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13 is Fake News

So this video came up in the On This Day feature of my cloud drive, and at first I was like, awwww, look at baby Noah from like, what, five years ago? Six? When we were all still so passionate and hopeful that this madness had to end?

No. Two. Two years to the day.

It's only been two years of this chaotic bumbling bullshit, but also: It only takes two years to fully turn a sweet little boy into a giant-ass man. 

Noah is almost as tall as I am. His shoes are gigantic. I ordered him a bunch of shirts in the largest size of the Old Navy kids' department and by the time they arrive his arms were already too long for them. He eats...so much. So very, very much. But apparently all of it just ends up in his arms.

His voice is a full octave lower than the one in that video. 

There is a girl. They are just friends. But really good friends.

He still believes that someone, someday, will finally invent time travel. But he's personally thinking about getting into ship design, or maybe special effects for movies. Preferably movies about ships. 

Here he is recently having a conversation with a baby about the Titanic. 

MVIMG_20190121_112046 (1)

"She smiled!" he reported afterwards. "I think she was really interested."

Then he added:

"But don't worry, I left out all the stuff about D-E-A-T-H. She's much too young to hear about all that."





Sue W.

Why do kidz, puppiez and khittenz haz to growz up?
Asking for a friend.


I so get this. My youngest of 3 boys is now 13. (Just you WAIT for 16!) He's in that awkward "not a boy, not yet a man" stage. He still wants to cuddle with me (on the DL so his brothers don't see), his voice is squeaky, his facial hair is there, yet sparse, and he came home from his awards banquet last week with a (in his words) "precipitation" certificate.

Lauren Parker

My friend Nicole Valentine has a novel (her first!) coming out in October - it’s written for teens and it is called The Time Traveler’s Theory of Relativity. As soon as you wrote about Noah and time travel, I had to comment and tell you because it sounds like something he’d love. Check her out on twitter or IG for updates: @nicoleva.


SO BIG. Man. My nephew is 12 going on 18 and I feel this so much. The voice thing especially!


Ughhhh I've been reading Noah posts since Noah was that baby and I still get choked up at every single one. And now that I have boys of my own (the oldest is seven) I see how quickly time passes. I'm going to blink and he will be 13. GAHHHHH.


My son is 16, 6'2", says 'I love you' before hanging up the phone (even in front of his friends), kids around with his mom, and, occasionally, cuddles with me on the couch. I have loved watching your son grow up too.

Righteous Rage (@chisherman)

He's like eight feet tall! Wasn't he just a six-month-old turtlebaby?? :D


Yesterday, my son texted from his college three states away because he knew there was snow and he wanted to make sure that I was safely home from work. So sweet. Also......he was 5 like last week.


OMG. That baby is riveted. I love that photo.

Shelly Kroll-Hancock

Adorbs! All of it....


Have you heard about the series “Travelers” on Netflix? (I just found out on Friday that it will only be the three seasons that are out now; bummer.) There are a few kissy-kissy scenes and some innuendos, and sometimes people get shot and some die, but it’s all about time travel and people from the future and I SO HOPE you check it out soon and determine if Noah can watch it. I just finished the last two episodes yesterday and am so bummed there won’t be more. Please consider checking it out to see if he can watch them.


What a great kiddo-man. Have loved watching he and his brothers grow.

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