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Step Five

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I must say, Ike's final IEP was worth the wait. The thrills! The chills! The supports and services! Almost 50 pages of red-hot reading/writing/spelling goals! We've got small group and one-to-one pull-outs! We've got handwriting and speech therapy hours! We've got testing accommodations and human scribes (?) and preferential seating! We even got summer school and the promise of placement in a hand-picked immersion classroom next year with full-time special education support. 

And another meeting in 60 days just to make sure we don't need to add another 10 pages or so. And another meeting 90 days after that because...I forget why, exactly. Maybe they just think I'm fun.

(I did leave the house and then realize I was wearing a t-shirt with a marijuana joke on it, so that's actually kind of possible.) 

Basically, if the district offers it, Ike's getting it, effective immediately. I'm so relieved I could go lie down for seven hours, and not even from the bourbon. 

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A Portrait of the Reader as a Young Man





The pic and caption are hysterical. Yay for Ike getting the support he needs!


Yay for Ike!!!

And y’all but reading is the best thing EVER so yay for Ike!!


That is the best photo of boy and cat ever!! And YAY!!!


Yay Baby Ike!!!!




I process IEPs before they go to parents. I enter all the data in all the websites and set up the goals reminders, etc. There is so much to creating and maintaining an IEP. I'm so glad you are seeing the benefit of all that work. Ike will very likely thrive with all the guidance.


IEP Meeting: BossMode! That’s great!

Sue W.

Can you see me happy dantcing?! Maybe it's better you can't! I equate it to Snoopy when Schroder play the piano, only with less rhythm! I am so happy for Ike. This will open a whole new world for him.
Oh! The places he'll go!


The 'Big Black Dog' is walking with me just now. (I am NOT going to do something 'rash' however. ) BUT WHAT A PERFECT REMINDER OF HOW IMPORTANT EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US IS. Without you to fight and fight and fight and your experience fighting for your older two........ well. Ike's future would be different.
I am so happy one more child will get the help needed for their life. Keep fighting. (and for the rest of us looking at the 'Big Black Dog' and fretting about money...... hang in and hold on and remember: you ARE important and worthy.)


Yay for Ike and yay for you! Keep fighting the good fight, Mama!


I was a human scribe in high school for a girl with spina bifida. Back then it involved writing class notes on carbon paper and giving out a copy, now it's probably a quick scan on a phone...

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