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(Read to the end for an announcement that will make you say OH GURL WHAT R U THINKING)

The boys brought the first cold of the season home approximately five minutes after returning to school in September. I've been stuck with a nagging, persistent cough ever since, which this week decided to dig in even deeper and turn into bronchitis. (Although that was a relief to hear, as I'd totally WebMD'd myself into thinking I had pneumonia.) So I've spent a large part of this week in bed, and an even larger part of this week coughing my fool head off. 

(Although the largest part of this week was spent refreshing Google News because WHAT the SHIT is HaPpEnInG.)

I am so tired of coughing. So is my cat, who still insists on sleeping on my chest and then bites my face a little bit every time I cough to let me know I've disturbed her. I'M SORRY YOUR DUMB MAJESTY.

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I did get out of bed last night for dinner, but I wasn't all that hungry sooooo.

SPEAKING OF DOGS AND ALSO INSANITY, we have applied (and been approved) to be a foster home for Poppy's rescue!! We're going to foster a senior pittie, because seeing sad little old men and ladies in the kill shelter listings shatters my heart into fourteen million pieces and I have come VERY CLOSE to adopting one or four or seven. (And it's not just me. The only reason I even SEE those listings is because Jason sends them me with sadface emojis.) So we've decided that fostering is probably the better plan.

The rescue hasn't found the right fit yet but don't think it should take too long. In the meantime we simply talk excitedly about Temporary Bonus Dog, and then I wonder aloud if there's a foster home need for lizards, or fainting goats, and Noah wants a turtle. Greetings from our zoo! You probably don't wanna wear black pants around here for awhile. 



Fostering is the most amazing thing you can do for animals! Some of these guys need a temporary home before they can move on to their forever family and without it the options are dire!

It's hard to give them up, you will love every single one. But you will because it makes their new homes fullnof love and makes space in yours for the next animal in need.

Katie H.

Squeeee! That's so awesome of you guys! I've always dreamed of fostering, but I know my heart would break wide open every time, even though I know I'm helping and finding them wonderful, loving forever homes, but GAHHHH! I just couldn't do it. Thank you for saving the adorable pibbles. I'm sure they will always remember how kind their foster parents were!


I am sure you already have one or three but if not please go buy an ultrasonic humidifier (the kind with no filter) and aim it at the head of your bed. Or just at your face, you know, all day. It helps SO MUCH with coughing.

Sue W.

I could not foster hooman babiez, kittehz or puppies because u would become the Old Lady Who Lived In A Shoe With Eleventy Gozillion Babiez, Kittehz And Puppies! I could not give any of them up. It is hardwired into my DNA!
I applaud you for becoming a foster. Please share each and every one with us!

Laura in Michigan

We adopted our two from a rescue. I will always remember their gotcha day because their foster mom cried as she handed them over. She made them feel safe and loved in the two weeks that she had them. I stalked and then found her on facebook and send her doggy pics periodically. Fostering is a hard job. You will do a great job


Fostering will be a wonderful experience for you all. There will be tears when the pitties move on, but there will be joy in knowing they're moving to forever homes. Thank you for doing it.

Hope you feel better soon.


we have 2 dogs (one from a backyard breeder who had only ever lived on concrete and one from a puppymill that "no one wanted but we may breed her" who had foot deformities from a wire crate and HAD NEVER BEEN OUTSIDE), a tortoise (I recommend over turtles, and Herman's tortoises are so friendly!), two bearded dragons, three axolotls, a betta, a rat that we bought to keep him from being snake food, a long haired guinea pig (again that no one wanted, his name is Oliver Twist)....
I think that's everybody?

zoos are great. and I'd love to foster but the great dane has recently decided she HATES ALL THE DOGS. but I'm working my husband up to a mini pig.


Fostering oldies is wonderful. Fostering moms with litters can also be good .... provided NO ADOPTION of puppies is firmly understood as that can get out of hand very fast. Glad to hear from you. Hoping the season is being filled with laughter and love and joy as well as illnesses (which need to heal now). Bronchitis can be as debilitating as pneumonia and the recovery period can take weeks so DO NOT PUSH YOURSELF! Be as kind to you as you would be to any one else who was seriously ill.
Very best wishes!!!


You won’t give them back.

Amy in StL

Fostering is great, I've been doing it for years and you just need to make a hard and fast rule about not adopting (foster fail). I've seen many fosters end up with 6 to 9 dogs because they loved them and it was taking forever to find them a home. I foster failed one time, becuase i thought my dog could use a permanent companion and that particular foster was bad at dogging, so he looked up to my dog like a parent. But no more, even the fosters I've had over a year....they will not be staying.

Gail Zimmerman

Yay for fostering!
One thing you can try for the nagging cough is to rub the bottoms of your feet with Vick's Vapor Rub (put socks on afterwards) or any other mentholy smelling stuff that makes your eyes water if you smell it. Some how it works to quiet the cough.


If we had the space (and lack of allergies (seriously, dude, hit that Primatene Mist as needed and let us get some puppy love up in here)), I promise we'd have a mastif, 2 German shepherds, a pug, 12 cats, 8 fish, a turtle, a pig named Wilbur, and a macaw.

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