundry song from Charlotte Diamond, favourite Canadian children's singer-songwriter of my childhood:

My daughter thinks it is hilarious. It hits a bit close to home for me ;)

Holly W

I'm having kind of a terrible day - and let me just say, Codsballs basically turned it all the way around. Thank you for being you, in all the onioney layers. (Shrek, I know. I'm a 90s kid. I can't help it.)


Cricket! Who woulda thunk. We took the kids to England this summer for the first time, and the park next to our apartment had a cricket pitch and cricket "batting cages" where we saw people practicing. I had to look up the wikipedia article to be able to answer questions about what we were seeing, lol.

I'm surprised about the IEP meeting results. I'm in Fairfax Co. but every IEP meeting we've had, the school has offered to start services or include a goal for something that may be a problem, even if we don't have an official diagnosis yet. My (at the time) 2nd grader was already in a reading program, but when we got the official dyslexia diagnosis, the school had already determined he wasn't making the progress he should be, and had already switched him to Orton-Gillingham. They also included ADHD accommodations even before we had the official diagnosis from the neurologist. I hope you're able to straighten everything out with the school sooner rather than later!


@Delora We live in a GREAT district for ASD/ADHD but I was warned by multiple people that dyslexia is not handled very well here at all. And now I believe it. (One person actually said Ike relying on memorization was something “he’d just have to do.” UH SCIENCE SAYS NO.) The good news is his general Ed teacher is doing everything she can to help him in the meantime AND his extracurricular program is 2x a week and pretty intensive.

Steph T.

Depression...Ugh...Anxiety...Ugh! I'm glad to see you are starting to feel a bit more back to normal. Even though it may or may not be the least for me, it's the idea that I'm doing something right and the hope that things will get back on track. I hope that you continue to feel better (which always sounds kind of funny to me, because we say that when someone has a cold or flu...but damn if feeling all those feelings all the time isn't enough to make you feel physically blah.) Anywho...I'm glad to see that you were able to at least get resources for Ike on your own, that Noah is easily bribed out of his shell (Score!), and that Ezra is learning a sport I know nothing about. Now I must go tackle that pile of laundry at my house that's been sitting here too long (we won't talk about the dishes).


Have I missed something? Are you no longer writing on your blog? Asking for a friend 😀

Elaine C. B.

I just immediately thought of that scene from ET where they release the frogs in the classroom...


Cricket! I'm guessing of the indoor variety, from the pic? Or will he get to experience the profound joy of fielding in white flannel trousers at silly mid-on with a sticky wicket, come summer time?

As an Antipodean colonial who is still part of the Commonwealth and very much a cricket fan, I can only say: huzzah to all that! (And go Ezra!)


Congrats on the laundry victory!!! Just as someone up the thread said, I'm not coming out of a depressive episode and I can't get my laundry folded. As we speak, I'm using a basket of clean, unfolded, laundry as a foot stool. It's okay though, because I just got out of the shower, at, like, noon, so my feet are clean!


Joining the UGH LAUNDRY bandwagon. This reason alone is why I would even consider being a nudist. But only if I can convince the rest of my people to do the same.


It sounds like laundry was the impossible task, and you accomplished it. :) That update made my eyes shiny just a bit, because I know how crushing the impossible task can be. You are working hard and it’s amazing! Sending so much support vibes (totally a thing that will support and vibe and stuff).


I have a meditation app that features sleep stories - really boring material read by people with really soothing voices. One of the stories features the rules of cricket!

And a hearty huzzah all around for Storch Accomplishments in Music, Sports, and Just Generally Getting Shit Done!

Total stranger for 12+ years


Laundry is HUGE. I've had days where I've applauded myself for replacing the toilet paper when the roll was empty.

Kim too

I posted a beautiful meme on FB today, about always being able to count on the things that stick with you and always there for you: Dishes. And laundry.


I was still feeling smug about finishing all the laundry and folding AND putting it all away - and then I realized my son is on his last pair of pants so that must have been a week ago.

Anyway, congratulations!

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