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Florence Nightingdog

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Yesterday was a snow day, and now today is a sick day. 


Technically yesterday was a sick day too, and the day before that, but that didn't stop him from sneaking on his boots and snowpants and running outside to play when I wasn't paying attention.*

He came back in not long after for some Motrin, hot chocolate, and regret.

*Me? Actually pay attention to a sick feverish child? What kind of helicopter-y bullshit is that? 

To be fair, my children are all now top-level experts and getting away with stuff. Today I discovered an elaborate room-to-room communication system made of Snap Circuits that allows them to pass messages back and forth using MORSE CODE.


I don't know what they're planning but frankly, this just looks like none of my business. Carry on, you weird little humans. Carry on until you rule the world. 



ccr in MA

Morse. Code.

Your kids are awesome. Leave them to it.


Kids these days and their new code?

Katie H.

That is completely bad ass. :)

Sue W.

Tomorrow it will be tin cans and string strung between bedrooms. I've heard it's the "new" Morse Code!


Okay, but you aren't sending us a signal with your title, are you? Have the boys tied you up somewhere so they can raid the snacks?


My kids used to blink at each other in Morse was their really fucking weird way of checking in with each other at school, etc.


Or at the very least they will invent a way to save the world.

Which is in fact of course the very most.

Carolyn Allen Russell

Hahaha, oh my gosh, that is the best use of Snap Circuits ever! Good for them! ;)


I absolutely love this. Our kids are now the age (3 and 7) that we don't bother waking up with them on weekends. We sleep in. They play together, get some cereal, and come bother us after 8am to ask if they can watch a show. At which point we say of course and go back to sleep until 8:30. It. Is. GLORIOUS! Helicopter parenting is way overrated and all the studies show that kids should be "bored" and need to come up with things to do on their own anyway.


That sounds awesome about the snap circuits. I hope my kids are able to do that one day.

Dori P

I love that use of Snap Circuits. I'd leave it, too. Also, Poor Ike.


I so wish my boys would scheme like that. I think too early I put the Fear of Mom into them and they're afraid to try anything so Evil Genius around here. (The most they've ever done with our Snap Circuits kit is to leave 176 pieces of it all over the basement floor for me to clean up. So I guess I didn't put as much fear in them as I thought.)


Please ask them what that button in the closet is for, and see if they can Snap Circuit that bad boy button into, I dunno, automatically cleaning the litter box or making them some eggs.

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