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Step Five

Amalah Casts a Pod

In an attempt to understand the Kids Today, what with their YooToobs and SnapToks and all that jazz, I did a podcast!

Do you "do" a podcast, though? I didn't record a podcast, because I just talked and other people recorded it, and it wasn't my podcast, it was my dear dear friend Amy S. Bridges' podcast, We Are Still Hungry. Amy is better known  here on ye olde blob as the person responsible for That Time I Shared Fried Calamari With The Late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, back when my life was probably a lot more interesting and blob-worthy. Oh, and it was also Amy's friend Paula's podcast, who is now my friend because I spilled wine all over her kitchen table in an Essential Tremor-y fit and she didn't care at all, or at least was gracious enough to pretend she didn't. She also owns enviable kitchen towels and an adorable wee doggo. 

Anyway, we got very real about mental illness and suicidal ideations, and what it's like to live your life after attempting to end it. Also: feminism and boy children, because you know I can't go a full hour without being a radical liberal commie hellbent on the destruction of the patriarchy for at least 10 minutes or so. 

You can listen to the episode here, and it's also available on Stitcher and iTunes, etc.

(I also can't be trusted to go a full hour without making a complete ass of myself too: There was supposed to be a fun segment on makeup and I brought my new Fenty foundation primer and was totally RAVING about it, and then the very next day I put my glasses on and realized that no, it wasn't foundation primer, it was actual foundation in the lightest, whitest shade in the world. I'd been slapping a full layer of foundation on my face and then topping it with another layer of foundation.)

In my defense, look at this white text labeling nonsense:


C'mon, Rihanna! How about a little middle-aged lady eyesight inclusivity here?

Also in my defense, I looked fucking flawless as hell! So let's change my over-40 makeup tip to "just slap on two full coats of full-coverage foundation" every day, and/or maybe get your eyes re-checked.

So! Go listen! And get ready to get super uncomfortable because the sound of my actual voice is probably not even close to the one you hear in your head when you read my writing! Hell, it doesn't even sound like the voice I hear coming out of my actual mouth.



Sue W.

Fab interview! Honest. Sincere. Funny. All the feels.


I really liked the podcast. It was a different voice than on your blob. I don’t mean physical voice, but that was different too. It was still your thoughts, experiences, and reactions, but seemingly new with the change in platform.

And those who accused you of glorifying suicide by sharing your story - shame on them. Keeping stories hidden does not prevent suicide. Open and honest discussions gives, at the very least, the gift of vocabulary so people know how to ask for help.


I just listened to the beginning of the podcast solely to hear how to pronounce your name, despite you having a phonetic spelling here on your website. Will try to listen to the rest after the championship game.


Oh noes! There’s an open bold from the prior comment! Let me try to close it: Testing....


I hate podcasts, because I have terrible audio memory, and am tone deaf, but listened to it whole, and still coudln't tell which one was your voice. But it was really fun. Like I wanna whatsapp you, which sounds really creepy, but it's totally not, or maybe a bit.
I may have misurnderstood, but I draw my eyeliner with small lines, and try to connect them, but I also still buy pencils at the dollar store and lick them before applying, so I may be totally off the track here.


I very much enjoyed hearing your story through this forum - like a commenter above said, spoken you is different from written you - maybe more subdued? Not that one is better than the other, it was just interesting to hear the difference. However (and here's where I sound like a 90 year-old), the constant swearing from the two leading it got on my nerves. I'm not opposed to a well-placed fuck, but they were dropping it way too much, and it just got old. Perhaps if they used more expressive language and less expletives, they would have more than "tens of listeners." They reminded me of middle school kids who are swearing just because they can. It's really quite obnoxious.


Enjoyed the podcast! I’m sorry you got blow back from continuing to talk about your depression and suicide attempt. Please keep talking about this stuff because it’s so important.

And maybe I’m a foul-mouthed queen of the harpies, but the level of f-bombs didn’t bug me at all.


fwiw your voice sounded EXACTLY like i heard it in my head.

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