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A Bruh To Remember

So Titanic is totally the new George Washington.

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And we haven’t even BEGUN to discuss whether Jack could’ve fit on that door...

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Noah is next-level obsessed with all things Titanic right now.  Movies, books, documentaries, endless recreations in the bathtub, you name it. His twin life goals right now include a ride on Titanic 2 and making enough money to raise the original wreck before the ocean eats it.

(How he'll achieve the second goal is a little fuzzy. It's either inventing time travel or "something with computers.")

I, too, went through a pretty big Titanic phase around his age, so it's been fun tracking down all the books I read and still remember pretty vividly. One of my favorites was A Night To Remember, and I promised him I'd re-read it after he was done so we could talk about it. (That is a Very Big Deal for a Spectrum kid, as he's aware most conversations about his obsessions are more like endless, one-sided lectures.) 

He read it, he loved it, he's already watched the movie version four times. And as promised, I re-read the book as well. Which I enjoyed even more this time, as Noah had very helpfully annotated it for me.

Way to tempt fate, bruh.


Whomp whomp.

 And he was BESIDE himself with the one big inaccuracy in it: The Titanic didn't break in half as it sank (since SIMPSONS NERD VOICE the survivors gave conflicting accounts of the ship's final moments, and it wasn't known for sure until the wreck was discovered in two pieces in 1985 COUGH COUGH AHEM). So he took it upon himself to correct the record:

Very helpful, thank u.


He also found our one tenuous family connection to the tragedy:  


(She was supposedly a distant cousin who, as a nurse, went down with the ship trying to help injured passengers. She was also a Mormon from Utah while my family were all Irish Protestant potato famine refugees in Philadelphia, so...I dunno. The family lore might be really stretching the definition of "distant," there.)

And then we talked about it! The End. 


Ashley V

His annotations are killing me and I'll be using "bruh" in all of my conversations today, because it made me giggle. My younger brother also went through a pretty big Titanic phase. Our parents got him a computer game (Titanic: Adventure Out of Time) where you solve a mystery(? Its been awhile since I played it), but I do remember the brother spending HOURS just walking through the ship, pointing out different parts or yelling that, "The movie got it wrong!"




Those annotations are DELIGHTFUL.


Wait: are the italicized the survivors, or the not-survivors? Regardless: BRUH, I love that you two share this passion.


There is an episode of Myth Busters and the Jack/door debate - definitely worth a watch!


Take him to the Titanic Museum in Branson, MO or Pigeon Forge, TN.


Last week one of my children sadly informed me that your cousin died on the Titanic. They felt really sad for you for a whole minute!


The bruh thing kills me. My 13 year old says that to me too! They're so funny.


I remember a similar Titanic obsession for my friend’s daughter. Her grandmother dated the guy who discovered the ship’s wreckage, so that partly fueled her interest. I bet Noah knows more than most historians at this point.
My grandmother was slated to sail on the Titanic with her parents as an infant, but they changed plans at some point. Thus, our family line is still here!

Sue W.

There are way worse things he could be obsessed with. Love all of his "corrections!"


I commented on your twitter post, but if you haven't read Ghost Liners yet, it is a really good one. https://www.amazon.com/Ghost-Liners-Exploring-Worlds-Greatest/dp/0316080209
It includes many famous shipwrecks and not just the Titanic. My 10 yo daughter has read it (conservatively) 1,000 times.


Does he have the Choose Your Own Adventure Terror on the Titanic book? Good stuff!


Ok, so there’s a blogger called Dr. Grumpy who is a neurologist. His blog is funny but his history posts are FANTASTIC. They are almost all about various ship wrecks and so, so interesting to read. It’ll kick off who new things Noah might find interesting!

Loa Page

I just went to a James Cameron exhibit in Sydney, Australia at the Maritime museum that was amazing! I'm sure he already has looked into him, but James Cameron had fascinations from a very young age and was innovative at a young age, and look what he did! He actually built a machine at 14 that later in life he built a similar model and used it to discover a wreck.


Don't show him/have him read Raise the Titanic! The inaccuracies will make his head explode!


LOVE the corrections, bruh! As a fact loving history person I still make notes in books when I come across incorrect info...gotta get some use out of those college degrees.


My 12 yr old has just read 'Raise the Titanic' by Clive Custler. A rollicking good adventure and sure to be full of inaccuracies to be corrected!


That’s so cute! I love it when kids get super into something like this. Their minds are so open and curious. Also cracking up at Bruh!


You should check out “The Other Side is the Night” by Daniel Allen Butler.


There’s a traveling Discovery or Nat Geo Titanic exhibit with artifacts and a giant ice wall sculpture that you guys should keep an eye out for!


I can see where the Titanic was built from my front door! It was compulsory learning right through primary school. Completely obsessed with the ship and the story myself and have to say Belfast's Titanic museum is the best. Lots of mentions of Titanic all over the city

There is new theory on the sinking too https://www.channel4.com/programmes/titanic-the-new-evidence/on-demand/64665-001


If you ever have the chance to take him to LA, I must recommend a stay on the Queen Mary. It’s of slightly later vintage but has a real old-timey feel. We had tons of fun there this past summer and my kids climbed all over and explored the ship. They also have amazing miniature versions of famous ships (including Titanic), like with cutaways and fully decorated interiors. It’s not “nice” per se, I wouldn’t stay more than one night, but I suspect Noah would really dig it.


This is the first time in reading your blog for over 10 years I'm commenting, and I love your family and writing; I also relate to your real-life troubles, and finally feel I'm finding clarity. HOWEVER, I'm commenting to let you and Noah know that I was so disgusted with the Kate/Jack/Cameron movie I found a publicly published transcript of the hearings held after the sinking and rescue of the Titanic passengers and crew. I felt cleansed of the Cameron bullshit reading it, even though versions of the truth from many people are as varied as from some hack movie-maker! Hope you can find it . . . also there's a cemetery in Halifax, Nova Scotia, that has some of the deceased buried there, if Noah REALLY wants to get to the bottom of it!


I'm from Cork in Ireland which is which near Cobh (pronounced Cove :) )formerly know as Queenstown.
Noah will probably know already, this is the last place the Titanic took on passengers. A few lucky passengers also disembarked!

There is a nice little museum https://www.titanicexperiencecobh.ie/titanic-cobh/ located in the White Star Ticket office . My 3 boys and I visited a couple of weeks ago. Each tour member is given a ticket corresponding to one of the 123 passengers that embarked at Cork and at the end of the tour you can look up to see if you survived! We were all third class passengers with the exception of one of my boys- he was only one of a handful of first class passengers who boarded from Queenstown. We all made it except for him! Dr William Edward Minahan .

It was very interesting and so sad. All these poor people leaving with such excitement .


@Erica OH SO EXCITED I didn't know David Allen Buttler had MULTIPLE Titanic books! In my big Titanic phase I obsessively read his "Unsinkable" book, I loved it for all of the information about the ship itself not just the sinking. Was scrolling through the comments to see if it had been recommended yet, now I shall have to check our The Other Side is The Night!
The other Titanic books I would suggest if Noah likes theories and science are Charles Pellegrino's, the earliest one is a bit dated like Night To Remember, but really gets into the science of the wreck/sinking, while also touching a lot on the human stories.


Ooh! I also had an obsession with the Titanic (shared by my Dad). I second the Adventure Out of Time game! Although, it might be a little intense for Noah?? Idk, I do distinctly remember there's one scene where you're in the boiler room after the ship has been struck and it fueled a lifelong fear of being in the bowels of a ship (my father is a Navy guy, so I've been on lots of ships). But that's probably just me and my brain.

About the only cool connection I have with the Titanic is that it's how I got the name Amy. When my mom was pregnant, the doctors told her I was a boy. She disagreed and was pretty insistent I was a girl, but who knows right? A few weeks before I was born, there was a Titanic special on TV that involved the researchers bringing up items. One item was safe and inside they found a diamond bracelet with the name Amy. My Dad was like - BOOM it's a sign. And indeed it was, which is how I ended up with the name Amy. My mom had a replica of the bracelet made for me as a wedding present. (Awe)


Check out Psalm at Journey's End by Erik Fosnes Hansen. Excellent novel based on the Titanic's band.

Anne B

My college professor Mark Eberhart wrote a book called "Why Things Break: Understanding the World By the Way it Comes Apart." In it, he explains how the steel was embrittled in the cold water. The book is pretty interesting to nerdy people like me. Maybe Noah would like it too.


Omg all these amazing book recommendations!! (Just in time for Christmas too.) You guys are, and forever will be, THE BEST.

My Titanic obsessed kiddo thanks you!

Margaret @approachingfood

I Have the petfect gag gift for you to give to Noah! It's an ice cube tray with molds for both an iceberg AND the titanic! Put into a highball glass,it recreates the sinking. I'm sue he'll love it even more because he can point put where it differs from historical fact. But what a fun gift for a titanic lover!

I'd add on the link but I'm nursing a newborn and typing one handed on my phone.

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